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Missed opportunities

By Dave Menendez
Friday, October 24, 2003, at 1:17 AM

Summary: Two sad revelations: my computer is already too slow to play some of the newer games coming out, and I’ve probably waited too long to buy a game I once looked forward to getting.

I like to visit the Apple Store during my lunch break so I can check out the web. I started back during some scandal or something when I was reading a few weblogs pretty frequently, and now it’s just a habit. Anyway, on Wednesday I took a stroll through the games section and noticed No One Lives Forever, a sort of Austin Powers-like spy game with an attractive young female protagonist. (In my defense, I’ll note that she seems to be proportioned like an actual human, as opposed to, say, Lara Croft.)

Anyway, I figured I’d check the reviews to see if it was worth getting. I found some positive words about the sequel and figured I’d give it a shot until I noticed that the minimum system requirements for No One Lives Forever 2 are a 700 MHz G4 processor.

Now, I didn’t buy my current machine to be a big gaming station (I wasn’t in a big gaming part of my life at the time), but I didn’t think the 667 MHz G4 in my PowerBook would fall below the minimum requirements in less than two years. Naturally, Apple has recently released a new PowerBook with an aluminum case (no more scratched paint) and a more sensibly-placed antenna (no more crappy wireless networking reception) and a much faster processor. I am highly resistant to such temptations now, though, as I don’t have any real income.

I could have just gotten No One Lives Forever, which only requires a 400 MHz machine, but I figured I wasn’t in any rush.

Perhaps I should rethink that. My brief glimpse into the gaming world reminded me that I never picked up a copy of Oni, a game I had anticipated for several years before its release. ’Twas a combination of not having a powerful enough machine followed by not playing a lot of video games.

Now, of course, Oni is almost three years old and you can’t even find it in the on-line shopping sites. (Well, one on-line site. And probably not the best choice to be looking through. I’m just so far out of the gaming scene that I don’t even know where to pick things up anymore.) There are actually some active Oni discussion groups out there; I’ll have to see if they have any suggestions.