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Posts from October, 2003

  1. Alternative angle-brackets

    A thought experiment about a simplified markup language like XML, but without the need for backward compatibility with SGML. NML has no attributes or entities, uses single-character end tags, but can still express pretty much everything XML can. (2003-10-06)

  2. More NML

    An astute query from Mitch “Dread” H. leads to some background about NML and some consideration of optional element end-markers. (2003-10-07)

  3. The spoiler problem

    There are two reasons I haven’t put up character guides for my Sfstory work. First, I’m lazy. But second, writing a description which is helpful for current readers without spoiling newbies is hard. (2003-10-07)

  4. Freshness-dating ZedneWeb

    A neat little extra (well, I think it’s neat): ZedneWeb entries now indicate how long ago they were posted. (2003-10-21)

  5. Missed opportunities

    Two sad revelations: my computer is already too slow to play some of the newer games coming out, and I’ve probably waited too long to buy a game I once looked forward to getting. (2003-10-24)

  6. What’s the next step in 3D games?

    Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake all were quantum leaps in terms of the worlds they could simulate. Is there still room for improvement? (2003-10-30)