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Looking forward to TDL 0.3

By Dave Menendez
Thursday, September 11, 2003, at 1:04 AM

Summary: A brief look at what’s coming in the next version of the Thread Description Language.

I’m currently working on the second major revision of TDL (the vocabulary that is, not the oft-revised documentation). Unlike the largely-unheralded first revision, this one uses a different namespace. In principle, this avoids compatibility problems for any hypothetical users of TDL 0.2, but I’m mostly doing it becuase the old URIs weren’t resolvable. I’ve gradually come to the conclusion that providing a description of a term at the term’s address, while not required, is convenient.

That being said, these are the major changes:

There’s no documentation up at present, but I do have a draft copy of the TDL 0.3 schema available.