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Guest-blogging: big enough to exploit

By Dave Menendez
Thursday, August 28, 2003, at 10:57 PM

Summary: When a well-known weblog lets a guest run the show, it can be a big boost to the guest’s public relations, at least among the webby set. This was unlikely to escape the notice of professional publicists for too long.

It seems a V.P. from a well-known tech-related corporation recently contacted Mitch Kapor—through his or her publicist—about possibly guest-hosting Mr Kapor’s weblog. As Scott Rosenberg points out, this does seem to miss the point of weblogs somewhat, at least as far as their “eliminating the middle-man” aspect. (Mr Kapor is fairly discreet about who exactly pitched him; Dan Gilmore less so.)

The highest-profile guest bloggers I’ve seen so far have been Howard Dean and Dennis Kucinich, who have both done a week at Lawrence Lessig’s weblog. This was an interesting experiment, giving what felt like (and probably was) an insight into the candidate’s views. In Mr Kucinich’s case, his guest-blogging and appearance on The Daily Show did much to improve my opinion of him, previously based on video clips of him ranting at various speeches.