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Posts from August, 2003

  1. Untrusted computing

    The continuing success of mal-ware such as Blaster and SQL Slammer illustrate the shortcomings of patches as a means of closing security holes. Real improvement may not come until we rethink how much we trust our own software. (Or not. I don’t claim any special insight here.) (2003-08-16)

  2. The complicated world of librarians

    You probably don’t put much thought into bibliographic entries, but that’s because you probably aren’t a librarian. I’m not either, but I am intrigued by a requirements document for bibliographic information put out by the IFLA. (Being me, I eventually use a certain comedic space serial as an example. Try to guess which one.) (2003-08-16)

  3. Perhaps academia is more screwed up than I thought

    A look into the wacky world of film theory. (Also the Pentagon’s short-lived policy analysis market.) (2003-08-22)

  4. Guest-blogging: big enough to exploit

    When a well-known weblog lets a guest run the show, it can be a big boost to the guest’s public relations, at least among the webby set. This was unlikely to escape the notice of professional publicists for too long. (2003-08-28)