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February 28, 2003

Not quite dead

In response to recent inquiries, I am not dead. I can list any number of excuses for why ZedneWeb has been quiet since last December, such as a hectic January and the purchase and perusal of Gene Wolfe’s Return to the Whorl and Neal Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon (the perusal of which is still in progress), but the big one is of course the First Law of Weblogs:

A weblog in motion tends to stay in motion. A weblog at rest tends to stay at rest

Both of the above-mentioned books are highly recommended, incidentally, although Return to the Whorl is the last of a three-, seven-, or twelve-volume series, depending on how you look at it, and will be pretty much incomprehensible without some background. (I, who have read the background, was merely befuddled.)

But back to my point: Whenever I’ve been quiet this long, I feel like I need to post something substantial to justify my silence. The longer the silence, the more substantial the posting needs to be. This is silly, of course, but it does set up a nice self-perpetuating cycle.

My biggest problem, of course, is the fact that I have substantially less time to trawl the web looking for neat/interesting stuff to point out and/or discuss. I still come across it, though, so here goes:

Incidentally, there’s a newly cleared spot in the library, like where a newly-added piece might be put. Most likely tomorrow. #