Thread Description Language

TDL is an RDF vocabulary for describing threaded discussions, such as Usenet, weblogs, bulletin boards, and e-mail conversations.

Version 3

Version 3 defines a simpler model than Version 2, with a tighter focus on inter-post relationships. As a side benefit, it reduces the number of terms from twenty to nine. Instead of having each thread provide an order for its posts, applications are free to use information such as the follows relationship to present threads appropriately. The (largely superfluous) weblog-specific terms have been dropped.

Version 2

Version 2 simplifies Version 1 by dropping the inverse post relationships (such as referredToBy), dropping the unnecessary Archive class, describing weblogs and discussion forums as subclasses of Topic, reducing all the containment relations to partOf. It also introduces subtopics and allows each topic to specify the order of its posts. The vocabulary itself shrinks from forty terms to twenty.

Version 1

TDL grew from an HTML profile specification intended to help agents extract discussion threads across weblogs. The September draft is its peak in terms of verbosity; subsequent efforts have focussed on reducing the vocabulary to its core concepts.

Dave Menendez