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June 28, 2002

As my in-box has not become an inferno, I conclude that ZedneWeb’s readership consists primarily of atheists, civil libertarians, and those disinclined to flame. Or that my readership doesn’t check in that often, but I like the “polite” theory better.

Meanwhile, the pledge crisis continues, as Washington continues to be outraged. Lots of angry rhetoric about how this is the stupidest court decision ever. Self-conscious recitations of the aforementioned Pledge. (The House, incidentally, started reciting the pledge in 1988. The Senate in 1999. I’ll bet someone refers to those as ancient traditions anyway.)

Still, I agree with those who say that the fight against the phrase “Under God” is not the most important battle we could be fighting. While I definitely agree with the court ruling and will be annoyed when it’s overturned, I won’t be protesting in the streets. (via a comment by Fred Coppersmith to Remi Treuer) #


ICANN is looking to find a new registrar for the “org” top-level domain (see my brief explanation of DNS if you have no idea what that means). The org TLD was intended for non-profit organizations, but so far only one contender is an actual non-profit: the IMS/ISC alliance. One interesting note found in their proposal is the idea that the designers of DNS expected most people to use third- and fourth-level domains (such as “trusted.resource.org”) but instead everybody wants a second-level domain, preferable under “com”.

To support their bid, you may add your endorsement to their comments page. #


Elsewhere, Avalon is running a mini-series by Tae Jensen about a day in the life of minor character Nancy Kawasaki. It’s a tremendous change in style, both visually and in storytelling, and worth a look.

Finally, corporate America continues to suck. The stock market is sending us a message, and that message is “Stay away from the stock market.” #