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January 26, 2002

Copy-protected non-CDs

I recently mentioned the possibility that the CD copy-protection scheme may violate the spec. According to an article mentioned in a recent MWJ, Philips has stated that the copy-protected disks are not CDs after all.

It’s more of a victory for specification enforcement than fair use, but it’s nice to see that the big recording companies have some limitations. #

Got broadband?

Dave Rogers has collected a few good articles dealing with broadband and its less-than-explosive adoption rate, thereby saving me the trouble of doing it myself.

It may help to pin down what “broadband” means. These days, most people think of it as meaning “high-speed Internet access”, although its original sense was closer to “television with extra stuff”. Even the modern sense could use some clarification, as it’s important to recognize the difference between Internet access and Web access. Access to the Internet means being able to use all of the Internet’s applications: the Web, e-mail, Usenet, instant messaging, and others that haven’t been invented yet.

The problem is that the best network seems to be the least profitable. What we want (or should want) is a connection to the Internet that allows us to use our “bandwidth” (“throughput” is perhaps a better word) as we see fit, and one that allows sufficient upstream throughput for people to run their own services. The problem here is that it’s not immediately clear how to make money by offering such a service—and no one will build and operate the necessary infrastructure unless there’s money to be made. (via David Weinberger) #

Bush: Don’t look for union label

I haven’t heard much about this, but apparently Designated President Bush and John Ashcroft have declared unionized workers in the Justice Department security risks, ending collective bargaining as well as some previously signed agreements. As far as I can tell, there is no rationale for this beyond a desire to keep wages low and workers powerless.

It’s funny how every time I start to think the current administration might not be so bad, we hear about something like this. (via Doc Searls) #