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Posts from January, 2002

  1. “Happy 2002! This is the last…”
  2. “The Macintosh rumor industry is kicking…”
  3. Software vs Construction
  4. The Pit
  5. More evil from the music industry
  6. And you are…?
  7. Charts and geekiness
  8. Weblogs and Journalism
  9. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings: The Movie: The Review by Dave Menendez
  10. The Fellowship of the Ring: Too much?
  11. CD copy-protection irritates several
  12. Domain attraction
  13. First Anonymous Chronicle: Observation

    A Zakavian task force has arrived to negotiate the release of the soldiers captured on Arorua, and Green Squadron are sent on a secret mission to make sure nothing improper takes place. Can they avoid detection by the Empire and collision with space debris? (2002-01-19)

  14. SFY15 + 1 day
  15. LotR vs SW II
  16. Hollywood vs the Internet
  17. Copy-protected non-CDs
  18. Got broadband?
  19. Bush: Don’t look for union label