Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum videtur

November 9, 2001

Short entry today. Yeah, that’s right. Not every entry needs to involve a long, unfocused essay.

Do-Gooders Done

The long wait is over, and the final episode of the improvisational collaborative story Do-Gooders has been posted. I mention it here because I wrote three episodes during its history (one of which is the best-reviewed work I’ve ever done), and because I’m maintaining a Do-Gooders Memorial here at ZedneWeb. The door is open for submissions, by the way. #

Lego of the ring

Reading rec.arts.books.tolkien, I came across an announcement that Bruce Hietbrink is working on presenting Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings in Lego.

No, really.

Go on, check it out. It’s quite entertaining. (Snoop around for the “behind the scenes” pictures.)

Of course, Mr Hietbrink is not the only person working in the medium of attachable brinks. Eric Harshbarger, for example, has done a number of stunning sculptures, such as San from Princess Mononoke. Elsewhere, we have Andrew Lipson’s mathematical sculptures. Both are impressive for the quality and for the sheer effort involved in making them. #