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October 14, 2000

Ah, there's nothing like the feeling of returning home to find five new discs of Cowboy Bebop waiting to be unpacked. Looks like I won't be spending as much time writing this weekend as I had hoped. (Not that I ever do.)

Anyway, Sharon points out that quite a few of the other sites I link to have moved or shut down, so I've brought it closer into line with reality, if not my current web habits. #

So I'm reading Player vs. Player, and it links to MegaTokyo, which is amusing and links to Exploitation Now, which I haven't had time to read (although the art looks nice) and links to Buttlord vs. Mr Huge, which is a hilarious sendup of Dragonball Z. Sample dialogue: "Ah mwa ha ha! I am lauging to mock you! Be warned! I shall only underestimate you two more times!" The art's a bit primitive at first, and the jokes can be on the crude side (eg, "Buttlord"), but I actually had to restrain myself from laughing out loud when I was reading it (I was at work, see). #

MAPS, operator of the Real-Time Blackhole List, has had a setback in court. A company listed on the RBL is suing MAPS for damage, and the Judge has ruled that the lawsuit has some merit. The idea behind the RBL is that it lists the internet addresses of companies known to send spam or support it. Internet service providers can choose to reject incoming e-mail from these listed addresses, thereby improving life for their customers. The blacklisted companies, understandably, do not like this idea at all--particulary the non-spammers who occasionally get listed by accident. (via Tomalak's Realm) #

It looks like the debate over the HackSDMI contest is now moot. Apparently the system has been cracked. SDMI denies it officially, and also states that they were prepared for the possibility of a succesful crack (a wise idea, when one is running a contest to find such cracks). It's hard to say how this will affect the future of digital music. Perhaps the tipjar concept will come into play after all. #