Quiet. Too quiet.

May 4, 2000

Scary thought for the day

dark humor may get you committed. Apparently, a student's roommates read some of his older email, found some stuff from when he was having a bad day, and passed them on to the university. He ended up getting arrested, put in a mental institution for three days, and nearly getting expelled. Upon learning it was all a misunderstanding, the roommates claim to have done the right thing. (This is why I don't let people use my computer.) #

From Video Games to Philosophy

While browsing sites related to Aleph One, the primary project working with the Marathon 2 source code, I came across Loren Petrich's explanation of the name. He links to Peter Suber's discussion of infinite sets and the transfinite cardinal numbers and their many counter-intuitive mathematical properties (like, one infinite set can be larger than another infinite set, but you can take an infinite number of elements from either without making them any smaller). It's one of the clearer explanations I've seen, really. The math is there, but it's all pretty simple. It's actually an appendix to a longer work dealing with the infinite and our conception of it. I'm no philosopher, so I can't say it's particularly groundbreaking or not, but isn't it cool what you can find on the web? #