It’s kind of a thing

January 14, 2000

Today is the tenth anniversary of the Simpsons TV series (ie, not including their Christmas special or their original appearances on The Tracy Ullman Show). Imagine that: Ten years. I remember when people were up in arms about Bart's antics, when the President of the United States singled it out as a sign of problems in our society. Now, families sit down to watch it together. Ten years. Boggles the mind. #

Long ago, Stefan Gagne made approving noises about Sluggy Freelance, a popular on-line comic. (Which, like all on-line comics, has at least one character with a net-related job.) I finally sat down to browse the archive earlier this week, and I have to say I'm sorry I waited so long. This is some good stuff. The concept starts out simple, but the plot manages to get fiendishly complex in points while maintaining a daily punchline. And it has a cute animal sidekick who outdoes Dogbert in terms of malice. How can you go wrong? #