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June 16, 1999

Apple recently released QuickTime 4, and the new QuickTime Player (which replaces Movie Player) has gotten some scathing reviews from UI-experts such as Isys Information Architects and Bruce Tognazzini. David K. Every takes a broader look at interfaces that emulate real-world items, pointing out where they can trip up unwary designers. #

SF author David Brin takes a look at the authoritarian undertones of Star Wars. For all the talk of "rebels" and "democracy" (Speaking of which, how do you have a democratically-elected Queen?), all the important stuff in the Star Wars universe is done by genetically-superior heroes while the common people are limited to picking which faction to support, if that. Like Brin, I've enjoyed the movies, but the points he raises are worth considering. In related articles, Brin also looks at the tension between Romanticism and the Enlightenment and the many silly things in The Phantom Menace. ... And while I'm in a movie-reviewing kinda mode--and to show that I do occasionally link non-Salon sites--allow me to direct you to Stefan Gagne's recently-updated multiplex mangler, where you'll find hilarious looks at some often-rightfully-under-appreciated films. #