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June 13, 1999

Library Addition: Episode 24 of Starcruiser Anonymous
With the EDIT in place, all that stands between Arorua and destruction is five fighter pilots and a giant robot. Their opponent is a ten-kilometer doomsday machine. You make the call. #

Gosh, I'm getting rather behind with this, aren't I? Well, my episode of Do-Gooders has been up for a little over a week now and has been well received. (One reviewer called it "the single best Do-Gooders segment I have ever seen," which is high praise indeed.) Hopefully, I'll get an Improfanfic section up in the Library before too long. Amsa knows it's been forever since I updated that. (Between that and my cousin's wedding, I haven't had much time to work on Starcruiser Anonymous. Sorry.) #

While I'm at it, a recent article at Salon looks at stereotypes involving men and romantic comedies. Why the assumption that only women like them? Older romantic comedies used to be--and still are--enjoyed by both sexes. In my own experience, I've watched romantic-comedy anime with exclusively male groups, and we all enjoyed it. The article suggests that current American films in this genre are geared towards making women feel good about themselves rather than, say, entertain a general audience. I guess Hollywood has decided men only want to watch sports, action, and Adam Sandler. Lucky us. #