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May 28, 1999

Sorry about the long pause in activity. I successfully graduated two weeks ago, and I taken some time since then to relax. Since I'm looking at jobs when I'm not relaxing, I feel like I should take all the relaxation I can get. I've gotten some work done on Starcruiser Anonymous, but that's on hold for a while as my turn has come up in Do-Gooders, a turn-based collaborative story hosted at Stefan Gagne's Improfanfic site. Despite it's name, it comprises mostly original fiction with styles ranging from comically absurd to fairly serious. It's good stuff; go check it out. #

Some interesting articles at Salon recently, including why one mother likes Marilyn Manson, the WB's decision to "delay" Buffy the Vampire Slayer's season finale, and a look at "weblogs". The latter is especially interesting to me, as the Blather section here seems to fit the description of a weblog (except for the "frequently updated" part). #

Three posts in one day. Whoog. I just saw Dark City, something I've been meaning to do since it was originally in theaters but never got around to doing. Well worth seeing, in my opinion. In many ways, it illustrates what The Matrix could have been if the creators had been a little more imaginative (not to knock The Matrix, which was entertaining it its own right). One scene in particular reminded me of the second Urusei Yatsura movie. (I won't say which scene, as it could spoil either movie, depending on which you've already seen.) #