Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum videtur

May 7, 1999

Graduation and the subsequent plunge into Productive Society draw ever closer. My last two exams were today (I think they went well), and IBM evidently called and asked if I was still looking for a job (I am). It looks like the darkest spot on my personal horizon is figuring out how to get all my stuff over to the temporary hall I'm staying in during limbo week. At the moment, it looks like I'll be walking it all over. I really hope doesn't rain. #

More Oni news. There's some new articles up at Next-Generation and Gamespot, but the big news is the newly-released Oni trailer. I got the large one (which they thoughtfully zipped, reducing the 47 MB movie into a 43 MB archive) and it looks pretty damn cool. Hand-to-hand fighting, some big guns, spent casings flying through the air, very nice architecture, and a creepy, pink-haired girl with facial tattoos. What's not to like? #