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February 4, 1998

I was hoping to get this up in January, but you know how laziness is. The most visible changes this time around are:

Behind the scenes, I'm working to make ZedneWeb fully HTML 4.0 compliant. Aside from the main page, which is HTML 4.0-transitional, I'm shooting for the strict DTD. Oddly enough, this means removing presentational code like ALIGN="center" from the pages themselves; that functionality is being handled by the style sheets.

What this means is that ZedneWeb pages will no longer force browsers to display pages in a certain way. Users are free to configure display as much as their software will allow. I do provide a set of stylesheets that I think look nice, but you'll need a CSS-aware browser to use them. (This includes most of the recent browser releases, fortunately.)

Switching to HTML 4.0 also gives me the option to exploit Unicode's expanded character set, specifically the ability to use real quotation marks instead of straight quotes. While many recent browser releases have Unicode support, I'm not sure if it's widespread enough to make a difference. (If you see real quotation marks around “this phrase”, then your browser has at least partial Unicode support.)

Hopefully more to come in the near future. (But don't hold your breath.)