It’s dangerous to go alone

December 16, 1997

Only a little over a month between updates this time; I'm getting better. Not only that, there's actually some new content this time.

For those of you with CSS-capable browsers, the new style sheet makes some pretty dramatic changes in the way ZedneWeb looks. The dark blue on white color scheme is gone, replaced by a light gray on black sceme. In addition to looking cool (to me, at least), this scheme minimizes the number of lit pixels, which is nice, if you consider that a CRT is basically an electron gun pointed at your face. Plus, I'm told it's easier on the eyes. (This is also why I'm not using white on black, the high contrast is actually harder to read. Go figure.)

Beyond that, I've added color to the headers, which makes them stand out and provides some relief from the uniform color scheme. This page, especially, looks pretty neat. This style sheet, like the previous one, owes a heavy debt to the Web Design Group, which provides extensive references and uses a style sheet that inspired this one.

Of course, if your browser lacks CSS support, the site looks pretty much the same. While I could go through and update each BODY tag, I don't really want to. Don't worry, though. I'm comitted to keeping ZedneWeb readable (at the very least) in all major (and most minor) browsers. CSS-support just makes it look nicer.