This file contains a list of Network addresses of some popular
services on Internet.  There is no charge for the connection,
but some services may have charges.

This file contains:

   * Information about telnet, mail, ftp and finger on City Net
     in relation to the Internet Services Directory
   * The Internet Services Directory
   * A List of some Bulletin Boards on Internet
   * Log of a connection to the Library of Congress in the USA
   * Log of a connection to a multi-user chat system in the UK

Information on accessing the services in the Internet Services Directory:

Entries marked 'telnet'

With entries in the list below marked 'telnet' --
   Select the Telnet menu option and type the NAME or NUMBER

For example, the Library of Congress in the United States entry below reads:

                                Name       IP address
                               vvvvvvv    vvvvvvvvvvvvv
 -Library of Congress   telnet or
   offers: COPY of Library of Congress (Assumes terminal is emulating a vt100).

So, select the Telnet menu option and enter '' at the prompt and
then press RETURN.  City Net will look up the name in its nameserver
directory to retrieve the 'IP address' and then connect you to it.

Alternatively you may enter the IP address -- the ''
number -- which is the physical network address.  Typing the number is
quicker as City Net doesn't have to lookup the name.  Though, the
advantage in entering the name is that the number may change.
Think of it like asking a postie to deliver a letter to your friend
Mary Rurehe in a building with several thousand offices.  The postie
will look up the name and find the room number and deliver it.  But
if you just say 'deliver this letter to Room 1234' the postie won't
need to look up the directory, but Mary might have shifted to another
office and thus the letter won't reach her.

After a few seconds you will be connected to the Library of Congress.
You may notice that it takes some time for your keypresses to appear,
this is because each time you press a key it gets sent:

    From your terminal --> City Net --> Victoria University ...
     --> Waikato University --> Hawaii --> Somewhere in USA ..
     --> Library of Congress

  and then back to your machine again!

  The time taken varies depending on the load on the Network, though
  at the moment the main part of the delay actually occurs between
  City Net and Victoria University.

Notes about telnet
Some of the entries have a number after the name, this number is the
port number, for example:

-Geographic Server     telnet 3000 or 3000
  offers: Info by city or area code (Population, Lat./Long., Elevation, etc).

Just enter the name and the number (or the IP address and number) at
the telnet address prompt as described above.  To connect to the
Geographic Server I would select Telnet and then type
' 3000' at the prompt.

The number after the name is the port number.  If you don't specify
the port number (didn't for Library of Congress) then 23 is selected
as the default.  Some common port numbers are:

  23 -- standard telnet session port
  25 -- SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol - used by computers to
              transfer electronic mail over Internet)
  79 -- Finger (used to enquire when a user last logged in
 119 -- NNTP (Network News Transfer Protocl - used by computers to
              transfer Usenet news over Internet)

Disconnecting a telnet connection
Most services will have a command such as EXIT, quit or similar to
leave the service and you should use one of those to disconnect
the session.  If you can't find such an option, or if you get stuck,
then press Control-]  (hold down the Control key and press the
Close-Square-Bracket key).  You will then get the TELNET> prompt.
Type 'close' to disconnect the session.

        TELNET> close                 <-- you type 'close'
        Remote Session Disconnected   <-- City Net responds

Alternatively you may type 'help' at the TELNET> prompt for a list
of options.  If you have accidently typed Control-], then press
RETURN to continue with the session.

Entries marked 'ftp'
Use the Ftp option on the Network Services Menu and then enter the
name or the IP address.  Instructions on how to use FTP are in

At the username prompt type 'anonymous' and
at the Password prompt type: <username>

  Where <username> is the name you type at the Username: prompt
  when logging into City Net.

Entries marked 'mail'
For example,

 -Genetics Bank         mail
   Subject: help  Offers: genetic database accessable via email.

Use the Mail menu option on the Main Menu and type:

To:      MX%""
Subject: help
Enter the message, ^Z to exit.
^Z    <-- Press Control-Z to send the message.

City Net will send the message to the Genetics Bank who will then
return the appropriate information to you.

In other cases, just follow the instructions .. the only thing
to note is that you must enclose the e-mail address in MX%" ",
eg. to send to  type
MX%"" at the To: prompt.

Entries marked 'finger'
There isn't a finger option on the WCC menus at present.  The only
way of doing this is to enter '79' after the address name or
IP address.  For example,

 -Earthquake Info.      finger
   offers: Recent quake info (location, time, magnitude, etc.)

Select the Telnet option on City Net and enter the bit after
the @ in the name, then a space, then 79: 79

Once connected type quake <RETURN> or alternatively try @ <RETURN>
If you are not disconnected after the information is displayed
or if something goes wrong then Contrl-] then type close <RETURN>
(i.e., as described above in 'Disconnecting a telnet connection').

  Sometimes Network connections to the United States break down or
  the service at the other end will not be available.  If this is
  the case then after about

From: (Scott A. Yanoff)
Subject: Internet Services List
Organization: University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, WI
Lines: 148

          * SPECIAL INTERNET CONNECTIONS:    Last Update: 12/19/91 *
           * Compiled By: Scott Yanoff - *
* A + by an entry designates new entries/changes to the list since last update *

 -Archie                telnet (New Zealand)
                                [refer to bottom of this file]
                        telnet or (Can./USA)
			telnet or (Finland/Europe)
			telnet or (Aussie/NZ)
		        telnet or (Israel)
		        telnet or (UK/Europe)
		        telnet or
			telnet (Login: archie, pasword: archie1)
		        telnet or  (North America)
   offers: Internet anonymous FTP database.  (Login: archie)

 -Archie Mail Servers   mail archie@<INSERT ONE OF ABOVE ADDRESSES HERE>
  Subject: help  Offers: alterative Archie access to those w/o ftp or telnet.

 -CARL			telnet or
   offers: Online database, book reviews, magazine fax delivery service.

 -Cheeseplant's house   telnet 2001 or
   offers: Online chat service in a very unique format.

 -Cleveland Freenet     telnet or
   offers: USA Today Headline News, Sports, etc...

 -C64 Archive Server    mail
   Subject: Mail-Archive-Request  Body-of-letter: help (hit return) end

 -Dante Project         telnet or
   offers: Divine Comedy and reviews.  (Login: connect dante)

 -Distance Educat. Data telnet or telnet
   (Login: janet  Hostname:  Username: icdl)

 +Document Site 	ftp
   offers: Many docs, including 5 puritytests, the Bible, Dec. of Ind, lyrics..

 -Earthquake Info.      finger
   offers: Recent quake info (location, time, magnitude, etc.)

 -FTP Mail		mail
   Subject:(hit return) Body-of-letter: help (return) quit Offers:ftp via email

 -Genetics Bank		mail
   Subject: help  Offers: genetic database accessable via email.

 -Geographic Server     telnet 3000 or 3000
   offers: Info by city or area code (Population, Lat./Long., Elevation, etc).

 -Gopher		telnet
  Login: gopher  Offers:  access to many interesting featues.

 -Graf-Bib    		mail
   Subject: help Body-of-letter:  send index  Offers: graphics bibliography.

 -Ham Radio Callbook    telnet 2000 or 2000
   offers: National ham radio call-sign callbook.

 -INFO - Rutgers CWIS   telnet 98 or 98
   offers: Dictionary, thesaurus, CIA world fact book, quotations database.

 -Internet Resrce Guide ftp
   offers: compressed/tar'd list of net resources in /resource-guide.txt.tar.Z

 -IRC Telnet Client     telnet or
   offers: Internet Relay Chat access, like a CB on the computer.

 -Library of Congress   telnet or
   offers: COPY of Library of Congress (Assumes terminal is emulating a vt100).

 -List of Lists		ftp or ftp
   offers:  List of interest groups/email lists in /netinfo/interest-groups.

 -Lyric Server		ftp
   offers: Lyrics (/pub/music/lyrics/files) in text files for anonymous ftp.

 -Mail Srver/Usr Lookup mail
   usage: in body of mail message: send usenet-addresses/[name searching for]

 -Melvyl		telnet or
   offers: access to various libraries. Type 'other' at prompt to see others.

 -NASA Headline News    finger
  offers: Daily press releases from NASA.

 -NASA SpaceLink        telnet or
   offers: Latest NASA news, including shuttle launches and satellite updates.

 -NED         		telnet or telnet
   offers: NASA Extragalactic Database.  (Login: ned)

 -NetLib		mail
   Subject:(hit return)  Body-of-letter: send index  Offers: Math. software.

 -Oceanic Info. Center  telnet or telnet
   (Login: info)

 -Oracle		mail
   offers: The Usenet Oracle!  Mail with subject as "help" for more info.

 -PENpages		telnet or telnet
   offers: Agricultural info (livestock reports, etc.)  (Login: PNOTPA)

 -SDDAS			telnet 540
   offers: SW Research Data Display & Analysis Center. Or telnet

 -SERVICES		telnet or
   offers: Access to nearly every listed service! (Login: luis)

 -Software Server	telnet 5742 or 5742
  offers: Similar to Archie.  Type help for a list of commands.

 -StatLib Server	mail
   Mail with line: send index. Offers: Prgms, Datasets, etc. for statisticians.

 -STIS			telnet or
   offers: Science & Technology Information System. (Login: public)

 -Supreme Court Rulings ftp
   offers: ASCII files of Supreme Court rulings in directory /hermes

 -Usenet News MailServr mail [newsgroup]
   Allows you to post to a Usenet newsgroup via email. Useful if you have read-
    only access to Usenet news. Note: .'s become -'s  Ex. alt.test -> alt-test

 -UNC BBS		telnet or
   offers: Access to Library of Congress and nationwide libraries (Login: bbs)

 -Victoria University Library                telnet
   type OPAC at the LOGON PLEASE: prompt and type LATER to logout.

 -WAIStation            telnet or
   offers: Wide Area Info. Service. (Login: wais) FTP for more info.

 -Weather Service       telnet 3000 or 3000
   offers: City/State forecasts, ski conditions, earthquake reports, etc.

 -World-Wide Web	telnet or telnet
  offers: Info. service with access to various documents, lists, and services.

    If it prompts you for a login name, you did something wrong, or are not
        running on a machine that the system you telnetted to supports!
  * PLEASE email me if you have any additional info/corrections/comments!   *
   !\   /\   _/\_
  _! ! !  ! !_  _!
 ! ! !_!_ ! !    !___    MILWAUKEE,
 ! ! !   !!_!    !   !_   WISCONSIN


Below is a list of some Internet bulletin boards and some other
Internet services.  Most of them can be reached by using the
Telnet option as described above.

Some services on this list may be out of date as the list is
several months old.

Newsgroups: alt.bbs.internet
Subject: Internet BBS list, NEW and IMPROVED!!!!!
From: tak2@Ra.MsState.Edu (Thomas A. Kreeger)
Date: 27 Sep 91 06:05:40 GMT
Lines: 423

	Hello again, boy its been a long time.  Well I managed to get
	myself flamed with my sig, but suprisingly that problem cleared
	up immeadiately.

	I updated, and added to this list, so check em out everyone.
	The World and Netcom were added and info was given for them,
	but I don't work for these people and added them to cut down
	on the request for public access unix systems.  These are two
	of from what I have been told, four.  I don't know the other two
	yet, but will add them later.  I finally remembered the HP bbs
	and the Picyune.  I haven't changed the services, but I will be
	getting together with Scott soon to check these out and compare

	For the guy who asked for neat and intersting things to do with
	internet, here are more than a couple of BBS's, a list of online
	library card catalogs, NFSlookup, Archie, and tons'o other stuff.

	let me know about any new stuff, and I have been directed to
	another listing and been asked (told) to include these, so be
	on the lookout.

	Enough BS, here's the list.

%%%%%	Zamfield`s Wonderfully Incomplete, Complete Internet BBS List   %%%%%%

	Publishing Info:	9/26/91, with the wonderful textedit
				publishing system.
	Availablity:		FTP or download at in /pub.
				E-mail request at
				Posted on alt.bbs.internet,
				every so often.

	The folling list has been compiled with the help of the
	wonderfully generous crowd 'o folks who associate with
	InterNet or UseNet.  I owe them many thanks and please
	keep the info coming.

	I, and many others have a few things to say about these
	BBS's in general.  So bear with me, or skip ahead, but do
	take a look later.

	1).	These BBS's are provided as a service to anyone
		on Internet.  Not just you.
	2).	While you may not directly pay for these services
		someone does.
	3).	You are a guest, and please keep that in mind
		while using these BBS's

	Okay, that wasn't so bad after all.

	Most of these BBS`s offer services unique to BBS'ing.
	Some offer small scale versions of standard Internet
	sevices.  Keep in mind that mail or articles posted
	on BBS's does not reach everyone in the world, and if
	you can get to UseNet, you will problably find better
	responses.  Most of the files on these BBS`s can be
	found by anonymous FTP, so don't tie up the system
	with files if you have FTP.  Do be considerate on these
	BBS`s, some people aren't using Telnet or Rlogin to get
	to these, some people still dial numbers with modem
	thingies at there homes. :-)

	I'm not going to say anymore, because you can figure
	most of this out for yourselves.  Enjoy the list and
	write back to tell me about these BBS`s.  I want to
	add as much info to these as possible.   A little
	abstract, such as services, will be great.

	For users of JANET (UK), you may access these bbs's
	through first connecting to UK.AC.NFSNET-RELAY.TELNET
	or PAD.UK.AC.NFSNET-RELAY.TELNET.  Likewise, users of
	internet can get to JANET by telnet SUN.NFS.AC.UK,
	login as janet.

9/26/91						Zamfield@Dune.EE.MsState.Edu


Arkansas BBS	bbs		XBBS

	--		UseNet, IRC

	--		I must have gotten on here once, because
	--		I find that I have stuff available
	--		listed under it.  This entry was listed
	--		twice, once as Unknown.  The stuff avail,
	--		was under the Unknown entry.  Strange,
	--		write if you know anything about this.

BadBoy`s Inn		bbs		Pirate 2.0

	--		Boards, Talk, Chat, Mail
	--		Test site for new Pirate Software.
	--		Pirate 2.0 kicks, if it would work
	--		all the time!


	--		Currently down and contemplating
	--		permanent removal.  (8/2/91)
	--		Send comments/condemnations/pleading/
	--		apologizing/reminiscing/etc. to

Cimarron (in Spanish)	bbs		Pirate 1.0

	--		Nice BBS, too bad it is all in Spanish.
	--		Good place to get aquainted with if you
	--		are trying to learn Spanish, lots o
	--		conversations to look at.  Cimarron means
	--		Wild Dog or Untamed.
	--		This BBS seems to be a limited access
	--		site.  I have gained acces only during
	--		late hours CST.  I will try to get more
	--		info on this.

Cleveland Free-Net (	CWRUBBS
	-- (
	-- (

	--		Usenet, Internet, MUD, Clarinet, USA Today
	--		ON-Line.  Local mail, and Interest Groups.

CueCosy		cosy		Cosy 4.0

	--		Conferences and Topics. EAN Mail, Usenet
	--		FTP, downloads Kermit & Xmodem, Online
	--		Unix course, some local files.

Cybernet Waffle BBS		bbs		Waffle

	--		Nice BBS, but I still haven't gotten
	--		word on whether I have been validated or
	--		not.  And no response to my mail either.
	--		Lots'o conferences, and Magpie Chat.
	--		info for Floridians, GNU, computers,
	--		alternate PUBNET, recreational, science,
	--		social, Unix-PC Unsure about files, but
	--		still nice.

Delft University BBS		BBS

	--		In Holland, Mostly Dutch.
	--		Files, messages, Chat area's

Endless Forest 2001
	-- 2001

	--		Boards, E-mail.  Reminds me of WWIV BBS.

Hall of Doom

	--		login as WEATHER, passwd WEATHER
	--		select 666
	--		login as new.

Heartland Peoria Illinois FreeNet
	--		fnguest

	--		Mail, Public Forum, Recreation, Calendar,
	--		Social services, Senior center, Teen
	--		center, Local job & government info,
	--		Legal, Medical, Tax, & Invest/Banking
	--		Forums SIG's, library, Home & Garden,
	--		Science & Tech, & Education Forums

Hewlett-Packard BBS

	--		has tech help, and 48SX files/programs.

ISCA	iscabbs		DOC (Citadel)

Mars Hotel		Mars.EE.MsState.Edu	bbs		Pirate

	--		Boards, Talk, Chat, IRC, Mail.
	--		Fairly extensive files,
	--		ftp'able, Kermit,XYZmodems,

National Education BBS	bbs		Pirate

	--		Boards, Talk, Chat, Mail.
	--		'source' file section, but no files
	--		HAS GONE PRIVATE, or so I have been
	--		told.
	--		(9/22/91)

Naval Acadamy BBS		<return>

	--		Single User BBS, boring.

Netcom	guest + <CR> at passwd

	--		Full Unix service.  Money for access.
	--		$15.50/month ($17.50 for invoiced billing)
	--		(408) 241-9760/9794 (San Jose, CA) and
	--		(415) 424-0131 (Palo Alto, CA).

Nyx BBS		new

	--		Full news feed, Local downloads,
	--		shell access (with validation),
	--		and Ftp.  It is a completely free
	--		public access Unix system fun by
	--		the University of Denver's Math
	--		and Computer Science Department.
	--		Sysop: Prof. Andrew Burt.  The system
	--		is run by donations on a donated Pyramid
	--		90x with a homebrew menuing system

OuluBox (Finnish)		box

	--		Can set English as prefered language,
	--		said to switch to Finnish at the most
	--		inconvenient time.  IRC

The Picayune
	--		cool welcome screen.

Quartz			Quartz.Rutgers.Edu	bbs		Citadel

	--		Rooms/Boards
	--		Suggest MUD to chat.

Samba North Carolina		bbs		Modified XBBS
	--		(919)-962-9911

	--		offers vi, emacs, rn, NEWS, MAIL
	--		local messaging, SIGS, Conferencing
	--		Files (Kermit/FTP), & INFO
	--		limited NewsFeed (8/2/91)

Softwords COSY		cosy		Cosy

SpaceLink BBS

Spies In The Wires	bbs

	--		Full UseNet NewsFeed, Posting to UseNet,
	--		IRC (for validated users).

TriState Online		visitor		FreeNetIII

	--		new FreeNet site.

Virginia Tech Cosy	?
	--	cosyreg
	--		bbs (for list)

Youngstown Free-Net		visitor

Unknown	bbs

Unknown	20

The World		new

	--		Public access Unix system.  19.2, 96, 24, & 12
	--		hundred baud modem connections.  3 GB disk
	--		storage.  CompuServe Packet Network access.
	--		and SLIP connection up to T1.

	--		signup, dial 617-739-WRLD, type new.  basic
	--		rates are $2/hr 24 hrs/day and $5 monthly fee.
	--		20/20 plan, $20 for 20 hrs, including monthly
	--		fee.  Also available from Compuserve Packet
	--		Network.  $5.60 surcharge is added to monthly
	--		bill.  Further info at

	--		Email to Internet, UUCP, BITNET, CSNET, EUNET,
	--		JANET, JUNET, Fidonet, BIX, Compuserve, Applelink
	--		and MCImail.

	--		USENET, ClariNet, Electronic Mailing Lists,
	--		Chatting, Unix Software, GNU Software, Games,
	--		Online Book Initiative, AlterNet Acces, Internet.


	The following is a list of useful services that most
	BBS'ers are interested in.  I have not checked any of
	these except Archie.  If you have more info about
	these or if you know of other to add, please mail
	me: Zamfield@Dune.EE.MsState.Edu.  I will make the
	changes and post the list again.  Enjoy. :-)


Service			Address			Login

Archie	archie

DDN Network Information Center


Enter name to find address for
	-- 5555

	--		I don't know about this one guys.
	--		I tried and couldn't get past
	--		the login prompt, and using the
	--	 	port made it mad, because my site
	--		didn't send its ID

GeoServer 3000

IRC Client

	--		not all IRC commands supported.

Library Systems		->FTP<-

	--		This site contains a huge, 100-150
	--		page, guide to internet libraries.
	--		The file is under the library
	--		directory.  Send thanks and responses
	--		to Billy Barron,

Lyric Server		->FTP<-

	--		these files are available via
	--		anonymous ftp.  This is not
	--		really a telnetable service, but
	--		it is nice to know about so I
	--		included it.

National Ham Radio Call-Sign Callbook
	-- 2000
	--		marvin.cs.Buffalo.Edu

	--		I am very impressed with this service,
	--		I heard that people had trouble
	--		loging into this site, but I never
	--		encountered a login prompt, I just
	--		started using it.


Network Information Service (Univ. of California at Berkeley)
	-- 117
	--, 117
	--, 117
	-- 117
	-- 117

Nslookup, TAC Info

Slugnet chat system
	--, 2727

	--		sorta like IRC

UM-Weather Service 3000
	-- 3000

Vatech Server

Webster 2627
	-- 2627

Thomas A. Kreeger     Zamfield@Dune.EE.MsState.Edu

From: (Dave Parks)
Subject: M-Net Invite
Date: 22 Nov 91 20:18:25 GMT
Organization: University of Michigan EECS Dept., Ann Arbor
Lines: 38

    >>> Welcome to M-Net, America's *FIRST* Public Access UNIX System <<<

   I'd like to invite you into a VERY nice Public Access UNIX System/
Conferencing System.  It's called M-Net and has been around since 1982
(soon to be going on to our tenth year).  M-Net is an Altos 68020 running
Altos' port of UNIX Sys-III & is the HOME of PicoSpan Conferencing soft-

   We have over 200 Conferences to talk about anything from Travel to Sex,
Cooking to Driving, Flying to Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane in
an almost real-time arena. There is SH, KSH, CSH, BBS & MENU shells for
every type of user. We have write/talk/xtalk/chat for those private writes
and PARTY for those who like to talk to everyone at once (much like IRC
with 5 different channels). Trust me, theres something for everyone!

   The NICE thing here is that this "Public Access UNIX System" puts the
"Public Access" back onto YOUR terminal! After running the "newuser" pro-
gram at the login: prompt you will be given a 100% ACTIVE account right
then (not in a day or two, when we can verify you).

   We are what you call... "Just off the internet" and here how:

		telnet (Merit/MichNet)
		Which Host? um-m-net (move to M-Net)
		MichNet login: newuser (To receive working UNIX account)

   If your receive "all ports are BUSY" please try again, it's REALLY
   worth the wait. We currently have over 800 users and we'd like to
   see YOU there too!
...sharkey!m-net!kite             Altos 68020 UNIX Sys-III (313) 994-6333
...sharkey!kitenet!kite           Altos 68000 UNIX Sys-III (313) 663-6207
...sharkey!kitenet!plex-1!kite    Plexus P/35 68000 UNIX SysV.2   USENET
-- You can mail Dave Parks at these addresses, or phone (313) 663-6873 --


Log of telnet connection:


Below is a log of a connection to the Library of Congress in the
United States.


internet address: dra.com______________________________________________________

Connected to DRA.COM.
Escape character is '^]'.
Connecting to system, please wait...
Please use DEC VT100 emulation, continuing.

Online Catalog -- 2.1-1
Copyright 1991, Data Research Associates, Inc., All rights reserved.

Data Research Associates, Inc.
Copyright 1991. All Rights Reserved.
Records in this database orginating with the Library of Congress are
copyrighted by the Library of Congress except within the U.S.A.
This database contains all the cataloging records as distributed by the
LC Cataloging Distribution Service as part of their "Complete Service."
This database is NOT the same as the Library of Congress Catalog.
Please wait...

Data Research Associates, Inc.                                   Guest Access
Select a command option from the following list.  Enter the code between
the <> characters and press the (RETURN) key after entering the command.
<A>uthor            To find authors, composers, performers, illustrators,
conferences, and corporate authors.
<T>itle             To find a work by title, or generic title.
<S>ubject           Sorry, not available to Guest users
<K>eyword           Sorry, not available to Guest users
<EX>it              To logoff
<N>ext page         To do other types of searches
<NEW>               Read what's NEW in this catalog
Records in this database orginating with the Library of Congress are
copyrighted by the Library of Congress except within the U.S.A.
Mail comments, or suggestions to CATALOG@DRA.COM
Enter your command or search below and press the (RETURN) key.

a kahn

Enter the author, composer, performer, corporate author, or conference
you want to find and then press the (RETURN) key.
Enter the author's last name first, followed by their first name.
Only enter as many characters of the name as you know.
Proper capitalization and punctuation are NOT required.
For example:
Twain, Mark
Digital Equipment Corporation
Computers in Libraries Conference
For a shortcut, you can also enter the search in one command.
A=King Stephen
Type <??> and press (RETURN) for more help.
Enter Author:

Your search:

LINE    # of
   #   titles   --------------------------- Authors ----------------------------
   1    1 Kahn-Ackermann, Georg, 1918-
   2    1 Kahn-Ackermann, Michael, 1946-
   3    1 Kahn-Ackermann, Michael, 1946- China, drinnen vor der Tur. Engl
   4    8 Kahn, Ada P.
   5    1 Kahn, Adele.
   6    2 Kahn, Alan.
   7    1 Kahn, Albert.
   8    2 Kahn, Albert, 1860-1940.
   9    2 Kahn, Albert, 1869-1942.
  10    7 Kahn, Albert Eugene, 1912-1979.


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   1    1  NSA "Blue Hawaii Convention" 1975 photo album.
   2    1 NSA magazine.
   3    1 NSA membership directory.
   4    1 NSA photo album.
   5    1 NSA quarterly.
   6    1 NSA seminar report, 1968-71.
   7    2 NSA seminars.
   8    1 NSAA news.
   9    1 NSAA newsletter.
  10    1 NSAC.


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Type of Material: Serial
LC Call Number: BQ8401.2.N52 A3
Author: Nichiren Shoshu Academy.
Title: NSA photo album.
Publication Info: [Santa Monica, Ca., World Tribune Press]
Phys. Description: ill. 24 cm.
Subjects: Nichiren Shoshu Academy--Pictorial works.
LC Card Number:    75646609
ISSN: 0099-0884

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