**MODERATOR 317 Taglines**

         Created, Assimilated and Edited by Frank Fitch, Patrick Long,
                            Cal Webster, and others
* <- Official Moderator's Deadly Ninja Throwing NerfStar.
- FOR MODERATORS USE ONLY - Do not write below TOP line
<==============Moderator at Work================<
*smack* *smack* *whip* *whip* Oh! Mr. Moderator!
@TO@ is to Moderators what mosquitoes are to campers..
@TO@ joins the echo. Moderator has a link cut party.
@TOLAST@, target your blaster at the nearest Moderator AND SHOOT!
[ ]Flame Moderator [ ]Flame Sysop [X]Flame user
`twit *.*' typed the Moderator, smiling...
A cat is easier to train than a Moderator.
A certain Moderator who shall remain nameless has shunned the List.
A Moderator doesn't have to sign a message. You _JUST_ know!
A Moderator's job is never done!
A Moderator's power ends at his echo. A sysop's ends at his board.
Abstinence is a good thing when practiced in moderation.
Ack! A Moderator! Run away! Run away! (G)
Admit nothing! Deny everything! Blame Moderator!
Ahh... No Moderator! Let's chat about Science Fiction & Fantasy!
Ahhhh... No Moderator! Lets chat about CAMPING @#$%& .. NO CARRIER
All hail Lord Q, high lord and co-Moderator of the Tagline Continuum!
All that exceeds the bounds of moderation has an unstable foundation.
All things in moderation, including Moderation!
And @TO@ strikes with a +1 longsword, +5 vs. Moderators.
Any fool can moderate, and many of them do.
Any Moderators here? **BANG**  Any more?
Appease the Moderator Monster. Send chocolate.
Applause, pom-poms & trumpets for our sysops & Moderators!
Are YOU the Moderator?
Arguing with a Moderator in public may be hazardous to your access.
Avoid off topic messages. Start conversations with the Moderator!
Bah, Humbug! Don't post 'til next year. - Moderator Christmas greeting.
Be nice to Moderators. They hate that.
Beat me, moderate me, make me write bad Taglines!
Become a Moderator to up your message total.
Been there, done that, Got Moderated!
Behead a Moderator for Allah!
Beware of all Moderators!
Beware of the power mongering InterLink Moderators.
Beware of the tiger in its lair or the Moderator in his echo...
Borg Moderator: Kill thread, your post is irrelevant!
Borg Moderator: Your Topic Is Irrelevant, your arguments are futile.
Bother... said the Moderator, &$&^%NO CARRIER
Boy did I tell that moderato%-%$###@$ NO CARRIER
Brain: [...../] Moderator Brain: [\.....] Any questions?
Can you teach an old Moderator new tricks?
Can't find COLDBEER.CAN, Moderator not loaded.
Cheese it... the Moderator!
Complete abstinence is easier than perfect moderation. - St. Augustine
Conference Moderating is like trying to herd cats.
Continually trying to tick off the Moderators? Watch out&*^%NO CARRIER
Court is in session, the Moderator presiding.
Darth Moderator: LEEAVE THAAT TO MEE.
Decrease Moderator unemployment: Post off-topic messages.
Do a good deed ... Flame a Moderator!!!
Do Moderators post off-topic in other areas..?
Do unto Moderators as they have done unto you!
Do we get a chance to practice for the Moderator Toss Event?
Don't hit me Moderator... I'll go back On Topic... I swear!
Don't let the Moderator have the last word.
Don't messages like that have to be signed, The Moderator?
Don't tease the Moderator ... he's nuclear capable.
Don't you hate when the Moderators forget this is a hobby?
Ethics? Sorry, you have the wrong Ferengi..er..Moderator.
Even Moderation should be practiced in moderation.
Even Moderators need a bit of love.
Even Mother Nature doesn't mess with Moderators.
Even the Moderator can be right, once in a while!
Ever meet a Moderator who would admit the problem was his?
Everything in excess! Moderation is for monks! - Robert A. Heinlein
Fatal error in LIFE.SYS: Deleting Moderator.
Fate: Protects fools, little children, and echo Moderators.
Fear: Seeing NetMail from the Moderator ..
FIDO Democracy * Let the People Moderate.
Flame On: something Moderators will ban you for doing.
Flirting with the Moderator is ALWAYS on-topic.
Friends don't let friends moderate echos!
From the keyboard of the Moderaptor to YOU.
Generic Tagline v5: []Flame Moderator []Flame Sysop [X]Flame user.
Get back at your enemies, make them Moderators!
Go ahead, moderate my day - PUNK!
Greetings, honored and highly steamed Moderator!
Guts: Putting "Moderator" in your twit filter.....
HAL started out as a Moderator.
Hallelujah! The Moderators are double teaming 'em!
Happiness is a Moderator who thinks like you do.
Happiness is a Moderator with a good sense of humor.
Happiness is a well-tempered Moderator.
Have you kicked your Moderator today?
Have you said "THANKS" to your Moderator today?
Having a Moderator beats losing a Conference!
Having a Moderator beats losing an Echo!
Hell hath no fury like the Moderator of HOLYSMOKE.
Hell knows no fury like a ticked off MODERATOR.
Help stamp out unfriendly conference Moderators!
HELP! HELP! The Moderators are after me!
Herding cats is easier than moderating.
Hey la, hey la, the Moderator's back...
Hey Mr. Moderator!!! What did I do to deserve this??!!???
Hey Mr. Moderator, you're a #$#@$$%$^$^$$#% NO CARRIER
Hey Rocky - watch me pull a Moderator outta my hat!
Hey! I hear there's a `Moderator' coming soon.
Hey, Mr. Moderator, warn that guy for me...
Hitler became Moderator of Germany in 1933.
Honestly, Mr. Moderator - they were confused when *I* got here.
Hug your Moderator daily, send him candy on his birthday.
Humor. It is a difficult concept. - Moderator
I am Moderator of BORG. Your Topic Is Irrelevant.
I am the Moderator. You are not the Moderator. Any questions?
I got these nude pictures of the moderat!@#$*$ NO CARRIER
I guess it's what happens when you have multiple Moderators.
I heard nothing from the FIDO Taglines Moderator. Enuff was enuff!
I hope the Moderator will join us, and the echo will be as one!
I just love it when the Moderator's awake!
I practice moderation to excess.
I see a Moderator! Quick, change the subject!
I see I've strayed Off Topic, sorry Mister Moderator!
I sense ... The Moderator!
I shot the Moderator, but I did not shoot the Sysop.
I shot the Moderator, but I didn't shoot the co-Moderator.
I shot the Moderator. I AM the Sysop, didn't shoot myself.
I shot the Sysop, but I did not shoot the Moderator.
I shot the Sysop, but I should have shot the Moderator
I think the better ST:TNG Moderator is definitely Joe.
I think, therefore, I cannot be a Moderator.
I use moderation, but only in moderation.
I used to moderate. I quit because I lost my sense of humor.
I want to be a Moderator when I grow up.
I was normal once, then I became a Fido Moderator
I won't criticize the Moderator, I might get NO CARRIER
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From: gary@mbbs.com (Gary Caplan)
Subj: *Moderator* Taglines  2/3
Date: Sun, 28 May 95 12:39:00 -0820

>>> Continued from previous message
I'm a Moderator. I don't *need* to stay on-topic.
I'm an absolute, off-the-wall fanatical Moderator.
I'm not breaking the rules, just testing the Moderator.
I'm not on the where are you list...I listened to the Moderator!
I'm sorry Mr. Moderator...HEY!...OW!...THAT HURTS!
I'm using my Message Avenger (+1 +9 versus Moderators).
If All Else Fails... BLAME THE MODERATOR !!!!
If ignorance is bliss, Moderators must be _very_ happy!
If there is no Moderator, who pops up the next tagline?
If you can't flirt with the Moderator remember the Co-Moderator
If you enjoy being hated, become a Moderator.
If you have ENOUGH friends, become a Moderator.
Imagine there's no Moderators... --John Lennon
In a VERY weak moment, I became a conference Moderator...
In real life, Moderators are nice people. Hey! its true!
In real life, Moderators are nice people...RIGHT!
In the echo, the mighty echo, the Moderator screams tonight...
In the jingle-jangle modem, I'll come moderate you.
InterLink Shareware conference Moderator.
Is `Moderator' a synonym for punchbag?
Is there a Moderator in the ANARCHY Echo?
Is there a Moderator in the house?
It ain't over 'til the Moderator says, Knock it off!
It's a bird... it's a plane... OH NOOOOO, it's the MODERATOR!
It's hard to be an on-line atheist with a god-like Moderator.
It's not nice to put the Moderator on the twit list.
Just a lowly conference participant, not a Moderator.
Justified flame withheld at Moderator's request.
Keptin, it's an inwisible Moderator decloaking..
Latest news! Conference Moderator overthrown by a coup!
Look out! The Moderator is on the prowl again!
Looking left and then right for lurking Moderator...
Mandatory tagline omitted; Moderator gone berserk. Story at 11:00.
May I see your Moderator hunting permit, sir?
May the Great God of Moderators smile upon you.
Member: IL Moderator Mafia. Tag! You're Hit!
Modem in haste, repent at Moderator.
Moderate not lest ye be moderated yerself.
Moderating's JUST A BIT more fun than being beaten with a slegehammer.
Moderation is a fatal thing: Nothing succeeds like excess.
Moderation is for monks and Moderators.
Moderation is for monks.
Moderation of this conference subcontracted to Chtulhu, Inc.
Moderation: A dirty job but someone has to do it.
Moderator & Topic Are Irrelevant - Warnings Are Futile...
Moderator (n): see also god, dictator, egotist, oppressor
Moderator alert... Well, yes ma'am... Sorry. But it is kinda On Topic.
Moderator Error: Moderator deleted.
Moderator is just the network AKA for Cthulhu.
Moderator Mode ... on alert.
Moderator Motto: Excess is never enough.
Moderator not found, (r)etry, (p)ost off topic?
Moderator not found. Enter forbidden topics? [Y] [n]
Moderator Rule #1: Everyone hates you, so hate them back!
Moderator Rule #2: Warnings are for wimps!
Moderator Rule #3: You're NOT God... But don't tell anyone.
Moderator Rule #4: Off Topic posts are a threat to your manhood.
Moderator Rule #6: On Topic posts that bore you should be deleted.
Moderator sighted, insert random on-topic tagline.
Moderator Toss Event, scheduled for the near future...!
Moderator's back, we'd better kill this conversation...
Moderator's Murphy's Law: Take a vacation and s**t hits the fan.
Moderator(n): Subspecies of God, native to Fidonet
Moderator, Illuminati Surveillance Targets' Support Conference.
Moderator.Com found..restore topic.on [y/n]?
Moderator.pas: USES echomail, netmail, complaint, feedcut.
Moderator: (n) see also god, dictator, egotist, oppressor...
Moderator: Burned out shell of a computer hobbyist.
Moderator: Knows all, sees all, trips over his/her own two feet.
Moderator: One who has the ultimate twit list.
Moderatoritis: symptoms include swollen head and running mouth.
Moderators - I guess everyone has to get off welfare sometime.
Moderators die at an early age; murdered by their wives.
Moderators do have a sense of humor. Sometimes it is PG-17.
Moderators do it for the ugly thrill of it.
Moderators hate On Topic messages, nothing for them to do.
Moderators have a sense of humor. Sometimes it is PG-17.
Moderators have more fun than ##%@ NO CARRIER
Moderators have seen it, ALL.
Moderators issue feedcuts... I HOPE...
Moderators moderating Moderators. Next on Geraldo!
Moderators need to moderate in moderation.
Moderators R Us.
Moderators should be well versed in moderation.
MODERATORS shouldn't get personal..... don't you agree..
Moderators: Out of sight, out of mind.
Moderators? We don't need no stinkin' mod...NO CARRIER
Mr. Moderator, the person I am writing to is a Twit.
Mr. Moderator, you may now officially blow a gasket..
Murphy's Law for Moderators: Take a quiet vacation and it hits the fan.
My Moderate Moderator Mostly Muddled My Magnificent Messages.
MYOB, I don't care if you do think you're the Moderator.
Never argue with a Man, Moderator or Mule. It's useless!
Never argue with a Moderator who's either tired or rested.
Never argue with a Woman, Moderator or Mule. It's useless!
Never invoke the Moderator unless you want him to appear!
Never summon a Moderator you cannot control (i.e. any).
No Moderators present, and the flaming began.
Nominating Data for Moderator, he has an off button.
Not all Moderators are user friendly!
Not breaking the rules, just testing the Moderator.
Now there's a Moderator with an itchy twitfinger.
Now to try and avoid being moderated....
Oh bother! said Pooh, and twitted his Moderator
Oh bother, said Pooh, as he wrestled with the Moderator.
Oh no! The Moderator of the MPD echo just banned aliases...
One On Topic post a day keeps the Moderator at bay.
Oops! Caught the Moderators attention again.
Oxymoron: Humor Moderator
Oxymoron: Kind Moderator.
Please wait... Moderator has exited to the race track...
Poetic Justice: A Moderator getting moderated by the users.
Pragmatism should never be confused with moderation.
Preserve Wildlife - Pickle a Moderator!
Proud to be an Interlink Moderator!
Puny Moderator make Hulk mad. HULK SMASH!
Quick hide the bodies. The Moderator cometh.
Quick! I see a Moderator! Change the subject, FAST!
Revenge of the moderated, today on Oprah.
Risking moderation again!
Rules are made to be Moderatorally bent.
Run for your lives! Moderator sighted.
Run for your lives! The Moderator has been sighted!
Satan: The Moderator from Hell.
Sometimes I feel like giving the Moderator a big hug.
Somewhere, somehow, a Moderator is watching you.
Sorry Mr. Moderator, any subsequent traffic will be netmail.
Star Trek VIII: The Wrath of Moderator.
Sysop: pupa stage of a Moderator.
Sysops do it moderately.
TAGLINE Moderator does it with taglines.
Tagline void where prohibited by Moderator.
That will do it. Borg Moderator: Your Topic Is Irrelevant.
The creature appears hostile!, @TOFIRST@ to Moderator.
The effectiveness of the moderation depends on the Moderator.
The keyboard is mightier than the Moderator.
The Moderator gave me clearance to talk about ANYTHING!
The Moderator has a longer attention span than my tagline file.
The Moderator hasn't placed it off topic yet. - Don Horton.
The Moderator needs a Moderator!
The Moderator's back and you're gonna be in trouble...
The Moderator's back, we'd better kill this conversation.
The proof of a Moderator's value is her existance.
The proof of a Moderator's value is his existance.
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From: gary@mbbs.com (Gary Caplan)
Subj: *Moderator* Taglines  3/3
Date: Sun, 28 May 95 12:39:00 -0820

>>> Continued from previous message
The Twit Key: Three steps faster than the Moderator.
There are only two kinds of users, Moderators and targets.
This tagline censored by the Moderator *snicker*.
Those with no sense of humor become Moderators.
Tip of the hat to our beloved Moderator.
TMNM, Teenage Mutant Ninja Moderator; The (ab)user's worst nightmare.
To enjoy the flavor of life, take big bites. Moderation is for monks.
To moderate or not to moderate. That is the question.
Tremble, thou heathen; the Moderator cometh!
Trust the Moderator, @TOFIRST@.
Try to get back on topic, he said moderately.
Try to get back on topic, she said moderately.
Twit *.*, typed the Moderator, smiling...
Uh, the Moderator says I'm s'pose to bonk you with this Tagline.
Unable To Locate Conference - Moderator Lost.
Using the HUMOR echo: 1) Add MODERATOR to twit filter...
WARNING! Moderator armed and shoots back!
WARNING! Moderator is a horse gelder by trade and needs practice.
WARNING! This message has been Moderated.
Washington, DC: School for MODERATORS....
Watch your attitude buddy. I'll sic the Moderator on you.
Water taken in moderation, cannot do very much harm.
What we need is a national Moderator's day.
What? Lorena Bobbit moderates this conf!@#$^ NO CARRIER
When do we get the chance to practice for the Moderator Toss Event???
When the going gets weird, the weird become Moderators.
When the Moderator smiles, it's too late to retract the statement.
Where are the Moderators when we REALLY need them?
Who died and left _you_ Moderator?
Who moderates the Moderators?
Whoever shoots the Moderator gets the job.
Why do the users always pick on us Moderators. *Waaaaaaah!*
Why is it that when _I_ post off-topic messages, I get moderated?
Why is there a Moderator in the ANARCHY Echo?
Why's the Moderator always pickin' on me *waaah!*
Will someone please bind and gag the Moderator!
With due consideration for our Moderator's annoyance with msgs...
WN_CowTipping Conference Moderator
Yes, this was an official moderation message.
You have to sign a message like that "THE MODERATOR", are you?
1st Myth of Moderation: It's not needed.
2nd Myth of Moderation: It's needed.

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