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LNH R-Unlikely Aliens
Independant and Wild Cards (Singles)
Independant and Wild Cards (Teams)
Villains (Single)
Villains (Group)

**NOTE: With the large numbers of new characters introduced recently,
it has become an open question as to the status of characters who haven't
appeared for a while in so much as it we don't know whether the LNH will
expand indefinitely or eventually reach as steady state with characters
leaving as new ones show up.  Characters that have not appeared for some
time are being labelled with "STATUS: ?".


NAME: Adamant Authority-on-Everything
  POWERS:   Thinks he knows it all and utterly refuses to compromise
            his opinion.

NAME:  Administration Man
  CREATED BY:  Wayne Parillo (and every college who has this person).
  POWERS: Ability to cause frustration and anger in a person to the point
  that the person will physically attack Ad-man unless the person is
  incapable (ie a barrier).
  ADD.NOTES: Ad-man automatically tells a person "no" to any reason
  and will come up with some innane excuse that sends the other  
person into
  a rage.  Ad-man shows up in situations that include (but are not  
  to) financial aid, credit transfer, et cetera.
  STATUS:  Hangs out in LNHHQ.
  APPEARANCE:  Blue suit, bright red tie, and steel suitcase.

NAME:  aLLiterative Lass
  CREATED BY: cffitzge@iastate.edu
  POWERS:  Ability to speak only in aLLiterative lines.
           Mainly martial abilities of a novice Ninja.
  ADD.NOTES:  aLLiterative Letters should be capitalized.
              Looks like a Jim Lee female ninja.
              Side-Kick to LetterinG Man

NAME: All-Knowing Last-Chance Whiner Destiny Woman
  POWERS:   Tends to be mysterious and appears and disappears  
whenever the
            reader is confused and needs a hint or two.
            Also prophecies of things to come, like.. the impending  
doom of
  ADD.NOTES:  Great for plot exposition.

NAME: Amorphous Lad (NWC)
   Created by: wReam (SL859@cc.usu.edu)
       Powers: Shapeshifting
    Reference: Pliable Lad #25, #30.
    Group.Aff: LNH
      Enemies: The Master of the Net.
       Status: ?

NAME: Anything-You-Can-Do-I-Can-Do-Better Lad (aka the Mimic)
  CREATED BY: Mattp@matt.ksu.ksu.edu
  POWERS:  Challenges anything just to keep the conversation going.
  ADD.NOTES:  Never shuts up, and his mind is already made up.

Back-History Boy (NWC)
    Real Name: Roy Look
   Created by: Mike Escutia (mre@christa.unh.edu)
  Reserved by: Mike Escutia (mre@christa.unh.edu)
       Powers: Postcognition -- the ability to see into the past of  
an object
               or person.
    Reference: Quote King & Back-History Boy: Semi-Impressive Return
    Group.Aff: Secretly an agent of a top-secret organization,  
planted in the
               LNH to gather information.
      Enemies: None, though it has been implied that he has dealt  
with the
               Master of the Net before.
       Status: Dead and Very Reserved.
        Notes: Was temporarily insane, but has since been cured.
               Killed by the Master of the Net in Pliable Lad #20.
               Is in no way related to Kid Recap.  He's also taller. }->

NAME: Bad-Timing Boy
  ALIAS: Brad Thomas Boyd
  TYPE: NWC  (Public Domain)
  POWERS:  Say the wrong thing at exactly the wrong time
  GROUP AFF.: Generation Y

NAME: BandWagon Boy
  POWERS:  Liable to jump on in anywhere, even w/out prior knowledge.
  ADD.NOTES:   Has been caught buying Image Comics.
               Never buys 1st issues.
               Has no own opinion, just uses other peoples.
               Secret Identity is the Ultimate Ninja.
               Only CheeseCake-Eater Lad and Typo Lad know his secret.
  STATUS:  Alive as the Ultimate Ninja

NAME: Bandwagon Chick
  CREATED BY: clark@netcom.com
  POWERS:  Gets involved in things long after it's chic.

NAME: Bibliography Boy
  CREATED BY: Jerry Boyajian
  POWERS:  Ability to answer any question
  STATUS:  Teaching at Net.ropolis Academy

NAME: Bicycle Repair Lad
  CREATED BY: HC61@lafibm.lafayette.edu
  POWERS:   British Humor
            Possibly *some* (but varying) superboy powers, Plus repairs
  ADD.NOTES:  Born from a Monty Python Sketch, F.G. Superboy is secretly
                   Bicycle Repair Boy!
              Able to completely confuse people in a single post!
              Looks remarkably like a young Eric Idle in a Superman Suit.
              How he uses his powers: Remember that foot in the MP
  STATUS: maybe.
  ENEMIES:BBC censors, Religious Fundamentalists, Hex Luthor,
              Evil and shoddy bicycle mechanics.

NAME: Bizarre Boy
  TYPE: NWC (Public Domain)
  POWERS:  A wide variety of powers that never seem to work right
      when he needs them.
  ADD.NOTES: Smitten w/ Pizza Girl
  GROUP AFF.: Generation Y

NAME:  Bladed Lad
  CREATED BY:  Campbell March [MARCH_C@kosmos.wcc.govt.nz]
   Ability to turn his hands and/or feet into whirling blades.
   Some Martial-Arts experience.
   Tone deaf.
  STATUS:  Presently unaffiliated.
  ADD.NOTES: Easygoing, friend of Guitar Man
  APPEARANCE: Wears brown leather jacket, blue jeans, white tshirt.   Has
              brown hair and green eyes.

NAME: Bludwulf, Major Denis (ret.)
  AKA: Fortnightman
  CREATED BY: dvandom@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu
  POWERS: Has the power to evade capture for extended periods, but  
only if
     fleeing from his own side.  Ace Zeppelin pilot and experienced  
     wrangler, specializing in interdimensional penguins.  Has  
     appearance due to run in with RobGoblin (see Villains Roster).
  ADD.NOTES: See Dvandom Force #37
  STATUS: Wild Card, former member of Society of Wireless Heroes  
  GROUP AFF.: Dvandom Force (not member, but pilot and penguin  
wrangler for)
  RESERVED BY: creator
  ENEMIES: Per Annum, InfraHumanite, Her Majesty's Army

NAME: Bot Boy
  CREATED BY: ad140@freenet.unbc.edu
  POWERS: Standard Robotic Body, enhanced strength, elongating arms,
        computer brain.
  ADD.NOTES: Bot Boy can feel emotions, but generally either  
overfeel them
           or underfeel them.
  APPEARANCE: A human-sized, humanoid red metallic robot with a  
domino mask
            over his vision scanners, and a blue cape is hooked to his

NAME: Brand Name Boy
  CREATED BY: Mike Friedman (hrivnak@havoc.gtf.gatech.edu)
  POWERS: Has the ability to call everything by a brand name, even
  if the item is not of that brand. For example, all soda is "Coke",
  all tissues are "Kleenex", etc.
  ADD.NOTES: Fixes a damn good copier (or as he calls it "Xerox"),
  which is why he was allowed to join. Likes to bug Nit-Pick Lad.
  STATUS: Alive, member of Los Bastardos
  APPEARANCE: Wears overalls and a "Xerox" cap. Carries his tool
  box with him.

NAME: Browsing Boy
  TYPE: NWC  (Public Domain)
  POWERS:  Able to read Sandman, Hepcats, and Savage Henry while
                standing in front of comic rack
  GROUP AFF.: Net.Titans

NAME: California Kid
  TYPE: NWC  (Public Domain)
  POWERS:  Read comix weeks after everyone else has discussed them...

NAME: Cannon Fodder
  POWERS:   In every comic Cannon Fodder appears to allow other heroes
               ability to demonstrate their powers on him.  He dies  
all the


NAME: Captain CleanUp
  TYPE: NWC  (Public Domain)
  POWERS:  Good at cleaning up.
  ADD.NOTES:  Has sidekick named Squeaky Clean
              Drives a super-fast street sweeper.
              Usually appears when it is time to clean-up.

Name: Captain MUSH
  Type: NWC
  Created By: ad140@freenet.unbc.edu (Ben Rawluk)
  Powers: Can use MUSH commands @create, @destroy, @name and @desc, to
        create weapons.
  Add.Notes: Is the Alt.Ernate Identity of LNH_Bldr
  Affiliation: LNH, Net.Titans

NAME: Captain Naplam
  CREATED BY: lee@soda.berkerly.edu
  POWERS:  Gratuitously flame bozos to charred crisps
  ADD.NOTES:  Mastered art of flaming w/out cause
              Anyone offending him will be charred to crisp as CN  
bursts into
              Will reappear later with an explosion of flame.
  ENEMIES: Nomex Man, only person impervious to Capt. Naplam's flames

NAME: Catalyst Lass
  TYPE: NWC  (Public Domain)
  POWERS:  Power to make others share my interests

NAME: Cheeezarr/Masked Man
  CREATED BY: lucke@vm1.nodak.edu
  POWERS:   Ability to make any encounter cheesy, cliched, and
          generally silly.
            Plus, he owns Camembert Coils, cosmic weapons of  
          The Coils grant him many cosmic powers. (no limits found, yet)
          Ability to ride off into the sunset and disappearing from  
  ADD.NOTES: Appointed Frigidaire to the Universe by Freon, cosmic  
  ENEMIES: Flying.Altogether.Too.Naked.Villain, Limburger Lad

NAME: Cheeez Arrow
  AKA: Stanley King
  CREATED BY: dvandom@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu)
  POWERS: Uses specially-created "Cheeez" in gimmick arrows.   
Filthy rich, at
     least until author decides to rip off the "Green Arrow Loses  
His Fortune"
     story.  No connection to C.H.E.E.E.Z. Corps.
  ADD.NOTES: See Constellation #35
  STATUS: Reservist in LNH
  GROUP AFF.: Dvandom Force
  RESERVED BY: creator
  ENEMIES: Baron Umlaut

NAME: Cheesecake Eater Lad
  TYPE: NWC  (Public Domain)
  POWERS:  Ability to create any type of Cheesecake known to man
           and many more unknown
           Has several special cheesecake dispensers equipped in his
           Is learning ninjistu from the Ultimate Ninja

NAME: Cliche Dude
  CREATED BY: v129j6ed@ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu
  POWERS:  Shout out cliches at any time, which are used as missile  
  ADD.NOTES:  formerly of the Tantalizing Teens

NAME: Clown
  CREATED BY:  Wayne Parillo
  POWERS:  Clown type things, makes people laugh by honking nose.
  ADD.NOTES:  For some reason Clown is now travelling with TL.  Clown
    does not speak, honking the bright red nose that adorns the face.
  STATUS:  Travelling around with TL.
  APPEARANCE:  Picture a clown with a big red nose. . .

NAME: Coma Kid (Juan Trylle)
  TYPE: NWC  CREATED BY: The Mystic Mongoose (rwa@gandalf.baylor.edu)
  POWERS: Cause others to lapse into comas through mental powers.
  ADD.NOTES: Must enter a coma-like state soon after using his  
power, and stay
  there for as long as he used it, or suffer physical degredation.  
His comas are
  *not* equivalent to sleep.

NAME: Comics-Snob Boy
  TYPE: NWC  (Public Domain)
  POWERS:  Able to convice another to fight after insulting their  
comic tastes.
  STATUS:  Dead, believed suicide.

Confetti Girl (NWC)
    Real Name: Kasey Davis
   Created by: Mike Escutia (mre@christa.unh.edu)
       Powers: Can generate and control confetti.
    Reference: Pliable Lad #26-28.
    Group.Aff: LNH
      Enemies: None.
       Status: Alive and available.
        Notes: Partner of Kid Citrus

NAME: Continuity Champ (Daryth)
  POWERS: The ability to redefine and remake continuity, come up  
with semi-
              plausible explanations, fire blasts, fly, and several other
              as-yet unreaveled powers.
  ADD.NOTES:  Known to be last survivors of an extradimensional race.
              Hinted as an "exiled Knight of Continuity"
              Lived several centuries.
  STATUS:  On leave.
  ENEMIES: Crossover Queen, Royalty King, Dr. Killfile

NAME: Continuity Champ Junior (Chet Wiggins)
  TYPE: WC  CREATED BY: The Mystic Mongoose (rwa@gandalf.baylor.edu)
  POWERS:Provides explanations for events to preserve continuity. Flies.
  ADD.NOTES: He idolizes Continuity Champ, and tries to emulate him.
  GROUP AFF.: Generation Y

NAME: Contraption Man
  TYPE: NWC  (Public Domain)
  POWERS:  Always making those wonderful gadgets and contraptions.
  ADD.NOTES:  From the future.
              Saw infamousd "traitor" clip and warned the LNH

NAME: Convoluted Origin Man
  CREATED BY: The Badger (mr.9767@acc.rwu.edu)
  POWERS: Convoluted Origin Man's powers change every issue of any
  comic he appears in, because every issue of every comic he appears
  in his entire past is revealed to be a lie.
  ADD. NOTES: Convoluted Origin Man (Or Gary) is a nice guy, but
  unfortunately he got powers. He doesn't know HOW he got them,
  because his wily foe, HAMMA, keeps revealing his past is a lie.
  STATUS: Alive

NAME:Cool Kid
  CREATED BY: bohead@ix.netcom.com (Dilip Shah)
  POWERS: Time travel,energy blasts,super anti-matter excuses for  
not doing
  ADD.NOTES: Use C.K. as much as you like just get him home by  
10:00 or he
             faces DIRE consequences
  STATUS: Alive(sometimes in detention though)
  ENEMIES: Teacher Lady, Parent-Teacher Confrence Man,
           The Peer Pressure Gang, Rule Man

NAME: Copyright Kid
  CREATED BY: asjes@acad2.alaska.edu
  POWERS: Able to send a copyright or trademark violation into
          Legal Limbo ( (c) and (tm) 1993 United States Legal System).
  ADD.NOTES: Carries Oblivion Blaster (tm)
             Works with Trademark Lass

NAME: Curly
  CREATED BY: U16244@uicvm
  POWERS:  Super strength
  GROUP AFF.:  Net.Patrol
  ADD.NOTES:  Has intelligence of Stimpy

NAME: Decibel Dude
  CREATED BY: Peter Milan (pmilan@fscvax.fsc.mass.edu)
  POWERS:  D-Dude was accidentally given total power over sound by the
      Dr. Oblivion. He is also partly invulnerable  
(nigh-invulnerable   ?)
      has great strength and can fly. His favorite fighting maneuver is
      the Supersonic Whap Upside Yer Head.
  GROUP AFFILIATION: Partner of Vigilantee Guy

NAME: Deja Dude
  CREATED BY: cxmp@musica.mcgill.ca
  POWERS:  Power of suggestion.
           Ability to transport helpself between newsgroups.
           Energy blasts (but only when absolutely required by the plot).
  ADD.NOTES:  Has been known to carry non-lethal weapons.

NAME: Deductive Logic Man
  POWERS:  Leap to incredible conclusions with the very least amount of
  ADD.NOTES: Real name is Ferris Jones.
             Drinks _Mr._ Paprika

NAME: Doctor Stomper (Vincent)
  TYPE: NWC  (Public Domain)
  POWERS:  Ability to come up with an entertaining explanation for the
                   stupid plotlines and plot devices

NAME: Demon Boy
  TYPE: WC	CREATED BY: enubf@csv.warwick.ac.uk
  POWERS: Completely by accident, Demon Boy found himself with the
	ability to summon demons just by saying their names. Less  
	ones are automatically bound and forced to do his will; the more
	powerful they get, the more bargaining Demon Boy has to do.  
	he sticks to the lesser creatures, some of which even make good
	conversationalists. Demons have a habit of concealing their  
names, so
	Demon Boy has to do a fair amount of research before he can  
call upon
	a creature he hasn`t used before.
  ADD. NOTES: Demon Boy is a fairly cheerful sort of bloke, whose real
	interest lies in films, of which he has a collection that  
requires the
	use of a dimensional warping field in order to fit them  
into his room;
	he often quotes from films or imitates characters from  
films, but not
	so much that it could be classed as a power in itself. He  
could give
	Obscure Trivia Lad a run for his money, though...
  STATUS: Alive.
  GROUP AFF.: Legion of Occult Heroes.
  ENEMIES: Same as Green Trenchcoat.

  CREATED BY: Rene Villareal (rgv00@mondrian.csufresno.edu)
  POWERS: Can morph into any form of dog at will. Has heightened senses,
        coupled with a sixth sense (a.k.a. Lassie Sense). Was
     	`conditioned' by S.C.U.D. with a permanent collar, a
        bio-plastic suit which can melt into his skin, and cybernetic
        eye implants (glows red in the dark).
  WEAPONS: An expandable metal staff that separates into nunchucks.
  ADD.NOTES: When all else fails, DB will attack in a psychotic fit,
           tearing and shedding ANYTHING in his path.
  ENEMIES: S.C.U.D., cats, cat-people, cat-lovers, vets, mailmen, anyone
     	 who uses the words `fix' and `spade' in a tasteless context.

NAME: Doom-Monger (Sgt. Robert Dravin)
   CREATED BY: gearman@viper.engr.scarolina.edu
   1) Speed Burst. Doom-Monger can move very quickly for a short
           period of time.
   2) Hyperspatial Holster: This is a sub-space container that
           holds all of Doom-Monger's weapons. The weapons are
           a chainsaw, a 9-mm pistol, a 12-gauge shotgun, a
           rotary assault cannon, a rocket launcher, a plasma
           cannon, and the BFG 9000.
   3) Armor and tac-helmet: This provides a considerable amount
           of protection and gives him a heads up display of the
           area along with thermal and telescopic vision.

NAME:  Domestic Lad
  CREATED BY: kenaschm@cs.indiana.edu
  POWERS:  Various around the headquaters repair abilities.
           Has any tools he needs.
  ADD.NOTES:  Has a backpack that is his toolbox.

NAME: Easily-Discovered Man
  CREATED BY: rogersr@kenyon.edu
  POWERS: Glows in the dark.  Can be detected by anyone with a geiger
  counter at a distance of 100 square miles.  Smiles a lot.
  FIRST APPEARANCE: Easily-Discovered Man #1 (duh)
  ADD.NOTES: Professor Theodore Wong, head (and only member) of the
  Physics Department at Dave Thomas Deluxe University, wanted so  
badly to become
  a super-hero that he subjected himself to an evening's bomardment with
  radiation.  While slightly deranged, he nevertheless seeks to  
carry out a
  never-ending battle for Justice and Good and as many postings as he can
  possibly work himself into.  Wears a flourescent green Lycra  
costume with a
  chartreuse cape, cowl and happy face on his chest, bright orange  
gloves and
  turquoise boots.  Drives the Easily-Discovered Van.

NAME: Easily-Discovered Man Lite
  CREATED BY: rogersr@kenyon.edu
  POWERS: Thinks he has a razor-sharp wit.
  FIRST APPEARANCE: Easily-Discovered Man #1
  ADD.NOTES: Hector Lopez was told by his high school guidance counselor
  either to accept a low-paying menial job or try out for the role of
  Easily-Discovered Man's sidekick.  Mr. Lopez has since come to  
wonder whether
  "menial" is perhaps really as bad a word as it is made out to be.  
  whatever he darn well pleases.

NAME: Easy Going Lad
TYPE: WC (email gearman@viper.engr.scarolina.edu if you want to use him)
POWERS: Adept of Surreality Magic (Knows about a half-dozen spells)
	Bolts of Surreality (never the same effect twice in a row)
	Easy going - hard to make him worry or panic. Keeps everything
	in perspective.
ADD.NOTES: The only thing that sets Easy Going Lad on edge is music by
	Barry Manilow.

Echo Lad (NWC)
    Real Name: Eric Markowan
   Created by: Mike Escutia (mre@christa.unh.edu)
  Reserved by: Mike Escutia (mre@christa.unh.edu)
       Powers: Can cause existing sound waves to echo back at their  
               and not touch their original target at all.  This  
quite con-
               veniently includes sonic-energy weapons.
    Reference: Pliable Lad #3, #8, #28, #29.
    Group.Aff: Former Generation Y member.
               Former employee of Sidekicks'R'Us.
      Enemies: None.
       Status: Dead.
        Notes: Talked in a wierd, echoey voice...like like like this this
               this when alive.  Died during the Crisis of Infinite  
               Brother of Reverb Boy.

  CREATED BY: Wayne Parillo (wep@oitunix.oit.mass.edu)
  POWERS: Elf type powers, move silent, quick.
  ADD.NOTES:Is always one of the top 5 fighters on a planet, but does not
  enjoy fighting.  Has a really big sense of humor and is nice to  
  Unless they are named Greg. Elf has access to a number of heroes from
  the no.verse, who may show up at a later date.
  Elf has several items of other worldly nature. Namely the Squeegie
  Periwinkle, (A magical squeegie made of periwinkles.) and Thor's  
Cup, which
  has yet to be cateloged.

NAME: Elvis Man
  CREATED BY: saint@ctron.com
  POWERS:  Emit Vocals to either hit opponents and swoon female opposers.
           Blind opponents with sequins on costume and his jewelry.
           Black belt in karate.
           Created Hip-kido: personal assualt combat with bucking and hip
           Uses rings as brass knuckles.
  GROUP AFF.: Saint Squad

NAME: Entropy Kid
  TYPE: NWC  (Public Domain)
  POWERS:  Ability to offer his opinion of almost any subject, but only
                   ONCE per thread.

NAME: Errand Boy
  CREATED BY: asjes1@acad2.alaska.edu
  POWERS: Errand Boy has the power to instantly know where anyone  
or anything
  However, he cannot activate these powers himself; he must be given an
  Also, he can only do one at a time. For example, if somebody  
wanted him to
  deliver a bouquet of roses to Acton Lord, he'd know exactly where  
Acton Lord
  was until he delivered the roses.
  ADD.NOTES: Errand Boy is somewhat lazy, and going on errands is  
not one of his
  favorite things to do. Also, he tends to run into trouble when on  
  which makes him dislike them even more.
  STATUS: Alive; member of the LNH.
  ENEMIES: None yet, but that'll change...


NAME: Fan.Boy
  TYPE: WC   Created by: enright_j@ix.wcc.govt.nz
  POWERS: Can stun people with his ability to pronouce punctuation.
	Knows everything that has ever been posted to all newsgroups
	(must concentrate on that news.group first though).
	(More to be revealed)
  ADD.NOTES: Knows all the secrets and subplots/revelations that  
have been
	posted (doesn't speak about it much as he realises the  
	of the topics).
	"Official How-To-Write Fan.Boy" available by email for more
  STATUS: Alive
  GROUP.AFF: Is currently aff.licting the LNH.
  ENEMIES: None.

NAME: Figment Lad
  TYPE: NWC  (Public Domain)
  POWERS:  *****

NAME: FlameProof Lad / Flame Writer
  TYPE: NWC  (Public Domain)
  POWERS:   Only flameproof, not able to emit flames
            Able to emit flames
  ADD.NOTES: Flameproof Lad could become Flame Writer when an innocent
             was flamed
  STATUS: Believed to be dead at this time by his fellow Legionaires

FOOTNOTE GIRL (Petina Witherington-Brown)
  TYPE: NWC     CREATED BY: Saxon Brenton
  POWERS: Creates footnotes; for the instant she creates the
  footnote she gets a flash of omnicognizance so that the details
  are correct, then she forgets it. Uses hockey sticks as weapons
  of choice
  ADD NOTES: Younger sister of Librarian Lady
  ORIGIN: _Limp-Asparagus Lad_ #10

NAME: The Forgetting One
  TYPE: NWC  (Public Domain)
  POWERS:  Can never remember the damn artist/writers name until  
the next day.

NAME: Fourth Wall Lass (Terri)
  REVAMPED BY: u921953@student.canberra.edu.au (Saxon Brenton)
  POWERS: Able to cross the 4th wall. Rapid transit between places by
  moving between panels. Ability to gather information by reading
  captions and thought balloons; has taken speed reading course to
  gather such information.
  APPEARANCE: Red, brown, and grey bodysuit, domino mask.

NAME: Frat Boy
  TYPE: NWC (Public Domain)
  CREATED BY: uplink (uplink@unomaha.edu)
  DESCRIPTION:  A short college-age kid in a frat sweatshirt and  
jeans, with
  glasses and overall nondescript except for the greek letters on his
  POWERS:  Backs up Steak and Potatoes Man by creating classic  
"Frat" foods,
  primarily beer.  Also has the ability to make people rant and rave
  at him about his silly shenanigans and pranks, threatening to expel
  him or call his parents, instead of blasting him with their powers.

NAME: Fuzzy
  TYPE: NWC  (Public Domain)
  POWERS:  Vagueness and ambiguity that confound my enemies

NAME: Glitch Girl
  CREATED BY: Marie.E.Antoon@students.Miami.EDU
  POWERS: limited control over eletronics and mechanical devices,
    mostly to make them malfunction, i.e:glitch
  ADD NOTES: sometimes, her powers seem to have a mind of their own
    (and maybe they do...)
  STATUS: alive
  ENEMIES: none...yet

NAME: Grammer Lad
  TYPE: NWC  (Public Domain)
  POWERS:  Corrects grammar.

NAME: Green Trenchcoat
  TYPE: WC 	
  CREATED BY: enubf@csv.warwick.ac.uk
  POWERS: Sort of mystical earth energy. A bit like the wild magic in
	Thomas Covenant in it`s visible manifestations, except green. The
	power derives from the earth, which puts him generally in  
touch with
	nature, allowing for all sorts of handy sensing abilities.
  ADD. NOTES: Green Trenchcoat is a dour and serious sort, as well as
	slightly mysterious- how did he get those powers? What is  
his real
	agenda? No one is quite sure, and he isn`t about to tell.  
He`s also
	annoyingly environmentalist, to the point where anyone  
dropping litter
	in his vicinity will get a very long lecture on the subject,
	to the point of mental incapability. GT was retconned into
	existence during Retcon Hour; how much came with him is unknown.
  STATUS: Alive.
  GROUP AFF.: Legion of Occult Heroes.
  ENEMIES: Lots. The Incorporate Conspiracy are the only ones mentioned
	so far; others may or may not have been retconned into
	existence along with GT.

NAME: Guitar(less) Man
  CREATED BY: Campbell "Sasquatch" March [MARCH_C@kosmos.wcc.govt.nz]
 Complete lack of singing ability.   Complete lack of guitar skills.
 Belief in his amazing singing and guitar skills.   Has the ability  
to drive
 people away with same.
 Can fly, and his costume is armoured.
 Further powers to be revealed.
  STATUS: Presently unafiiliated (Wait for GM #3)
ADD.NOTES: Has low self-confidence, and a tendancy to hit people if  
they start
 making long, virtuous speechs.
APPEARANCE: Tallish, strong, short black hair, blue jumpsuit with a  
 note on the chest, yellow boots, currently no guitar.

NAME: Hamster Man
  CREATED BY: d91-fad@tekn.hj.se
  POWERS:  Is agile.
  ADD.NOTES:  Is cute.

NAME: Hooded Ho9'od Win
  POWERS:   Will pit heroes against each other in an attempt to satiate
                her curiousity of who would win in a battle.
            Doesn't matter where the hero is or what they are  
doing, she can
                conjure them up and make them fight.

NAME: Inacoustic Kid
  TYPE: NWC  (Public Domain)
  POWERS:  Silence flame wars where no one knew that it actually happened

NAME: The Incredible-Man-With-No-Life
  CREATED BY: E. Conti
  POWERS:  Able to exuberate coolness w/out having a social life.

NAME: Incredible Unsleeping Man
  CREATED BY: husty@cathedral.cerc.wvu.wvnet.edu
  POWERS:  Able to not need sleep for long periods of time.
  ADD.NOTES:  Has sidekick-- Insomnia Boy

NAME: Innovative Offense Boy
  TYPE: NWC (Public Domain)
  POWERS:  To be offensive.

NAME: Insomnia Boy (Melvin Boyle)
  TYPE: NWC (Public Domain)
  POWERS:  Awake at all times
  GROUP AFF.: Sidekick to The-Incredible-Unsleeping Man
              Generation Y

NAME: Invisible Incendiary
  CREATED BY: hutch@ibeam.intel.com
  POWERS:  Invisible because I post seldom, incendiary because
           I seem to have this uncontrollable ability to set off  

NAME: Irony Man
  TYPE: NWC  (Public Domain)
  POWERS:  Ability to emit and detect emissions of irony

NAME: Jailbait
  CREATED BY: phipps@chopin.physics.mcgill.ca (Martin Phipps)
  POWERS: The ability to look much older than she really is.
  GROUP AFF.: Generation Y, Gen 14

NAME:  Johnny Stomper
  CREATED BY: fgwn27c@prodigy.com (Josh Geurink)
  TYPE: NWC, but please let me know
  POWERS: None
  ADD.NOTES: Is the nephew of Doctor Stomper, and pilots his uncle's
    50' tall robot (StomperRobo) with the use of a gadget watch and the
    secret command phrase, 'Go, StomperRobo!'

NAME: Kid Anarky
  CREATED BY: 003695S@dragon.acadiau.ca
  POWERS: Uncontrollable-effect chaos powers.  Berzerking Claymore.
  ADD.NOTES:  Unwilling Agent of K.Oss.  Extremely bitter and cynical.
  GROUP AFF.:  Net.Patrol
  ENEMIES:  DeFacto

NAME: Kid Chivalry
  CREATED BY: a_condon@unhh.unh.edu
  POWERS:  Superhuman agility, Short range teleporter(max 20ft),  
clings to
           Psychic persuader, and natural dramatic flair.
  ADD.NOTES:  Sometimes black trenchcoat gets in the way of movement.
              Usually carries two swords w/ him.
              Has smattering of obscure knowledge
              Can perform almost any skill, just not very well.

NAME: Kid Citrus (NWC)
    Real Name: Ronnie Davis
   Created by: Mike Escutia (mre@christa.unh.edu)
       Powers: Can generate and control citrus fruits.
    Reference: Pliable Lad #26-28.
    Group.Aff: LNH
      Enemies: None.
       Status: Alive and available.
        Notes: Partner of Confetti Girl

NAME:  Kid Kirby
  CREATED BY:  ha09+@andrew.cmu.edu
  POWERS:  Can defy the laws of physics by producing unrecognizable and
           ridiculous technology that works.  However, the devices' names
           must make no sense.  He can also distort perspective and
           forshortening for dramatic effect.
  ADD.NOTES:  Is very melodramatic most of the time.
              Must read Kirby comic books (or old Starlin) often or  
he begins
              to speak like a normal person.
  ENEMIES:  YOUNGSTUD THE RAVAGER, the destroyer of proportions.

NAME:  Kid Kiwi (Tad Brandon)
   TYPE:  WC
   CREATED BY:  descrii.aol.com
   POWERS:  Can telepathically communicate with kiwis.  They almost
        always like him and want to be near him.
   ADD.NOTES:  Shy, except in extreme circumstances.  Particularly with
         girls, as he is just beginning to date.
         Usually listens to advice from anyone, and usually follows it.
   GROUP AFF.:  Kid Kiwi's Kommandos
   ENEMIES:  The Kiwi Messiah (the only kiwi who doesn't like him.)

NAME: Kid Macro
  AKA: Douglas Ellis
  CREATED BY: dvandom@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu)
  POWERS: Super-speed, but need to use pre-programmed macros to  
control it,
     his reflexes aren't very superhuman.  In a previous timeline  
he was a
     founding member of the Secret Dvanders subgroup, but hs total  
     from the timeline rearranged history.
  STATUS: Reservist in LNH
  ADD.NOTES: See Constellation #29-31
  GROUP AFF.: Dvandom Force
  RESERVED BY: creator
  ENEMIES: None, but heated practical joke war with Rotanna

NAME: Kid Mysticism
  CREATED BY: ad140@freenet.unbc.edu (Ben Rawluk)
  POWERS: Magical weapons and spells, knowledge about the Arts Arcane.
  ADD.NOTES: Kid Mysticism was originally the Apparition, and remained on
          Earth-LNH while the others Earth-B Heroes left. He is  
unaware of
          the reboot of Earth-B. He also speaks down to people, and tends
          to be distant from most LNHers.
  STATUS: Alive (Well, sorta)
  GROUP AFF.: Net.Titans
  ENEMIES: None at the moment.

NAME: Kid Poetry
  CREATED BY:  ter5424@ritvax.isc.rit.edu
  POWERS:   No super powers.
            Loves to talk in rhymes but isn't good at it.
            Will make up words so it rhymes.
            Sometimes says rhymes alittle fast so other won't understand.
  ADD.NOTES:  Aka Theron Ross, college student @RIT who can't make  
it to class.
              Weapons/equipment includes:
                - a belt filled with tapes and beats for him to say  
rhymes to.
                - "Ghetto Cape" holds speakers, minitape player and  
                - sharp edged mini-CD's that he throws.
                - microphone, with long wire, also makes for a  
decent weapon.
                - pair of headphones, to listen to loud rap music,  
and annoys
                       a lot of people by not always using them.

NAME: Kid Recap
  CREATED BY: Josh Geurink
  POWERS: Ability to recap events that have just taken place.

NAME: The Latcher (Eric Willis)
  CREATED BY: Zach Adams (zqadams@tamu.edu)
  POWERS:  Upon physical contact with an individual, can discern that
  individual's interests, dreams, etc., and instantly obsess over  
that topic
  and engage individual in conversation while not attaining an  
  of the topic deep enough to avoid instantly boring target to  
tears.  Then
  follows the individual around, begging not to be left alone.  Not much
  control over his powers-instantly absorbs *anyone* he touches's  
  and wants.  Not too well-liked due to this fact.  Seems to have a
  particularly strong, permanent bond to Legally-Blind Man, who  
doesn't seem
  to loathe him.
  ADD.NOTE:  Latcher is even younger than LBM, about 16.  Had bad  
family life
  before becoming a hero.  Loud, overweight and not terribly  
  notices his power manifesting, and thus fails to understand why  
he is feared
  and not too well-liked.  A very kind-hearted person, but hard to  
  GROUP AFFIL: Sidekick of Legally-Blind Man
  ENEMIES: The Mainstreamer

NAME: Late-Nite Lad
  TYPE: NWC  (Public Domain)
  POWERS:  Ability to stay awake for ridiculously long streches because
              he goofs off when he should be doing work durring the  
day time.

NAME:  Leftover Lad
  CREATED BY:  Eric Gearman
  POWERS:  Able to use anything leftover for something, if
         not necessarily it's original purpose.  Mostly
         used on food, turning it into quiche, stew, and
  ENEMIES:  Suggestions??

NAME:  Legally-Blind Man (Marc Petersen)
  CREATED BY: Zach Adams (zqadams@tamu.edu)
  POWERS:  To deal with life amazingly well for someone with the  
visual acuity
  of a rhino.  To walk or bicycle long distances in heavy heat,  
because he
  doesn't have much choice.  Extremely sensitive (though not necessarily
  'super sensitive') hearing.  Can attract sympathy, pity or concern from
  those around him by hurting himself, making fun of his disability, or
  failing to see something in plain view (all of these which he  
  does on occasion, but often does without noticing it), and thus  
rally help
  in whatever he's trying to do.  Can tolerate The Latcher for infinite
  periods of time.  Partially immune to superpowers relying heavily  
on visuals
  such as illusions or ugly clothes.  Carries a cane which  
instantly stops all
  vehicular motion in his path.
  ADD.NOTE:  Marc is still fairly young-about 20-and just now  
realizing that
  not all disabled people have these powers of sympathy.  Kind of a  
  a lot about literature, animation, and science fiction, though he  
  have Trivia Power.  Low self-confidence, especially around  
females, whom he
  thinks all loathe his unabashed and unhidden strangeness (which  
he considers
  geekiness).  Really *is* handicapped-suffers from hypoplastic optic
  nerves-though aside from holding printed material too close and thick
  glasses, one wouldn't notice.  Will *never* be able to drive or get
  flight.thingee clearance.  A 'nice guy' but not terribly  
assertive, also a
  comedian...sort of..  Usually morally upstanding, but not above  
using his
  powers to attract attention or make himself look good when compared to
  someone else.  Upon defeating an enemy, will shatter his/her  
glasses (if
  enemy wears them), to 'keep him from causing any more trouble, at  
least for
  ENEMIES: The Mainstreamer

NAME: LetterinG MaN
  TYPE: WC  CREATED BY: cffitzge@iastate.edu
  POWERS:  Ability to change emphasis of any net.speech
           Defeat Bad.guys w/ Large funny-colored words.
  ADD.NOTES:  Correct Mi-T Big Comix SPELLING is LetterinG MaN.
  ENEMIES:  the Norminator

NAME: Leviathan Lass
  TYPE: WC 	
  CREATED BY: enubf@csv.warwick.ac.uk
  POWERS: An otherworldly creature (the Leviathan) donates upon mental
	request a small portion of his power to Leviathan Lass;  
this turns her
	into an eight foot tall, green scaled, horribly beclawed creature
	capable of extreme violence. The Leviathan can also help in other
	ways, but only if it sees fit to do so.
  ADD.NOTES: Leviathan Lass is the sixth in a line of the Leviathan`s
	earthly agents; an ancestor who was being hounded by nasty  
	from the pit made a deal with the Leviathan that promised seven
	generations of her line as servants, in return for the power to
	protect herself. Leviathan Lass found out about this when her
	mother died whilst she ws at university; she was none too
	pleased to find herself working for the Leviathan,  
particularly given
	that lots of really nasty creatures from the pit would be  
happy to
	kill her without a second thought. This has had a tendency  
to make her
	rather bitter and sarcastic.
  STATUS: Alive.
  GROUP AFF.: Legion of Occult Heroes.
  ENEMIES: Lots. Apart from the Incorporate Conspiracy, all of the
	Leviathan`s enemies are her enemies as well, which makes life

LIBRARIAN LADY (Sharon Witherington-Brown)
  CREATED BY: Saxon Brenton
  POWERS: Power to 'gorgonize' (intimidate people into keeping
  quiet by glaring at them at them and going "Shh!")
  ADD NOTES: Stereotypical grim and unforgiving librarian. Speaks
  fluent orang-utan. Elder sister of Footnote Girl
  COSTUME: Tweed skirt, white blouse, glasses, sensible shoes,
  hair in a bun

NAME: Limp-Asparagus Lad (Joshua Daniel Asimov)
  TYPE: WC of u921953@student.canberra.edu.au (Saxon Brenton)
  CREATED BY: wReam and Mongoose
  POWERS: Has the powers of Limp Asparagus, including flexible body
  and drama-dampening field.
  ADD. NOTES: L-A Lad was created as an example of a WC for the FAQ
  but for a long time had no writer.
  STATUS: Alive
  APPEARANCE: Two colour body suit in pale green and olive, with 'LA'
  and an asparagus stalk on his left breast.

NAME: Linguist Lass
  CREATED BY: cxmp@musica.mcgill.ca (Martin Phipps)
  POWERS:  Keen observation and intuition.
  GROUP AFF.: Net.Titans
  ADD.NOTES:  Speaks a few dozen languages fluently.

NAME: List Lad
  CREATED BY: scav@eyrie.stanford.edu
  POWERS:   Keeper of lots of silly lists.
  ADD.NOTES:  Alt.version of Rebel Yell.
              Co-Keeper of the roster of LNH/BNV

NAME: Liquid Tide
  CREATED BY: Mike Friedman (hrivnak@havoc.gtf.gatech.edu)
  POWERS: Simple teleportation (short distances only, about less
  that one mile). Teleportation is done through dimensions of
  Looniverse called "Wash" and "Dry Cycles".
  ADD.NOTES: Caught in a region somewhere in between the "Wash"
  and "Dry Cycles", she can only appear in the Looniverse when
  fully concentrated, and then only seen blurry. She's a blatant
  parody of the Soveriegn Seven's Cascade (except for the fact that
  she's blurry--that comes from that DP7 character), and in fact led
  the Sovran Six at one time (they are now all dead). She is from the
  planet known as Rust.
  STATUS: Alive, member of Los Bastardos, probationary member of
  the LNH through her membership in Los Bastardos.

Name: LNH_Bldr
  Type: NWC
  Created By: ad140@freenet.unbc.edu (Ben Rawluk)
  Powers: Can @dig, @link and @desc rooms and buildings for the LNH.
  Add.Notes: Is the Alt.Ernate Identity of Captain MUSH
  Affiliation: LNH, Net.Titans

NAME:  Loopy, Marcy, and Mojodog
  TYPE: NWC, all three.
  CREATED BY: Abhay, akhosla@umich.edu
  POWERS: None individually for now.
  ADD.NOTES: The three of them together are very good at finding clues, d
solving mysteries and at running away from people.  Consider themselves
as apprentices/students of the LNH at the outset of #1.
  STATUS: Alive, living in LNHQ, but not "true" members of LNH.

NAME:  Lord Vampire
  CREATED BY:  Wayne Parillo
  POWERS:All things vampire, including Dargon's powers from the  
Team Titans.
  ADD.NOTES:  Was encased in crystal for a few millenia and is being
  hunted by Texas Louisiana.  Lord Vampire *does not* drink blood,  
he eats
  STATUS:  Heading to Got.net for the Annual Vegetable Fair.
  APPEARANCE:Dressed in a black tuxedo (with double vest) and a  
black cape.

NAME: Lost-Cause Boy
  CREATED BY: U16244@uicvm
  POWERS:  Ability to get turned onto a series that will be  
           Stick w/ fanboy books that are a shadow of what they were.
  ADD.NOTES:  Believes he single-handedly destroyed New Titans,  
Hawk and Dove
                       and the Superman titles.
  STATUS:  Killed by Spoonsday
  GROUP AFF.:  LNH, Angst Division, Net.Patrol.
  ENEMIES:  Jim Shooter, Tom DeFalco, Bob Harras, and Rob Liefeld.

NAME: Lurking Girl
  CREATED BY: vcf1@cunixa.cc.columbia.edu
  POWERS:  Net.invisibility & desolidification.
           Can focus totality of lurking powers to zap an opponent.
  STATUS: alive, just escaped from fan.dom (reserved by Scav)
  ENEMIES:  Y-Plex Burp, Fan.Dom

NAME: Lurker Lad
  TYPE: NWC  (Public Domain)
  POWERS:  Similiar to Lurking Girl (and you thought I would say  
lass, right?)
  GROUP AFF.: Net.Titans

NAME: Mainstream Man
  TYPE: NWC  (Public Domain)
  POWERS:  Physically unable to buy an independent.

NAME: Marvel Zombie Lad
  CREATED BY: v124jw4y@ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu
  POWERS:  Ability to recall any Marvel plot, no matter how hokey.
           Radiate angst in true Marvel fashion, increased by  
unknown foe.
           Has "The Fire Which Sears Men's Soles". (cosmic hotfoot)
           New powers yet not revealed.
  ADD.NOTES: Charter Member of LNH.
            Started 1st LNH Plotline by summoning all active  
members as a joke.
             Has new black leather costume, motorcycle w/ flaming  
wheels and
                 'M' for a windshield.
  ENEMIES:  Y-Plex Burp, Table (sort of), Comics Snob Boy (argue  
over which
                         are the best comics)

NAME: Master Blaster
  CREATED BY: rr691156@bcm.tmc.edu
  POWERS: likes to socialize with people of the female gender "mac  
daddy vibes"
           Superhuman Strength and Agility (combat expert/master  
           Has anti-magic pills.
  ADD.NOTES:  carries a BIG gun that has 1001 diff. settings.

NAME: Master Roster Man
  CREATED BY v129j6ed@ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu
  POWERs:  To do the roster in the quickest possible time.
  ADD.NOTES:  New Co-Keeper of the Roster of LNH/LNV
              Result of Dr. Stomper's experiment using DNA from  
                     and Late-Nite Man.
              Alt.version of Cliche Dude
  ENEMIES:  Opinionated Lad and Kid Moody for threatening him.

NAME: Moonmaker
  CREATED BY: phipps@chopin.physics.mcgill.ca (Martin Phipps)
  POWERS: Psionic abilities that manifest themselves as a whip.
  GROUP AFF.: Generation Y, Gen 14

NAME: Morgan Le Fab
  CREATED BY: phipps@chopin.physics.mcgill.ca (Martin Phipps)
  POWERS: Superstrength and invulnerability.  (She literally has a  
hard body.)
  GROUP AFF.: Generation Y, Gen 14

NAME:  Mormon Chick
  POWERS:  Martial Arts and "Thigh Glance".  The second power stuns all
  men except:  men who have been married to long, or men who immediately
  have their sexual preference questioned by a homophobic person.
  ADD.NOTES: She is pretty normal; except for her secret power and  
    A good T&A character that will help sell any comic.
  STATUS:  Future Partner of Elf
  APPEARANCE:  Scantily clad (to the point that PAD would blush and the
  Marvel Bullpen would pass out) wearing jean shorts and a itty  
bitty t-shirt.

NAME: Mouse
  CREATED BY: IHIMAERA_J@ix.wcc.govt.nz
  POWERS: Has the ability to subliminally influence people. eg. Can make
  them thirsty for a particular drink, or want to buy something.
  ADD.NOTES: Mouse's powers only work if the person they are being  
used on
  is unaware that she has them. Subliminals only work on people if they
  don't notice them or know about them. Hence, Mouse's secret identity as
  Subliminal Girl is a secret identity.
	Mouse is the sidekick of Writers Block Woman, and is also the
  daughter of WBW and Jonathan Connery.
  ENEMIES: The Appallingly Tasteless Man, King Konquerer.

NAME: Multi-Tasking Man
  CREATED BY: jecoleb@eos.ncsu.edu
  POWERS:  Ability to post to USEnet, read E-Mail, play net trek, and
                      read old Flaming Carrot issues simultaneously

NAME: Myk-El
  CREATED BY: mkelly@lazy.helios.nd.edu
  POWERS: Acquired Superboy-like powers after working at a coloured
             Sun Station
  ADD.NOTES: Betrayed the LNH after having been driven mad by Acton Lord
             Had relative / adversary known as Dev Null
             Is from the planet Qwertian
  STATUS: Dead

NAME: Neon Lad (NWC)
    Real Name:
   Created by: Mike Escutia (mre@christa.unh.edu)
       Powers: Light-generating powers, tho only in neon colors.
    Reference: Pliable Lad #26.
    Group.Aff: LNH; joined along with Kid Citris, Confetti Girl and
               Reverb Boy at the end of the Crisis of Infinite Sidekicks
      Enemies: None.
       Status: Alive and available.

NAME: Netiquette Lad
  TYPE: NWC  (Public Domain)
  POWERS:  Flames any and all who don't adhere strictly to the
              established laws of netiquette.
  GROUP.AFF: Los Bastardos (CREATED BY: hrivnak@havoc.gtf.gatech.edu)

NAME: New Look Lass
  CREATED BY: cffitzge@iastate.edu
  POWERS:  Ability to provide a hero with the _perfect_ costume.
  ADD.NOTES:  Is aLLiterative Lass' best friend.
              Appears in a different costume every time she appears.
  ENEMIES:  None as of yet.

NAME: Nit-Pick Lad
  TYPE: NWC  (Public Domain)
  POWERS:  Point out small errors which are, for the most part,  
                          to the discussion at hand.
  GROUP.AFF: Los Bastardos (CREATED BY: hrivnak@havoc.gtf.gatech.edu)

NAME: Obscure Trivia Lad
  CREATED BY: bxp1628@hertz.njit.edu
  POWERS:  Ability to remember the stupidest bits of trivia on
           virtually any subject (some limitations do apply, but he can
           never seem to remember anything he needs to know.)
  ADD.NOTES:   Has strange urges to talk about himself in the third  
  STATUS:  Resurrected in liquid metal body.

NAME: Occultism Kid
  CREATED BY: FGWN27C@prodigy.com
  POWERS:  Master of knowledge of all things occult.
  ADD.NOTES:  Possesses the Net.ronomicon.

NAME: Old Comics Man
  TYPE: NWC  (Public Domain)
  POWERS:  Able to bring back memories of Golden/Silver Age times.

NAME: Ordinary Lady (Jean Nicieza)
  CREATED BY: cxmp@musica.mcgill.ca (Martin Phipps)
  POWERS:  Photographic Reflexes (tm)

NAME: Organic Lass
  CREATED BY: drayer-rebecca@yale.edu (drayer@minerva.cis.yale.edu)
  POWERS: "Ability to memorize 100's of chemical equations then  
forget them
                   five minutes before/after the exam."
  ADD.NOTES:  Married to Pocket Man

NAME: Out-of-It Lass (Savannah Ramey)
  CREATED BY: Mistlock (mistlock@aol.com)
  POWERS: The ability to focus so intensely on something that she can see
      things about it other wouldn't. Unfortunately the more she focuses,
      the less she can tell about what's going on around her.
  ADD.NOTES: Girl next door type, very nice when you can get her
      attention, as she's not very good at controlling her powers yet.
  STATUS: Alive, LNH Probationary member.
  APPEARANCE: Dark blond hair with misty grey eyes. No cotume as of yet,
      but she'll probably get one eventually.

NAME: Panta
  CREATED BY: hgb@catalina.opt-sci.arizona.edu
  POWERS:  Feline-like powers like Tigra, Feral and Pantha. Very dextrous
  ADD.NOTES:Very sexy, slender body; cute face with cat's features.  
            leopard spotted fur, shading to white on her face, breasts,
            stomach. Black-tipped tail. Wears little more than a  
            Leaves Fanboys panting. Sometimes fights in a Berserker  
            Intelligent, naive, must have things explained to her.
  STATUS: Alive
  GROUP AFF.:  Net.Patrol
  ENEMIES:  Self-Righteous Preacher, Manga Man, Drooling Fanboys.

NAME: Parking Karma Kid
  TYPE: NWC  (Public Domain)
  POWERS:  Always find a parking space, usually right next to the door
           Has ability to park _anything_ including cars, flight  
           and landslides
  ADD.NOTES:  Has a crush on BandWagon Chick
           Is jealous of Hamster Man for BW Chick's attentions toward
           him in Hamster Man's first appearance
           Is best pals with Cheesecake-Eater Lad (see ADD.NOTES
           for C-E Lad for more information)

NAME:  Particle Man
  REAL NAME:  Person Man
  CREATED BY: ha09@andrew.cmu.edu
  POWERS:  Doing the things a particle can.  Calling upon the powers of
  They Might Be Giants.  Always knows the World's Address.
  ADD.NOTES:  Member of the Secret Dvanders.  Has an intelligent blue
              canary named Blue Canary as a companion.
  STATUS: alive
  ENEMIES:  Rabid Child and the Pencil Rain

NAME: Perdition (Paytan )
  CREATED BY: Mistlock (mistlock@aol.com)
  POWERS: Can summon demons, but doesn't mostly, because they can summon
      her too. Complicated. See Misfits #5. Very small magical ability.
  ADD.NOTES: Dirmarw, her sword can posses her in times of need. They can
      communicate mentally. Tends to be a very pessimistic, sarcastic
  STATUS: Alive, LNH Probationary member.
  APPEARANCE: Gaunt looking, brown eyes, ruddy red-brown hair, shoulder

NAME: Pizza Girl
  POWERS: likes pizza
  GROUP AFF.: Generation Y

NAME: Pliable Lad (WC)
    Real Name: Christopher Waid-David
   Created by: Mike Escutia (mre@christa.unh.edu)
  Reserved by: Mike Escutia (mre@christa.unh.edu)
       Powers: Can duplicate the shapeshifting abilities of any  
               ting superhero.
               Possesses strange ability to talk with his supporting cast
               without being heard by others.  (Dialogue appears in  
               theses for this)
    Reference: Pliable Lad #15, #25, #30
    Group.Aff: Former member of Net.Patrol (not mentioned much in series)
      Enemies: Dr. Armaggeddon, Knightforce (both deceased)
               Jestalt (formerly Gestalt Lad), the Master of the Net.
       Status: Alive and Reserved/Unavailable.  Is no longer with LNH.
        Notes: Married to Tour Guide Girl (Jennifer Marie Allbin).  Has
               left the LNH and moved to Seattle, where he plans on  
               as normal a life as possible.

NAME: Plot-Device King
  CREATED BY: ad140@freenet.unbc.edu (Ben Rawluk)
  POWERS: Is as powerful as the plot requires.
  ADD.NOTES: Hangs around Kid Mysticism.
  STATUS: Alive.
  GROUP AFF.: Net.Titans
  ENEMIES: None at the moment.

NAME: Pocket Man
  CREATED BY: saint@goodnet.com (The Saint )
  POWERS:  Can pull anything out of his infinitly spaced pockets.
  ADD.NOTES:  Has everything, but doesn't know which pocket it is in.
              Is Organic Lass' husband.
              Best friends w/ Sarcastic Lad.
  ENEMIES:  CluelessMaster, Dr. Boom(tm) and anyone who messes w/  
Organic Lass
  GROUP AFF.: Saint Squad

NAME: Politically Correct Person
  CREATED BY:  javolk@ndsuvm1.bitnet
  POWERS:  Annoy (much like Annoying Lad, but far more penetrating).
           P.C.Pulse device which alters reality into a deluded  
                     view of how things ought to be.
           Ability to heal ailments by refering to them in their P.C.
                     terminology thereby taking all of the meaning  
out of them.
  ADD.NOTES:  Couldn't take a hint if being handed out on twenty  
dollar bills.
  STATUS:  About to get his butt kicked by everyone who liked  
Lurking Girl in
           her underwear. BTW-I figure her lurking power can get  
her un-P.C.

NAME: Pompous Lad
  TYPE: NWC  (Public Domain)
  POWERS:  Able to alienate even the most literate fellow readers  
with harsh
           harsh critiques, only to to turn around and admit I like
           something schlocky.
  STATUS: In space aboard the Raven

NAME: Procrastination Boy
  TYPE: NWC  (Public Domain)
  POWERS:  Able to avoid doing his project while reading Alt.Comics.LNH.

NAME: Punctuality Lad
  CREATED BY: mikeo@seas.gwu.edu
  POWERS:  Always arrive on time; perfect timing.
  ADD.NOTES:  Procastination Boy's twin brother. (wants attention)
  ENEMIES: Time-zone changer

LNH R - Unlikely Aliens

NAME: Research Lass
  CREATED BY: ad140@freenet.unbc.edu  (Ben Rawluk)
  POWERS: Can research almost any topic.
  ADD.NOTES: Hangs out with Kid Mysticism.
  STATUS: Alive
  GROUP AFF.: Net.Titans
  ENEMIES: None, at the moment.

NAME: Rebel Yell
  CREATED BY: scav@eyrie.stanford.edu
  POWERS:  Possesses the ability to rant and rave about a poor
                characterization of the South and New Orleans in  
                in comics, TV and Movies no one actually cared about
  ADD.NOTES:  Co-Leader of the LNH, currently on leave.

NAME: Renegade Programmer
  CREATED BY: Joshua Dinerstein
  POWERS: is good with computers
  ADD.NOTES: needs food

NAME: Retcon Lad (Joe Forsythe)
  CREATED BY: u921953@student.canberra.edu.au (Saxon Brenton)
  POWERS: Can create retcons, as long as he can fit it into
  continuity, or explain why past continuity is false.
  ADD NOTES: Reluctant net.hero. Inadvertently retconned himself out
  of his home universe into the Looniverse while in a catatonic
  depression. Cousin of Limp-Asparagus Lad.
  STATUS: Alive; Reservist in LNH.
  APPEARANCE: Brown and tan jump-suit, bandana mask; refuses to
  wear spandex.

NAME: Retcon Man
  CREATED BY: Mike Roe
  POWERS: The ability to fix continuity problems, fly, and travel  
through time.
  ADD. NOTES: He has a sidekick name T.O.M. Orrow, who will soon play an
  integral role in his life.
  ENEMIES: Dr. Timeflip. Retcon Man inadvertently created Dr.  
Timeflip in the
  past by making a fool of him when he was young, causing Dr.  
Timeflip's grudge
  against Retcon Man.

NAME: Reverb Boy (NWC)
    Real Name: Gary Markowan
   Created by: Mike Escutia (mre@christa.unh.edu)
       Powers: Can cause existing sound waves to echo back at their  
               and not touch their original target at all.  This  
quite con-
               veniently includes sonic-energy weapons.
    Reference: Pliable Lad #29.
    Group.Aff: LNH; joined along with Kid Citis, Confetti Girl and  
Neon Lad
               at the end of the Crisis of Infinite Sidekicks.
      Enemies: None.
       Status: Alive and available.
        Notes: Brother of Echo Lad; joined the LNH in his memory.
               Used to talk like Echo Lad, but no longer has that  

NAME: Robot Girl
  AKA: Kopikat
  CREATED BY: dvandom@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu
  ADD.NOTES: Also a RoboMAC, Kopikat is affiliated with neither  
side.  She spies
     on both sides and sells the information she finds.  At the  
time of her
     first appearance, she was hunted by both sides, but MACE  
wanted her more
     dead than the Guardians did.  Seeing the chance to get away  
from both
     sides for a while, she sneaked out with Acton Lord.  Her  
alternate form is
     a large robotic cat, but the combination of size-change and hologram
     systems allows her to mimic many more forms.  However, her combat
     abilities are severely curtailed out of her base two forms.   
As an LNHer,
     she maintains that her power is to become a robot (which is  
her true form)
     and doesn't show her shapeshifting power otherwise.
  GROUP AFF.: Dvandom Force
  RESERVED BY: creator
  STATUS: Reservist in LNH
  ENEMIES: MACE, whoever she last pissed off

NAME: Rotanna
  CREATED BY: dvandom@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu
  STATUS: Reservist in LNH
  POWERS: Magickal powers that can do just about anything she can  
imagine, but
     which require incantations in Rot-13 cypher (A<->N, B<->O,  
etc) to work.
     Doesn't always think through consequences of spells.
  ADD.NOTES: See Constellation #31-34
  GROUP AFF.: Dvandom Force
  RESERVED BY: creator
  ENEMIES: Schwa Khan (currently brain-dead)

NAME: Search Lass (NWC)
    Real Name: Courtney Allbin
   Created by: Mike Escutia (mre@christa.unh.edu)
       Powers: Telelocation (can locate anyone and anything within  
a certain
               radius psionically).
    Group.Aff: Former assistant/partner to Roger Rescue.
      Enemies: None yet.
       Status: ?
        Notes: Sister of Tour Guide Girl.  Stayed with LNH when  
Roger left.
               Joined the LNH in Pliable Lad #18.

NAME: Sarcastic Lad
  CREATED BY: saint@ctron.com
  POWERS:  Retort stupid/inane postings in a sarcastic manner.
           Micro-scrutinize any situation.
           Unlimited knowledge of Trivia and comic info.
  ADD.NOTES:  Sidekick is Flatulence Lad.
              Powers used against marketing ploys and schemes
  GROUP AFF.: Saint Squad

NAME: Sardonic Boy
  TYPE: NWC  (Public Domain)
  POWERS:  Float above rush hour traffic with my flight ring and  
make snide
  STATUS: In space aboard the Raven

NAME: Self-Righteous Preacher
  POWERS:  To wipe clean profanity and pornography from the net
           Able to suck as much money out of a person as humanly possible
  ENEMIES:  Net.Patrol

NAME: Shokk, the Electric
  CREATED BY: eao102@psuvm.psu.edu
  ADD.NOTES:  Try and make it to old age without any electrifying  
              In college, working for his degree in electrical  
              Starting to regret this in his final semester of college.
  GROUP AFF.:  His indispensable partner, Insulation Man!  LNH
  ENEMIES:  Any villain that discharges electrical energy.

NAME: Sidewinder
  CREATED BY: mamcconnell@happy.uccs.edu
  POWERS:  Start off by blasting my way into a topic, but  
eventually wind up
              on the sidelines.
  ADD.NOTES:  Acton Lord posed as him for awhile while being held  
  GROUP AFF.: Dvandom Force
  STATUS: Off in the sidelines somewhere

NAME: Sig.File Man
  Type: NWC
  CREATED BY: v129j6ed@ubvms.cc.buffalo.e
  POWERS: Create large sig files out of thin air.
  ADD.NOTES: former member of the Tantalizing Teens

NAME: Sig.Lad (Richard Franklins)
  CREATED BY dvandom@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu
  POWERS:  Ability to mutate at will and take on any abilities whatsoever
                provided they are based on some oun with the word "sig".
           Extent of abilities varied with the quality of the pun.
  ADD.NOTES:  Had red domino mask.
              Wore Gauntlet of Gif
              Son of Mr. Thingy and The !Visible Woman of the  
Net.tastic Nine.
  GROUP AFF.: Dvandom Force
  STATUS: Dead
  RESERVED BY: creator
  ENEMIES:  Acton Lord

NAME: Sing-Along Lass
  POWERS:  sing-along until she is shut up.

NAME: Sister State-The-Obvious (wReanna)
  POWERS:  Able to point out which everyone else has known.
  ADD.NOTES: Is a redhead

NAME: Special Bonding Boy
  POWERS:  The ability to create "special bonding moments".
           Empathic/Semi Telepathic, likes to sing.

NAME: Spellfire
  CREATED BY: ad140@freenet.unbc.edu (Ben Rawluk)
  POWERS: Arcane awareness, intangiblity, and partial invisiblity.
  ADD.NOTES: Is Kid Mysticism's Astral guide.
  STATUS: Astral.
  ENEMIES: None.

NAME: Spelling Boy
  TYPE: NWC  (Public Domain)
  POWERS:  Draws his powers from the misspellings of others.
  ADD.NOTES:  Tends to annoy people w/ his power

NAME: Spite Grrrl
  CREATED BY: Mike Friedman (hrivnak@havoc.gtf.gatech.edu)
  POWERS: Unbelievable resistance to any physical injury (you
  might say "nigh-invulnerable")
  ADD.NOTES: Gets peeved easily, always wants her way. She
  carries big guns and likes destruction.
  STATUS: Alive, member of Los Bastardos
  ENEMIES: Happy Pig Boy

NAME: Squeaky Clean (Eugene Clean)
  TYPE: NWC (Public Domain)
  GROUP AFF.: Sidekick to Captain Cleanup; Generation Y

NAME: Squidman
  CREATED BY: David Goldfarb
  POWERS: None
  ADD.NOTES: Carries various weapons (Squid-o-rang, etc.) in his utility
             belt.  Has secret identity Squidboy.
  GROUP AFF.: Dvandom Force
  RESERVED BY: dvandom@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu
  STATUS: Reservist in LNH

NAME: Steak-and-Potatoes Man
  TYPE: NWC (Public Domain)
  CREATED BY: uplink (uplink@unomaha.edu)
  DESCRIPTION:The classic all-American hero, seems to be one of  
those upright
  overmuscled boy scouts from the Golden Age of comics.
  POWERS:Super strength, invulnerability, flight, and the ability to make
  ANY kind of food, as long as it's considered "American".
  ADD.NOTES: Formally the All-American

NAME: Substitute Lad
  CREATED BY: rogersr@kenyon.edu
  FIRST APPEARANCE: Easily-Discovered Man #5
  POWERS: To be revealed in Easily-Discovered Man #7
  ADD.NOTES: A self-effacing, retiring fellow, Substitute Lad would like
  you to know he enjoys Baroque music and drinks Dewar's Black  
  mind, they're not paying me enough to do this...

NAME: Super Apathy Lad
  CREATED BY: ag392@yfn.ysu.edu
  POWERS:  Exudes an overwhelming sense of 'not-caring' to all those
                  who comes in physical contact with him.
  ADD.NOTES:  Olympic Class Sleeper: upto 48 hours at a time.
              Tries his best to utterly destroy the Eng. Lang. via  
                    and acronyms.

NAME:  Telepathetic Lass (Jynx Danziger)
   CREATED BY: descrii.aol.com
   POWERS:  With an effort, can project a telepathetic aura, in  
which every
         living creature (including herself) becomes pathetic.  She  
hates to
         use it, because she hates being pathetic.
   ADD.NOTES:  A raging feminist, with the attitude to make up for a lack
         of formal combat training, usually.
   GROUP AFF.:  Kid Kiwi's Kommandos
   ENEMIES:  Oh, plenty to come, but the Kiwi Messiah at the  
moment.  She's
         young yet.

NAME:  Texas Louisiana
  CREATED BY:  Wayne Parillo
  POWERS:  To be quite honest he has none, except his Ego Gun (tm).
  ADD.NOTES: TL (his nickname) has the ego of two states.  As a matter of
  fact TL thinks the two states where named after him.  This is probably
  quite good since his Ego Gun is powered by the ego of the wielder.
  EGO GUN: when fired damages the ego of the target to such a point that
  they no longer fight.
  STATUS:  Searching for Vampire Lord.  TL's partner is Clown.
  APPEARANCE:  Dressed like your average everyday cliche biker.   
Rides his
  "Hog" which is held together by bubblegum and bailing wire.   
Wears a worn
  out 3rd generation overcoat.

NAME: Theory Man
  POWERS:  Whenever he comes up with a theory, it doesn't work

NAME: Time-Waster Lad
  CREATED BY: rhr9081@hertz.njit.edu
  POWERS:  Turn what was supposed to be a mere check of my e-mail into
                   hours of time wasted reading this and other newsgroups

NAME: Token Girl
  CREATED BY: tara@uxa.cso.uiuc.edu
  POWERS:  Ability to attract wierdos.
           Knowledgable about oddest most obscure things in anime  
in general.
  ADD.NOTES:  Clueless, but has snappy comebacks.
             Be sleepless for three days and consume alot of alcohol.
              Wants to learn as much obscure trivia as possible.
           Never waivers from her dedication to fanfic and chocolate.
  STATUS:  Clueless
  ENEMIES:  Art history teachers everywhere.

NAME: Trivia King
  TYPE: NWC  (Public Domain)
  POWERS:  VERY similar to Marvel Zombie Lad, except it includes DC.

NAME: Trivia Master
  POWERS:  Has type of cosmic awareness enabling him to know stupid  
  STATUS: Believed dead by the LNH; alive and going by the name
          Crossword Master

NAME: Trux
  CREATED BY: Mike Friedman (hrivnak@havoc.gtf.gatech.edu)
  POWERS: Telepathic communication, if he feels like it. He
  can also walk, talk, move, etc. which is a bit odd for a
  toy raccoon. He can also regenerate if torn apart.
  ADD.NOTES: He's cute. He's a stuffed toy raccoon.
  STATUS: Alive? Can toy raccoons be considered "alive"?
  Also, he's the leader of Los Bastardos.
  ENEMIES: Happy Pig Boy

NAME: Typo Lad
  CREATED BY: scav@eyrie.stanford.edu
  POWERS:  Abble too mke thee mos amzing tyypos in alll off hiz  
  GROUP AFF.: Generation Y

NAME: Useless-Background-Character Lad
  CREATED BY:ghost@ui.org
  POWERS: Ability to blend, unnoticed by everyone, into the
          background of a scene.  During periods of extreme pathos,
          he may assume the form of a frustrated artist, writer,
          or political figure.
  ADD.NOTES: May appear in multiple forms in the same scene,
             but as he goes unnoticed by everyone, this is unimportant.
  STATUS: ever-present but never seen.
  GROUP AFF.: He is the 11% undecided you always hear in political polls.
  ENEMIES:  Plot-lines that recklessly injure innocent bystanders.

NAME: Ultimate Ninja
  CREATED BY: sl859@cc.usu.edu
  POWERS:  Draws upon powers he saw to martial arts films.
          If he has seen it, then he can do it, but more exaggerated.
          Ginsu Katana Blade and Ninja Bush are favorite weapons.
  ADD.NOTES:  Embodiment of misconception of the Oriental arts.
              Identity : BandWagon Boy (only Typo and CheeseCake  
Eater Lad
              Created after wReam watched too many Ninja/Karate films.
  STATUS:  Leader of the LNH
  ENEMIES:  Acton Lord, Spelling Boy, Table

NAME: Ultraguy
  CREATED BY: Mike Roe
  POWERS: Flight, superstrength, tactile telekinesis, heat vision, x-ray
  vision, superspeed (faster than sound, not as fast as light), ice  
  ADD.NOTES: Moves faster than the speed of light, may eventually  
become part
  of the force where all supers get their powers from.
  ENEMIES: All evildoers. Archvillain: Lex Loser

  CREATED BY: sl859@cc.usu.edu
  ADD.NOTES: was Onomato-Puweeta Person until she used the Rung of Revamp
  in Jungle Cheesecake (specifically in UN #9)

NAME: Weirdness Girl (Brittany Reeves)
  CREATED BY: Misltock (mistlock@aol.com)
  POWERS: Tiny coincidences, and really minor strange things happen
     around her occasionally, but not much. Otherwise, none.
  ADD.NOTES: Weapons are a pair of plush fish filled w/rocks. For all
     intents and purposes, a pair of colorful, fuzzy, blackjacks.
             She owns a pet goldfish/cosmic power by the name of Binky.
             She's a very cheerful, weird person.
  STATUS: Alive, available.
  APPEARANCE: Costume is a black bodysuit with red sparkles, shiny red
     wrist braces and shinguards, and a brilliant orange trenchcoat. Shoe
     type varies, but tends to be a pair of ratty white sneakers with
     fish doodled all over them in pen.

NAME: Video Victor
  CREATED BY: kinsman@jupiter.sun.csd.unb.ca
  POWERS:  Conforms to the reality of the video game universe.
           Other abilities: power-ups, 1up usage, finds warpzones and
           Has access to hardware and resources of miscellaneous games.
  ADD.NOTES:  Refugee from Video MultiVerse, and hybrid of  
human/video game
              Has uncle as a mentor to help w/ the real world problems.
  ENEMIES: Cheese-X and the Force of Doh
  STATUS: Returned to Video Multiverse in "Video Tron" but came back in
          DoomMonger #2

NAME: Vigilante Guy
  CREATED BY: pmilan@fscvax.fsu.edu
  ADD.NOTES: Carries a lot of guns
  GROUP AFFILIATION: Partner of Decibel Dude

NAME: Vulcana
  CREATED BY: pwright@unixg.ubc.ca
  POWERS: flies, fires "black fire" force beams
          generates a shield of "varying strength"
          has acute hearing
  ADD.NOTES: has long black hair, 12 foot wingspan, talons and  
"wing knives"
             wears face mask and cloak made of feathers
             her eyes are pupilless and change colour according to  
her mood

NAME: wReamHack
  CREATED BY: sl859@cc.usu.edu
  POWERS:  Good at fiddling w/ computer systems.
  ADD.NOTES:  Curiousity usually gets the better of him.
              Formerly RosterwReam

NAME: Writers Block Woman
  CREATED BY: IHIMAERA_J@ix.wcc.govt.nz
  POWERS: Flight, also the power of Writers Block. Will confuse anyone
within range and leave them standing around wondering what to do, also
leaves them vulnerable to suggestions.
  ADD.NOTES: Real name is Alys Simons, was married and is now  
divorced from
Jonathan Connery.
           IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Writers Block Womans power's are very
strong, but they also backfire in that she is affected by them as well,
leaving her confused and often 'ditzy'.
  ENEMIES: King Konquerer, her ex-husband Jonathan Connery.

  Swordmaster and The Load Island Renegades

  CREATED BY: The Badger (mr.9767@acc.rwu.edu)
  POWERS: CAW is a battlebot. He has the latest in US military technology
  at his disposal. He's nine feet tall, yellow, with a large beak and
  a mesh upraised net on his head.
  ADD NOTES: CAW was created by James Semaj for the Government, but  
his son
  Jimmy accidentally played the entire taped record of all Turkey  
  episodes into him. He thinks he's Crow T. Robot, and that  
Swordmaster is Joel.
  Constantly says "You're not my real father!" and "I want to decide who
  lives and who dies!" Watch MST3K for clues on how he acts.

NAME: Digressor, The (Geoff Geoffrey)
  CREATED BY: The Badger (mr.9767@acc.rwu.edu)
  POWERS: Can halt any action, from gang fight to sexual liasons to  
  exercises, by launching on a long, rambling monologue.
  No one can defeat that.

NAME: The Squeaky Flying Rodent
  CREATED BY: The Badger (mr.9767@acc.rwu.edu)
  POWERS: None. He dresses like a bat and gets the snot repeatedly  
beaten out
  of him.
  ADD NOTES: Nobody knows who he is, and nobody cares.

NAME: Swordmaster (David Divad)
  CREATED BY: The Badger (Mr.9767@acc.rwu.edu)
  POWERS: Swordmaster has three mutant powers. First, he has superhuman
  strength, agility and taste. (Yes, taste. He doesn't talk about it.)
  Second, He is always the best Swordsman in the room, and if somebody
  better enters, he becomes just slightly better than him. He knows
  all forms of bladed duelling, from iajaitsu to Lacedaemonian Creshta.
  Thirdly, he can make swords out of electromagnetic energy (Light, radio
  waves, electricity) that look like normal swords of any type he  
wants, but
  act both as solid and as the energy they are composed of.
  ADD NOTES: David's dad, a loser who hung out at a bar called  
  was so obsessed with the idea of getting superpowers that he drank 17
  secret super power formulas, bathed himself in 114 different  
exotic forms
  of energy, and allowed himself to be bitten by every kind of animal he
  could find. None of it worked, but David was born a mutant anyway.
  His dad pressures him into fighting crime (He wants to be a writer for
  Fencing magazines) He has a low threshold for absurdity, and  
attracts it.
  Picture Madmartigan from Willow crossed with Az-Bats, and you'd  
be close.

NAME: The Whip
  CREATED BY: The Badger
  POWERS: She's real good with a whip, and foolishly brave.
  ADD.NOTES: Recent member of Load Island Renegades (In fact, joined
  just in time for the team to break up!) Her name is Jessica Balent.
  STATUS: Alive (For now)

NAME: Warbabe
  CREATED BY: The Badger
  POWERS: Exceptionally strong, carries a lot of weapons, likes to kill
  or maim evil as much as she can, encyclopedic memory of bad seventies
  and eighties bands.
  ADD. NOTES: Another recent member of Load Island Renegades. Real  
name Unknown.
  STATUS: Alive and Considered Dangerous
  ENEMIES: Define "Enemy"


NAME: Argonaut.   Also: Jason Felk
  CREATED BY: The Mystic Mongoose (rwa@gandalf.baylor.edu)
  POWERS: Argonaut can cause any object to float on water,  
including himself.
  His stength doubles or triples when he's wet.
  ADD.NOTES: Argonaut wears a Grecian costume, complete with armor  
and a helmet.
  STATUS: Alive
  GROUP: U-Force. Currently serving in LNH.

NAME: Bristle.   Also: Marcie Johnson
  CREATED BY: The Mystic Mongoose (rwa@gandalf.baylor.edu)
  POWERS: Bristle can create and control psychoethereal 'spikes'.
  ADD.NOTES: Bristle is also a limited telekinetic, but principally  
uses her
  'spikes', which are easy for her to control. She's middle-aged.
  STATUS: Alive
  GROUP: U-Force. Currently serving in LNH.

NAME: Hardcore.   Also: Habibah Rollins
  CREATED BY: The Mystic Mongoose (rwa@gandalf.baylor.edu)
  POWERS: A lot like Colossus's.
  ADD.NOTES: Entire body is interwoven with adam.net.ium. She's  
able to control
  the hardness from regular flesh to nigh-impenetrable. Her long  
hair can also
  become super-hard.
  STATUS: Alive
  GROUP: U-Force. Currently serving in LNH.

NAME: Nightbeast.   Also:  Elijah, Alhi-ja 'ek Rathani
  CREATED BY: The Mystic Mongoose (rwa@gandalf.baylor.edu)
  POWERS: Fast healing, enhanced senses, expertise in combat.
  ADD.NOTES: Nightbeast, a 3'10' Raccoonoid, is the product of genetic
  engineering. He is usually well armed with custom-made weapons,  
which his
  not-quite-opposable thumbs require.
  STATUS: Alive.
  GROUP: U-Force (leader). Currently serving in LNH.
  ENEMIES: Dr. SidRich McLayn. Many of SidRich's henchmen.

NAME: Optik.   Also:Derrick Kane, Splitscreen, Nearsighted Boy.
  CREATED BY: The Mystic Mongoose (rwa@gandalf.baylor.edu)
  POWERS: Various different controls over the optic nerves of  
himself or others.
  ADD.NOTES: Optik's legs are almost totally paralyzed as a result  
of a fight.
  He has to wear a exosuit/flight.thingee to get around.
  STATUS: Alive.
  GROUP: U-Force. Currently serving in LNH.

NAME: Tourniquet.   Also: Jennifer Phan
  CREATED BY: The Mystic Mongoose (rwa@gandalf.baylor.edu)
  POWERS: Affect the physiological workings of others and herself.
  ADD.NOTES: Tourniquet's healing powers, which are both mutant and  
mystical in
  nature, are limited to what she has medical knowledge of.
  STATUS: Alive
  GROUP: U-Force. Currently serving in LNH.

  Unlikely Aliens

NAME: Hybrid
  CREATED BY: Scott Johnson 
  POWERS: Strong and durable
        Chitinous armor on forearms, shins, and back
        Short-term flight, via beetle wings
        Reprogramming reality (Takes time, increasing with the  
complexity of
        the reprogramming, currently limited to simple, generic objects)
  ADD.NOTES: Anthropomorphic Tiger/Beetle Crossbreed
           Total pacifist (Will not prevent others from using  
violence, but
           will never willingly hurt another being of any kind)
           Synthevore (Eats only synthetically created food)
  STATUS: Alive

NAME: Zagyg Ygraine
  CREATED BY: Scott Johnson 
  POWERS: Spellsinger (Creates magical effects through music. The  
more of a tune
  there is to the music, the more powerful the effect, and the more  
  words, the more controlled it is.)
        Skilled fencer
  ADD.NOTES: Charismatic, chivalrous, and flamboyant
           Has wisecracking raven familiar, Skyrunner
  STATUS: Alive

NAME: Ur-Grue
  CREATED BY: Scott Johnson 
  POWERS: Magic, in the style of old Infocom games.  Currently  
limited to minor
  spells (Frotz, Filfre, Rezrov, etc.)
        Darkness generation and control
        Line-of-sight teleportation through shadows
        Extremely sharp claws
  ADD.NOTES: Extremely vulnerable to light.  Even a flashlight can  
cause severe
  burns, if not dampened by the darkness he generates.
           Cultured, intelligent, and ruthless.  Under other  
  might have become a villain.  Impatient with "morality" enforced  
by the other
           Seeks vengeance on an organization known as The  
Visionaries for the
  destruction of his home worlds
  STATUS: Alive
  ENEMIES: The Visionaries

NAME: Wyrd
  CREATED BY: Scott Johnson 
  POWERS: Armbands capable of generating spheres of various sorts  
of energy.
  She is currently unsure of the armbands' limits or exactly how  
they work.
        Plaid Spheres: Armbands can generate plaid spheres of  
energy that have
  completely random effects.  Rarely used.
  ADD.NOTES: From a future, cyberpunk world.
           Somewhat amoral, though not to the extent of Ur-Grue
           Skilled at breaking and entering, acrobatics, and self-defense
  STATUS: Alive

NAME: Pack Rat
  CREATED BY: Scott Johnson 
  POWERS: Able to scavenge from any situation extremely well
        Wears power armor w/various gadgets attached to the outside
        Has scavenged a wide variety of equipment, but most of it  
is in poor
  ADD.NOTES: Has never been seen without his armor
           Has a knack for accidentally offending people
  STATUS: Alive

Independents and Wild Cards (Single)

  Ana Ng (NWC; CREATED BY: asjes1@acad2.alaska.edu)
  Animaniac (NWC; CREATED BY: rwa@gandalf.baylor.edu)
  August One (WC; mentor of Occultism Kid)
  Allusion Lad (alt.version of Rebel Yell)
  Ayre Headed (Lt.), Net.ropolis Police (CREATED BY Gary)
  Bart Sears (NWC; LNH receptionist from midnight to 6:00 AM)
  California Girl (NWC; California Kid's date for the Valentine's Ball)
  Canadian Spelling Guy (NWC; CREATED BY: barnejd@wkuvx1.wku.edu)
  Captain Continuity (NWC; divergent future version of Continuity Champ)
  Charlie Risk, The Living Decoy (NWC; CREATED BY: SCAVENGER)
  Colourblind Kid (NWC; Philip Martin, sidekick of Myopia Man)
  Constellation (NWC; former partner of Sig.Lad)
  Crystal (NWC; the original receptionist; Captain Cleanup's sister :I)
  The Drizzt (WC; CREATED BY: barnejd@wkuvx1.wku.edu)
  Dr. Bad-Bedside-Manner (Decibel Dude's personal physician)
  Dr. Deranged (NWC; CREATED BY: barnejd@wkuvx1.wku.edu)
  Dr. Surreal (see Surreal Tales by U_GEARMAN@MV800.ENGR.SCAROLINA.EDU)
  Dvandom Stranger (NWC; CREATED BY: dvandom@magnus.acs.ohio-state-edu)
  Easy-Going Lad (NWC; sidekick to Doctor Surreal)
  Elf Lord (NWC; Ally of Elf)
  Ergh (Mike Escutia)
  Explosion Boy (CREATED BY: mre@christa.unh.edu)
  Footnote Girl (NWC, CREATED BY as756@yfn.ysu.edu)
  Fred (NWC; LNH receptionist from noon to 6:00 PM)
  Freon (NWC; mentor to Cheezarr)
  Gestalt Lad (alternate timeline version of the villain Jestalt)
  Hans Von Hamster, the Enemy Acne (NWC; WWI German pilot, CREATED  
  Halls Jordan (NWC; sometimes partner of Cliche Dude)
  Hmmmmmm Man (Sidekick of Rambunctious Man)
  Innocent Bystander (NWC; Stephanie Sorority, Suzy's sister)
  Jonathan Conneley (Ex-Husband of Writer's Block Woman and father  
of Mouse)
  Judy (wife and secretary of Limburger Lad)
  Julie Lee (NWC; former love interest of Deja Dude; current love
interest of Philip Martin, the Colourblind Kid)
  Kid Camouflage (CREATED BY: mre@christa.unh.edu)
  Kid Chaos (WC of netop3.harvard.edu (Mitchell J. Gross))
  Kid Unknown (NWC; CREATED BY: mre@christa.unh.edu)
  Kyoko Ishikawa (NWC; LNH receptionist from 6:00 PM to midnight)
  Lester O'Brien (NWC; LNH receptionist from 6:00 AM to noon)
  Letterspage Man (NWC, CREATED BY as756@yfn.ysu.edu)
  Lovell Cruller (Det. Sgt.), Net.ropolis Police (CREATED BY Gary)
  Marshmellow Lass (Marsha Burgenstock, CREATED BY: thad@sans.vuw.ac.nz)
  Master Frothing-at-the-Mouth Lad
  Mona (NWC; CREATED BY: lucke@cs.UND.NoDak.edu)
  Musical Lass (NWC; Sing-Along Lass' sister; CREATED BY: uplink)
  Myopia Man (NWC; CREATED BY: cxmp@musica.mcgill.ca)
  Nearsighted Boy (not to be confused with Nearsighted _Lad_; WC of
Mystic Mongoose)
  Opinionated Lad (WC; CREATED BY: uplink)
  Patty O'Furniture (Sgt.), Net.ropolis Police (CREATED BY Gary)
  Phantom Walker (WC; created by enright_j@ix.wcc.govt.nz)
  Plot King (alt.version of Rebel Yell)
  Punch (detective; see C.H.E.E.E.Z. Corps)
  The Queen Bee (NWC; created by enright_j@ix.wcc.govt.nz)
  Quote King (CREATED and RESERVED by mre@hopper.unh.edu)
  Rambunctious Man (WC of Keith Irwin )
  Roger Rescue (Roger Van Darne; former partner of Search Lass)
  Samantha Spoon (Love interest of Decibel Dude)
  Serendipity ("Pity") Jones (NWC, CREATED BY Jaelle)
  Splashpage (NWC, CREATED BY as756@yfn.ysu.edu)
  Subplot Lad (NWC, CREATED BY as756@yfn.ysu.edu)
  Jack Serious (NWC; Sidekick to Decibel Dude and Vigilantee Guy)
  Slobberring Grue (WC of arthur-rvelks@...)
  Social-Chameleon Boy (WC of erampson@ux4.cso.uiuc.edu)
  The Spectrum (Jennifer Wearner, NWC of GerrisStar@aol.com)
  Stalker (NWC; CREATED BY: Tick)
  Strider (NWC; CREATED BY: barnejd@wkuvx1.wku.edu)
  Suzy Sorority (Frat Boy's date for the Valentine's Ball in LNHTP#3)
  Tour Guide Girl (Jennifer Marie Allbin, wife of Pliable Lad)
  Trademark Lass (NWC; partner of Copyright Kid)
  Trixi Truelove (NWC; love interest of LetterinG MaN)
  Unknowing Soldier (NWC; mystery WWII soldier, CREATED BY: JJMcC)

Independents and Wild Cards (Teams)

  THE ALT.TER.NET.TIVES (CREATED BY: Marie.E.Antoon@students.Miami.EDU)
    Captain Caffeine - Albert James.  Hyper-speed, hyper-reflexes, and
hyper-activity. Powers gained by drinking Jolt Cola or Mountain Dew.
(always carries several cans with him)
    Distraction Dude - Anthony "Tony" Andrews.  Causes  
distractions, either by
creating them, or becoming one
    Mr. Matinee - Carl Harris.  Can do anything he's ever seen in a movie
(appropriate props appear as needed), as long as he doesn't think about
it too much.
    Sim-Sorceress (a.k.a SSI-Lock) - Jo McKay Powers of a computer-game
magic-user: can cast some spells, regenerates while resting, etc.

 C.H.E.E.E.Z. Corps (CREATED BY: lucke@cs.UND.NoDak.edu)
    Cheeez Wiz (Benny)
    Green Cheeezarr
    Kid Cheeezarr

  Drizzt's Defenders (CREATED BY: barnejd@WKUVX1.WKU.EDU)
    Continuity Champ
    Crossword Master
    Obscure Trivia Lad

  The Eldritch Alliance (CREATED BY: ad140@freenet.unbc.edu)
    Feelinks Flawed
    The Gatherer

  Colonel Nick Furry and His Agents of S.C.O.R.E. (Supreme Command
    of Retrograde Eavesdroppers)  (CREATED BY: barnejd@WKUVX1.WKU.EDU)

  Sargeant Nick Furry and the Scowling Commandos of Cheesey Company
   (CREATED BY:  jmccoske@sedona.intel.com)
   Corporal Kubert (he of the inconvenient realism)
   PFC Severin (mute master of improbable mechanics)
   Jacques Ishy-Cr'em, the French Fryar (big pious Frenchman with  
tons of gear)
   Sasha "Mamushka" Lowenstein (secretly a Bronx mother)
   Private Spandexski (smartmouth w/ motto 'don't ask don't tell')

  The Good Guys (tm)  (CREATED BY: phipps@chopin.physics.mcgill.ca)
    Conventional Woman (Bonnie Nicieza, teleporter)
    Generic Man (Aaron Andrews, telekinetic)
    June Lee
    Mediocre Man (Frank Nicieza, telepath)
    Regular Dude (Hank Nicieza, strong guy)
    Typical Dude (Sean Nicieza, speedster)

  InterKnights (CREATED BY: Rob Rogers)
    Belle of Rights
    Cynical Lass
    Excitable Boy
    Obsequious Lad

  Intangable Legion (CREATED BY: dhenry@plains.nodak.edu)
    Better-Off-Dead Guy
    Fading Dan
    Impossible Gal
    Just-A-Minute Lass
    OneTime Wonder
    Rarely-Heard-of Boy (formerly Never-Heard-Of-Before Boy ... but
  now we've heard of him, see?)
    (NOTE: see also Figment Lad and Useless-Background-Character Boy)

  Kiwis (in groups of 11 or less, CREATED BY:  descrii@aol.com)
    TYPE:  NWC (Public Domain)
    POWERS:  None, or varied (after all, these are looniverse  
kiwis) but no
    superpowers.  No more teeth either.  That's a one time thing.
    ADD.NOTES:  Not viscious.  Phil and all other named kiwis are not
    public domain.  This includes the Kiwi Messiah, obviously, who is a 
    villain.  Kiwis must at least start in LNHHQ, as migrations are  
    much over.

  L.E.G.I.O.N.  (CREATED BY: kogutt@uscu.colorado.edu)
    Brill Box (Leader)

  Legion of Substitute Net.Heroes  (CREATED BY: BARNEJD@WKUVX1.WKU.EDU)
    Crossover Cop (Jerinx Krul)
    Kid Yesterdaze
    Silent Knight

  Newbie Syndicate of Earth-September (CREATED BY: dvandom@magnus...)
    BBS Lad
    Clueless Kid
    Kid September
    Me Too Lass

  P.U.L.P.  (CREATED BY: jmccoske@sedona.intel.com)
    Dr. Daniel "Sinful" Amick-Tention (World's Leading Authority on  
    Emmanual Emmanuel "Transmission" Kwerks ("Don't call me Manny . . .")
    Helen Weils
    Nick Naime, Agent of P.U.L.P. AKA Master of Minutiae AKA Man of  
    Sing-Song "Six-Yen" ("Confooshus say . . .")

  R.E.J.E.C.T.s '95 (CREATED BY: umgumpri@cc.UManitoba.Ca)
    Mister Melodrama
    Retcon Boy
    Ugly Girl
  ADD.NOTES: In R.E.J.E.C.T.s '95 #1, the R.E.J.E.C.T.s encountered
    Omnipotent Man who appears to be a villain.

  R-Men (CREATED BY: Christopher J. Sypal, csypal@cwis.unomaha.edu)
    Random Man
    Vari (Deceased)

  The Sidekick Squad (CREATED BY: pmilan@fscvax.fsc.mass.edu)
  A.K.A.: The Fabulous Four, The Drinkin' Buddies, Moist Lass and  
her Beef-
          cake Groupies
     Kid Shakespeare
     Moist Lass
     Unperceptive Lad
     Stink Boy

  Society of Wireless Heroes (Earth-Goon) (CREATED BY:
    Due to Per Annum's manipulation of the time stream, an  
alternate reality
  emerged where the SWH was the premier (in fact only) net.hero  
group in the
  world.  Based on characters from the radio show, The Goon Show.   
    Atom Jim - Master of catchphrases
    Black Minnie - Sinful gyrations and designated hostage
    Blue Bottle - And he shall share his jolly mixtures with  
naughty evil....
    Dustbinman - DustGun, general stupidity, connections
    Fortnightman - Ability to hide from his own side for 2 weeks at  
a time
    Max Mercuray - Half man, half harmonica...fastest bandleader in  
the world
    Mr. Macro - World's fastest (and largest) reader of prepared  
    Neddie Thunderbox - Controller of the magic Thunderbox
    WildCrun - More sinful gyrations and modern-type melodies, buddy!

  The Spooky Tank (CREATED BY:  jmccoske@sedona.intel.com)
    Sargeant T.C.
    "Gunner" Gunnison
    "Loader" Loadison
    "Driver" Drivison
    Spooky the Tuff L'il Ghost (with apologies)

  Team Clooless (CREATED BY: kmwilcox@iastate.edu)
    Missus-U-WIT (Mechanical Intuition, formerly of the Computer Phreaks)
    Professor-V-PLM (Electroshock, formerly of the Pro Tech)
    Mizpea-B-COC (Empathy, formerly of the Seal Club)
    Mister-G-REN (Adrenaline Control, formerly of the Death Leopard)
    Colmust-Y-ARD (Hypersenses, formerly of the Free Enterprise)
    Misc-R-LET (Charm, formerly of the Romantics)
  ADD.NOTES: Come from Alpha Base (Paranoia Second Edition).
             Team can clone dead members.
  STATUS: Working as mercenaries in Europe.


NAME: Acton Lord
CREATED BY: dvandom@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu
POWERS:   Fiendishly clever at times, vestigal .sig powers.
          Power Beams (don't do much damage, but look flashy).
          Ability to enhance anything to its ultimate level or corrupt it
                  absolutely (often both).
ADD.NOTES:  Future version of Sig.Lad.
            His minions are the repugnant scurvy of net.refuse the  
STATUS:  Alive (reserved by owner)

NAME: The Appallingly Tasteless Man
CREATED BY: IHIMAERA_J@ix.wcc.govt.nz
POWERS: Can knock people out with his appalling fashion sense, dresses
really really really really badly.
ADD.NOTES: Knows of Mouse's status as Subliminal Girl and wants to use
her to influence the rest of the world into dressing as he does.
ENEMIES: Mouse, Writers Block Woman.

NAME:  Mister (Aeneas Romulus) Boddy
CREATED BY: kmwilcox@iastate.edu
POWERS: He's immortal.
ADD.NOTES: He's sharing a mansion with Deductive Logic Man.
            He's now more than 100,000,000 years old, but doesn't  
look a day
               over, oh, 25.
STATUS: Alive. No, dead. No, alive again.
ENEMIES: Nobody important.

NAME: The Bogus-ite "Bogie"
CREATED BY: jecoleb@eos.ncsu.edu
POWERS:  MetaMorph into any inaimate object he can imagine.
         Absorb powers of willing victims for 10 minutes at a time.
ADD.NOTES:  Mercenary who likes cash.
            Timid around more powerful foes, will bash lesser foes.
            Wicked Sense of humor (1-liners, puns, etc)

NAME: Breakdown
CREATED BY: phipps@chopin.physics.mcgill.ca (Martin Phipps)
POWERS: Causes nervous breakdowns.
ADD.NOTES: Feels bitter over the breakup of Gen 14.
GROUP AFF.: Gen 14

NAME: Can't Get A Break at the Lights, Man
CREATED BY: rogersr@kenyon.edu
POWERS:Ability to persuade others of the injustice rendered him by the
Net.ropolis Department of Public Works.  Persuasion ability is  
tripled when
CGABATL,M is carrying his trusty 12-gauge shotgun.
FIRST APPEARANCE: Easily-Discovered Man #6
GROUP AFFILIATION: National Rifle Association

NAME: Carrion
CREATED BY: rogersr@kenyon.edu

NAME: Censor Girl
CREATED BY: barnejd@wkuvx1.bitnet
POWERS: Cyborg
STATUS: Mindless as a result of _Looniverse Adrift_

NAME: Chair
CREATED BY: sl859@cc.usu.edu
POWERS:  Turn into any form of chair possible
ADD.NOTES:  Partner/Lover of Table
GROUP AFF.: Youngstuds

NAME: Clueless Master (Frank Lee Lusive)
CREATED BY: lawrence@express.ctron.com
POWERS:  The unerring ability to leave virtually no clue or trace
         to himself in his crimes.  Confounds even the world's
         greatest detectives.  Through a multitude of methods,
         Lusive leaves no clue to his location, reason or next
         crimespree, nor his motives (which are revealed through
         plot development and editor-tattling)
APPEARANCE:  Picture the Golden Age Green Lantern's costume only in all
        black and purple with a grey cloak.  Has a stylized "no question
        marks" emblem on his chest of a question mark in a circle with
        a line through it.
ADD.NOTES:  Susceptible to editor-created plot devices, off-panel
            deduction and activity.  Cannot seem to hire competent
            thugs and constantly complains about the lack of quality
            in the modern "thug pool."
ENEMIES:  Pocket Man, Golden Age Typical Super Guy, Sarcastic Lad,

NAME: Collector
CREATED BY:  Mark Friedman
POWERS:  Collects for sentimental, monetary reasons
STATUS:  Alive

NAME: Comics Snob Boy II
TYPE: NWC  (Public Domain)

NAME: Crossover Queen
TYPE: NWC  (Public Domain)
POWERS:  Responsible for the mess of crossovers.
         Seeks to Louise Simonsonize the whole internet.
ADD.NOTES:  Created the X-Over Men.

NAME: The Dark Lord (Frank, Master of 70's memorobilia)
CREATED BY: The Badger (mr.9767@acc.rwu.edu)
POWERS: Standard Demonic grab bag, useable via plot calling for them
Can corrupt innocents by selling them items like mood rings, lava  
lamps, the
soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever, Leisure Suits with real wide lapels
ADD NOTES: Frank is the most inept demon in all of Hell. He has been
banished to Load Island because the pickings are supposedly easier  
to grab
ENEMIES: The SWORDMASTER and the Renegades

NAME: DA'Jacoar
CREATED BY: The Badger(mr.9767@acc.rwu.edu)
POWERS: Imagine Galactus if he was a talk show host instead of a  
planet eater.
ADD NOTES: Kidnaps people and forces them to be on his show.
ENEMIES: Anyone who doesn't want to be on his show: IE--any sane person

NAME: Simon Devious
CREATED BY: pmilan@fscvax.fsc.mass.edu
POWERS: Megalomaniac in the Lex Luthor mode.  Genius inventor.   
Record mogul.
ADD.NOTES: Devious is the arch-enemy of Vigilante Guy.
           Has a robot servant called Clockwork Orange.
           Fixated upon Simon Bar Sinister, villain from the _Underdog  _

NAME: Diceman
CREATED BY: javolk@ndsuvm1.bitnet
ADD.NOTES: Older brother of PC Person (see LNH #76-77 for details)

NAME: Dirt
CREATED BY: phipps@chopin.physics.mcgill.ca (Martin Phipps)
POWERS: Ability to become one with dirt.
ADD.NOTES: Feels bitter over the breakup of Gen 14.
GROUP AFF.: Gen 14

NAME: DoomHacker
TYPE: NWC (Ask as well.)
STATUS: Alive, member of System Crash
POWERS: Real good with computers, but tends to crash them.
ADD.NOTES: Currently wanted by the USC police for crashing
           The LeConte computer system.

NAME: Dramatizer
CREATED BY: sl859@cc.usu.edu
POWERS:  Apt to cause Over-dramatization of characters.
GROUP AFF.: Works for the Net.News.Network

NAME: Dr. Armaggeddon
CREATED BY: mike@unh.edu
POWERS: Armor, advanced destructive weaponry...
ADD.NOTES: From the same universe as Pliable Lad.  Apparently a clone
 Both Dr. A and the Knightforce are off-limits.  This means you.
ENEMIES: Pliable Lad

NAME: Dr. Boring
TYPE: NWC  (Public Domain)
POWERS:  Can refer to events that happened 5-10 years ago.
         Has continuous monotone slur which seems to be a derivative of
               Latin and English.
         Makes fanfare over events that seem beyond trivial or mundane.
         Does long narratives on "areas of interest" that seem to  
confuse him.
         Tells jokes incorrectly and forgets the punchlines!

NAME: Dr. Killfile
TYPE: NWC  (Public Domain)
POWERS:  Potential to have greatest mind of our time, if he wasn't  
ADD.NOTES:  Creator of "IT"

NAME: Dr. Oblivion
CREATED BY: pmilan@fscvax.fsc.mass.edu
POWERS: Mad Scientist--has an almost supernatural gift for making  
all   sorts
        of nasty gadgets.
ADD.NOTES: Arch enemy of Decibel Dude.
           Employer of Mongrel and Ug.
           Real name is Seamus O'Blivion.

NAME: Dude With Hat
TYPE: NWC   (Public Domain)
ADD.NOTES:  Used to be a black dude with a hat.

NAME: Dyslexia
TYPE: NWC  (Public Domain)
POWERS:  Responsible for the misreading into stories, and the warping
              of the true meaning, because readers dont read it  

NAME: Ellipsis King
CREATED BY: dvandom@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu
POWERS: Slain in Cry.Sig or somewhere in that neighborhood (the
exact details have long since been retconned away) by Ultimate  
Ninja, he rose
from the dead at the end of the Bellerophon Gambit to find he was  
not actually
a living being, but a Net.Elemental, with full powers over the  
Punctuation (or
Pixel) Net.Element.  He soon fell under Lord Ebon's sway, but  
escaped when a
plot to destroy the LNH failed (Constellation #12).  Currently at large.
STATUS: Neither alive nor dead, location unknown
ENEMIES: Anyone who abuses the Net, specifically grammar and  
spelling errors.
     Once he discovers Typo Lad he may seek to kill him.  Typical  
     Ostrander elemental attitude, really.

NAME: Fanboy King
CREATED BY:  Mark Friedman
POWERS:  Leader of thousands of children into the Image Crisis (See  
Gen Y #1)

NAME: Fan.Dom of the Alt.Ra
CREATED BY: kogutt@ucsu.colorado.edu
POWERS:  God-Like being
ADD.NOTES:  Wants to own all LNH licensed material.
            Bags people and stores them on his wall.
            Unsure what he wants to do with the LNH.
STATUS: (reserved by owner, talk to him)

NAME: Feminazi
CREATED BY: barnejd@wkuvx1.bitnet

NAME: Jestalt (NWC)
    Real Name: Thom Kassan
   Created by: Mike Escutia (mre@christa.unh.edu)
  Reserved by: Mike Escutia (mre@christa.unh.edu)
       Powers: Can merge with one or more other people to create a
               more powerful being.
    Reference: Pliable Lad #12-15.
    Group.Aff: None.
      Enemies: Pliable Lad.
       Status: Reserved.
        Notes: Counterpart of Gestalt Lad.

NAME: Golden Lord
CREATED BY: barnejd@wkuvx1.bitnet
ADD.NOTES:  Former teammate of Old Comics Man in the Classics Squad

NAME: Happy Pig Boy
  CREATED BY: Mike Friedman (hrivnak@havoc.gtf.gatech.edu)
  POWERS: Simple mind control--makes people happy, against
  their will by giving them what the most want.
  ADD.NOTES: He's a giant floating blimp-like pig. He is also
  very sexist, and thinks women should be subservient to him.
  STATUS: Alive.
  ENEMIES: Spite Grrrl

NAME: Hellary
CREATED BY: cxmp@musica.mcgill.ca (Martin Phipps)
POWERS: sorcery
ADD.NOTES: Looks and talks like Hillary Clinton
STATUS: After being sucked into another dimension, appears to have  
        on Pair.of.Dice Island.

NAME: The Injoker
TYPE: NWC   (Public Domain)

NAME: King Konquerer
CREATED BY: IHIMAERA_J@ix.wcc.govt.nz
POWERS: Exquisite timing and planning. Also has some knowledge of how
plots work.
ADD.NOTES: World-conquerer wannabe.
ENEMIES: Writers Block Woman, Mouse.

NAME:  The Kiwi Messiah
   CREATED BY:  descrii.aol.com
   POWERS:  Extraordinary intelligence.  (For a kiwi.  Present company
excepted, Jaelle and Jamas  :o)
   ADD.NOTES:  Controls a tribe of pacific island natives, who  
believe he is
         their messiah.  For some reason, they understand him when  
he talks.
         Seeks to free his "brothers and sisters" from Kid Kiwi's  
         mind control".
   ENEMIES:  Kid Kiwi's Kommandos

NAME: Lagneto
CREATED BY: v129j6ed@ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu
POWERS: Ability to create lag
ADD.NOTES: Is the father of the Legionaire known as Pizza Girl.
GROUP AFF.: Current leader of the Brotherhood of Net.Villains (who's
            current base of operations is Asteroid L).

NAME: Large Caliber Man
CREATED BY: uplink

NAME: Left Hand
CREATED BY: barnejd@wkuvx1.wku.edu

NAME: Lethal Lawyer
CREATED BY:  Mark Friedman
POWERS:  Able to create legal loopholes!

NAME: Limbaugh Man
CREATED BY: cxmp@musica.mcgill.ca
ADD.NOTES: Current host of Net.ropolis AM Live on the Net.News.Network
           after McLaughlin Man got fired
ENEMIES: The Radicals

NAME: Limburger Lad
CREATED BY: lucke@cs.UND.NoDak.edu
POWERS: Possesses the Swiss Bands, bracelets of undeterminate origin, but
believed to be related to the Camembert Coils originally worn by  
which are now worn by Kid Cheeezarr.  The Swiss Bands are believed  
to be the
only source of his power but this has not been revealed to be true  
as of yet.
ADD.NOTES: Unknown to the general populace or CHEEEZ Corps, Limburger Lad
looks exactly like Cheeezarr.
ENEMIES: Cheeezarr and Makkaroni, and he considers CHEEEZ Corps  
enemies as
well, although they are not aware of him yet.
STATUS:  Alive, and scheming against C.H.E.E.E.Z. Corps. (Reserved  
by Kyle)

NAME: Londonbroil
CREATED BY: rogersr@kenyon.edu
POWERS: Equipped with a flamethrower and a British accent
ADD.NOTES: Prefers to fight from a distance and attract as much
attention to himself as possible, his passion for the theatre
overshadowing any great desire to flourish as a super-villain

NAME: Lord Ebon (Iago Montessi)
CREATED BY: dvandom@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu
ALIAS: Simon Filius
POWERS:  Mystic powers, dependant on the body he inhabits.  The  
longer he spends
in a body, the greater his might.  He also tries to find bodies  
that start off
with a high potential.  An immortality spell he cast in the 1300's  
prevents him
from dying, but his spirit is relatively powerless unless he can  
possess a
body.  His specialties are necromancy and alchemy, which he has  
adapted to the
Net (see the Net.elements, he can use necromancy to undelete  
stuff), and his
powers are greater on the net due to the inherent weakness of  
natural law on
the Net.
APPEARANCE:  Whatever his host body is.  If he feels the need to  
protect the ID
of his host body, or simply wishes to be melodramatic, he covers  
himself in a
shroud of darkness, making him look like a silhouette with flaming  
black eyes.
ADD.NOTES:  Was a baron and magician in 14th Century Italy; discovered
the secret to immortality.  It sent him into a deathlike coma for a
few weeks, during which he was buried on sacred ground, rendering  
his spells
powerless.  In the Curseworld, he was accidentally released by  
Wanderer, who
was then possessed.  When that body was destroyed by the Raiders,  
he took over
the body of President Bennett Rush, and the Raiders then drove him  
out of that
body (See Ebon Reflections) and thought him destroyed.  However, he  
lived and
escaped to the Net, taking residence in the mind of Chesspiece  
Face.  When
Constellation faced him in #12 of his own title, that body was also  
leaving Ebon bodiless on the Net again.

NAME: The Mainstreamer (real name unknown)
TYPE: NWC (villain)
CREATED BY: Zach Adams (zqadams@tamu.edu)
POWERS:  Can determine the true extent of a person's disability, health
problem, financial difficulty or mental ineffectiveness just by  
hearing them
speak.  Is convinced that there is no such thing as a 'special  
case' , and
seeks to see all individuals brought into line with his idea of  
fend-for-yourself survivalism, where no one is given any special  
help or set
back on the scale regardless of pre-existing conditions.  Can write  
political advertisements, make incredible speeches to school  
boards, state
welfare commissions and the like to promote his brand of Darwinian  
where only the perfect will survive.
ADD.NOTE: Not much is known about the Mainstreamer, except that his  
goal of
'mainstreaming' humanity is really a front for wiping out what he  
the deadwood of net.Earth, knowing they will never survive on the terms
'normal' people live by.  Was fired from the DMV for giving totally blind
individuals their drivers' licenses when he worked as an  
instructor.  It is
believed that he may work for a 'higher' evil, but who this may be  
is as yet
GROUP AFFIL: None, though he has held government and school jobs in many
ENEMIES: The poor, the handicapped, the sick, the dimwitted, and  
Legally-Blind Man since he represents not only the special  
attention given
to the 'disadvantaged' but also in some cases the abuse of that  

NAME: Manga Man
TYPE: NWC  (Public Domain)
POWERS:  Mostly in the realms of Special Effects and Timing
ADD.NOTES:  Is weakened by hearing the music of Robotech.
ENEMIES:  Plot King

NAME: McLaughlin Man
CREATED BY: sl859@cc.usu.edu
POWERS:  Insidiously, McLaughlin Man constantly politicizes everything.
         Dominates circles of like-minded individuals.
ADD.NOTES:  Had his own TV show.

NAME: Mr. Minister
CREATED BY: v129j6ed@ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu
POWERS:  AdamAnt Skin (toughest material around)
         Supra-Genius, Super_Strength, Force Beam thru his tongue
ADD.NOTES:  Looks like Colussus in a preacher's outfit glued to his body.
            Hates Table (obviously, he knows him)
            Wants to take over the world
STATUS: Presumably Dead, but highly unlikely

NAME: The Moderate(s)
CREATED BY: cxmp@musica.mcgill.ca
POWERS: Telepathy... but only when they're in close proximity
STATUS: In separate cells in The Safe in Colorado
GROUP AFF.: Canadian Anti-Defamation League

NAME: Mongrel
CREATED BY: pmilan@fscvax.fsc.mass.edu
POWERS: A crossbreed between a human being and a Jack Russell terrier.
        Can fetch like you wouldn't believe.
ADD.NOTES: Henchman in the employ of Dr. Oblivion.

NAME: The Mountie [(c) the RCMP and Disney.  Yes, Disney]
CREATED BY: cxmp@musica.mcgill.ca
POWERS: Basicly Wolverine without claws
STATUS: Unable to find regular employment due to the disgrace of being
        a member of the CADL, the Mountie is working out of the Canadian
        consolate in Sig.ago
GROUP AFF.: Canadian Anti-Defamation League

TYPE: NWC (Ask before using him as well.)
STATUS: Alive, member of System Crash
POWERS: Can 'teleport' to MUDs to get any equipment he needs.
	However, the tougher the item is to get, the longer
	it will take him. Simple items are almost instantaneous.
ADD.NOTES: Gets $2500 a week plus expenses.

NAME: Multi-cultural Lad
CREATED BY: cxmp@musica.mcgill.ca
STATUS: Somewhere in Quebec
GROUP AFF.: Canadian Anti-Defamation League
ENEMIES: Le Quebecois

NAME: Mr. Nasty (tm)
CREATED BY: phipps@chopin.physics.mcgill.ca
POWERS:  Morphing
ALIAS:  Kingfish, crimelord of Coastal City
ENEMIES:  The Good Guys (tm), LNH
STATUS: For now, as good as dead... but will eventually get better.

NAME: Nature Boy
CREATED BY: barnejd@wkuvx1.wku.edu

NAME: Net.cromancer
TYPE: NWC (But ask first, I have plans for him)
STATUS:	Alive(?), member of System Crash
POWERS:	Can revive dead plotlines and characters. Also has
	mystically knowledge on par with Occultism Kid.
ADD.NOTES: Serves an as-yet unseen master.

NAME: Netlurker
CREATED BY: Mark Friedman
POWERS: Similar to Multitasking Man, but adds image scanning,
                net.stealth, and pun-slinging (at +4!)
ADD.NOTES: Can shift between net.reality.levels (a la a cyberpunk  
Post Bro!)
STATUS:  Ready, Willing, and Able
ENEMIES:  Redistributor

NAME: Net Star
CREATED BY: sl859@cc.usu.edu
POWERS:  Flamboyant cocky net personality that likes to show up and
                    act like a celebrity.

NAME: Norminator
CREATED BY: cffitzge@iastate.edu
POWERS:  Liefeldesque firearm to suck capitalization, italics marks, and
            punctuation marks out of any post.
ADD.NOTES:  Looks/acts like Norm from Cheers.
            Created by the "forces of A.R.M."
ENEMIES:  LetterinG MaN

Name: Odd Khan
Type: NWC Created by: ad140@freenet.unbc.edu
Powers: Laser bolts, Colorblindness.
Add.Notes: Odd Khan seeks anything unusual, one-of-a-kind, or rare.
Enemies: Lurker Lad, Linguist Lass, the LNH in general.

NAME: Omega.Mosely
TYPE: NWC  (Public Domain)
POWERS:  Vanishes and reappears with the same stochastic irregularity as
               a good Batman villian
ADD.NOTES: Known for stealing other's packs of cigarettes while they are
        are unaware.

NAME: Perfect Man
CREATED BY: cxmp@musica.mcgill.ca
GROUP AFF.: Perfect Man was considered the perfect human specimen
by the hate group known as the P.I.G.S. (People In favour of  
Genetic Selection).
ENEMIES: Myopia Man and the Colourblind Kid

Name:  Phantolord
CRATED BY:  Abhay, akhosla@umich.edu
POWERS:  Creates ghost servants from handy house-hold chemicals.
STATUS:  Alive
ENEMIES:  Loopy, Marcy, and Mojodog of Refugees of Net.tropolis

NAME: Plummet
CREATED BY: rogersr@kenyon.edu
FIRST APPEARANCE: Easily-Discovered Man #1
POWERS: Able to fall faster than any other living thing
ADD.NOTES:  A former student of Professor Wong's, Plummet is motivated
by the fanatical desire to convert EDM into a more compact and not  
animate version of himself.  It is rumored that Plummet did not do  
overly well
in Physics.  Wears a magenta costume and weighs more than your first car.

NAME: Pointless Death Man
CREATED BY: barnejd@wkuvx1.wku.edu
ADD.NOTES: Is willing to kill for no reason at all, although has been
  known to go on individual rampages, singling out either Net.Heroes
  or Net.Villains
           Was once hired by the Grim Reaper Corps
           Carries a BIG gun that makes a distinctive "SHRAAACCCKKK!!!"

NAME: Posttime Shifter
CREATED BY: sl859@cc.usu.edu
POWERS:  If a storyline branches unexpectedly, and another posting comes
         along claiming to branch from the some story, but is posted
         at the same time... or whatever blame it on this guy.

NAME: Le Quebecois
CREATED BY: cxmp@musica.mcgill.ca
STATUS: In Quebec
GROUP AFF.: Canadian Anti-Defamation League
ENEMIES: Multi-cultural Lad

NAME: Rambug
CREATED BY: kmwilcox@iastate.edu
POWERS: Exceptional strength and (for a cockroach) intelligence.
ADD.NOTES: Proficient in all weaponry.
STATUS: In hiding.
ENEMIES: Anyone who gets in his way.

NAME: Redistributor
CREATED BY:  Mark Friedman
POWERS:  Can buy out characters and titles at will.
ADD.NOTES:  Twisted Netlurker's origin, teleporting him from RACM  
to RAC in
                    the process.

NAME: Re-Editor
CREATED BY:  Mark Friedman
POWERS:  Ability to retcon and spell check simultaneously.
ADD.NOTES:  Helped Redistributor along with Spellchecker in above story.
            He can probably be 86ed.

NAME: The Reviewer
TYPE: NWC Created by: ad140@freenet.unbc.edu
FIRST APPEARANCE: Kid Mysticism & The Net.Titans #16.
POWERS: The ability to critize characters, stories, costumes, etc. Has
        the ability to do anything to "fix" that which he  
ADD.NOTES: Often will forceably try to fix anything that he thinks is
           wrong, and this includes retconing, killing or otherwise  
           reality to do so.
APPEARANCE: A muscular glowing man in a stylish blue suit. On his hands
            are magical gauntlets. On his chest is a Stlyized  
"RACC" symbol.

NAME: Scowling RACelestial
Height:		700 metres, or as big as he thinks he is
Weight:		Wastes no time on weighty issues
Hair:		Non-Euclidean
Skin:		Rugose
Eyes:		Squamous
Known Relatives:The Scowling RACelestial may be related to the other
		RACelestials.  The other RACelestails vehemently  
deny this.
First Appears:	Particle Man #4
Created By:	Jameel
Date of Birth:	Exists coterminous with all times and timelines
The Scowling RACelestial is one of the most powerful beings in the known
universe, or at least he thinks he is.  He holds the unique ability  
to sow
dissension wherever he appears merely by speaking.  Sometimes,  
speaking is
not even necessary.  He also has been known to summon and control vast
and hot-burning flames, and is immune to such, as well.  Furthermore, he
can cause confusion in over 30,000 people at once.  Thankfully,  
this mighty
being, for reasons as yet unexplained, has chosen to rarely use his  
except where necessary, vital to the sanctity of the universe, or  
the hell he feels like it.
The Scowling RACelestial is one of a mighty race known as the  
it was once thought that he was their leader, but this hypothesis  
has not been
proven.  In fact, it is unlikely, as his fellow RACelestials will rarely
associate themselves with them.  For safety, expediency, or plain  
dislike has
yet to be determined, but it is likely that there is some "One Above All"
which rules the RACelestials.  By all accounts, the Scowling RACelestial
is not under the rulership of this mighty being, whomever he or she
may be.
The Scowling RACelestial made his presence known the multiverse in an
inauspicious, even humble manner.  However, as his awareness of the  
gew, so did his power.  Soon, the multiverse was under attack, and the
One Who Scowls Above in Shadow was at the forefront of the attack (vis.
"Diskette Inferno" in Cosmic Tales of Savage Intent #47).  However, the
Scowling One has now retreated to a position of power behind the scenes,
only showing his tremendous powers of dissesion and confusion when his
secretive, unconscienably horrendous and far-reaching plans deem it  
Or whenever the hell he feels like it.
"Tremble before my might, mortals!  And you -- you!  You used  
as a *noun* in that last pitiful attack!  Bah!  I should simply  
wipe you all
out like the fish-eating maggots you are!"
copyright 1994 Sucking Chest Wound Enterprises.  All rights  
reserved.  Please
inquire before making use of this character.  Offenders will be  

NAME: Speculator
CREATED BY:  Mark Friedman
POWERS:  Able to detect which books will make money for how long.
STATUS:  Alive

NAME: Table
Type: NWC
CREATED BY: v129j6ed@ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu
POWERS:  Turn into any possible form of a table (including periodic  
         Shoots splinters at people
ADD.NOTES:  Evil Renegade from the Past.
            Everybody knows him.
STATUS:  Captured
GROUP AFF.:  Leader of the Lumberjerks and the YoungStuds

NAME: Taxx
CREATED BY: barnejd@wkuvx1.wku.edu

NAME: The Time Crapper
CREATED BY: v129j6ed@ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu
POWERS:  Able to travel thru time
         Able to change someone into a golden/silver aged hero
ADD.NOTES: Home is Digital Clock HeadQuarters
STATUS: (Whereabouts Unknown)

NAME: Tsar Chasm
CREATED BY:kenaschm@cs.indiana.edu
POWERS:'Command of the situation' (see ADD.NOTES)
ADD.NOTES:  Tsar Chasm is a peerless planner, combining this with  
his huge
ego, he always appears to be in control. (hence his power)  He can  
use this
power to make others feel insecure, or inferior.  This is done by  
speaking in a
mocking tone but for stronger wills he adds facial expressions and  
He wears Armor of Dramatic Poses and a Constantly Billowing Cape.
STATUS:  Died in _Looniverse Adrift_
ENEMIES:  Everyone who opposes his view of order (which is him in charge)

NAME: Ug, the Henchman That Time Forgot
CREATED BY: pmilan@fscvax.fsc.mass.edu
POWERS: Ug is a caveman, discovered frozen in ice by Dr. Oblivion. He
        was thawed out and given a job as a henchman.
ADD.NOTES: Main muscle for Dr. Oblivion.

NAME: Vapid Veterinarian
TYPE: NWC  (Public Domain)
POWERS:  Unknown.
ADD.NOTES:  He "Saved Spelling Boy's Brain" after Prof. Perhap  
killed him.
STATUS:  Unknown.

NAME: Waffle Queen
CREATED BY: rogersr@kenyon.edu
FIRST APPEARANCE: Easily-Discovered Man #3
POWERS: Unknown.  Suspected to have something to do with waffles.
ADD. NOTES:  Isn't just for breakfast anymore.

NAMES:  Webster; Webs Tor
CREATED BY:kenaschm@cs.indiana.edu
POWERS: Webster: Of his four slots two are always filled.
Slot 1:  Teleporter - Can teleport self, or others or objects.  Uses
        signal devices for lock-on(Tsar Chasm & Webs Tor have
        one at all times) but can teleport things he sees and
        to places he knows.  (TIWAN #1)
Slot 2:  Shape-shifter - Can change shape and mass at will. (TIWAN#2)
Slots 3 and 4:
Smelter - Melts metal and ore (TIWAN #2)
Cheater - Knows the quickest, most underhanded way out of a situation
Bean-Counter - Handles finances
Meter - Can measure anything by eyesight.  
Fighter - Very good hand-to-hand fighter, not spectacular, just adequate.
Interpreter - Can translate any language (even computer languages)
Augmenter - Boosts the abilities of anyone near him. Physical  
contact increases
     boost. (GPDC#4)
Recruiter - Assumes new shape.  Convince people to join  
Writer - Takes on appearnace of .  Can write up a
        Webs Tor: None of his four slots are filled permanantly.
Slots 1, 2, 3 and 4:
Doctor - Extensive knowledge of first aid. (not a surgeon)(TIWAN#1;  
as Time)
Impersonator - Takes on characteristics and shape of any person(but  
not powers)
  (TIWAN #1)
Duplicator - Duplicates one person's abilities. (Proximity needed)
Orator - Can give rousing speeches, hypnotic and suggestive  
Protector - Emits a half-sphere force shield.(GPDC#5)
Anticipator - Can fortell possible future, but not probability of  
Interrogator - Can get info out of anyone.
Prestidigitator - Various sleight of hand and mystical tricks.(GPDC#3)
ADD.NOTES:  Can store up to 4 definitions, but only use them one at  
a time.
Changes are controlled by unit on wrist, disguised as watch.   
Webster uses
definitions ending with -ter; Webs Tor  -tor.  Typically Webster  
looks like a
 cute little black boy
and Webs Tor is an unremarkable man with brown hair.
STATUS: Faithful to Tsar Chasm
ENEMIES: Whomever Tsar Chasm points out.

NAME: The Worm
CREATED BY: The Badger(mr.9767@acc.rwu.edu)
ADD NOTES: Just an earthworm. In fact, just many earthworms. Any  
time CAW sees
a worm, he freaks amd blasts it.

NAME: Y-Plex Burp
TYPE: NWC  (Public Domain)
POWERS:  Greatest Criminal Mind of this time.
ADD.NOTES:  Works w/ Dr. KillFile from time to time.
            Had possession of the Cosmic Plot Device.
            Last seen, returning to life of crime.
ENEMIES:  Table, Time Crapper, LNH

Villains (Groups)

CREATED BY barnejd@wkuvx1.wku.edu
ADD.NOTES:  Most evil, nefarious, group of them all.  Originally  
formed by
Table and subsequently reorganised by Mr. Homage, the Brotherhood has now
taken up residence with Lagneto on Asteroid L.
*NAME: Amnesia
 POWERS:  Another plot device come to life.  Old foe of OTL.
*NAME: Angst
 POWERS: Creates angst.
*NAME: Captain CoreDump
 POWERS:  Causes Unix C programmers no end of trouble!
*NAME: Color-Error Man
 POWERS:  Responsible for errors which upset the continuum and  
cause flame wars.
 STATUS: C-E Man was captured during the Crimes of the Brotherhood  
              but apparently escaped
*NAME: Demented Designer
 POWERS:  Responsible for new ugly costumes for Rage, Firestar, etc.
          Hunted by Stichentyme Man. (another villian)
*NAME: EraserHead
 POWERS:  Deleting horror of the Looniverse. Elemental force of  
          Unknown how Homage domesticated him.
 STATUS: Unknown
*NAME: Grim 'N Gritty
 POWERS: Twin brother and sister who, when they touch, can cause  
the immediate
              area to become more "realistic" and "modernized".
 STATUS: Gritty was captured during the Crimes of the Brotherhood  
*NAME: Hiatus
 POWERS: Able to freeze heroes in place for months at a time.
         An attack by him may be followed by use of ReVamp Lass' powers.
 STATUS: Hiatus was captured during the Crimes of the Brotherhood  
*NAME: Hooded Ho`'ood Win II
 POWERS: Able to pit hero against hero.
         Believed to be an alien or extradimensional experimenter.
         Not to be confused w/ the original.
 STATUS: HHW II was captured during the Crimes of the Brotherhood  
*NAME: LobDell Lad
 POWERS: Public enema #1!  Leaves out story middles and endings.
         Possesses spelling, grammar, and foreign-lang. warping powers.
         Former foe of Rebel Yell.
 STATUS: Retired
*NAME: Mister Homage (Leader)
 POWERS: Mysterious armor-wearing rip-off artist.
         Has fought LNH before in some other guise.
 STATUS: Mr. Homage was captured in C. Champ and the Drizzt Defenders #22
*NAME: Plotchopper
 POWERS: Enjoys chopping plots midstream.  One of the more hated  
LNH villians.
         Seems weakened since reality axis shift to Alt.Comics.LNH.
*NAME: Polybag Person
 POWERS: Responsible for polybags around "collectible" comics.
         Formerly Mylar Man, until he was corrupted and fell.
*NAME: Professor Perhap
 POWERS: Able to make verbalized questions occur and be answered.
         Because his powers may "perhaps" work, he keeps a pack of  
wild dogs.
 STATUS: Professor Perhap was dumped by his fellow Net.Villains by  
the group
              and subsequently placed in LNH custody.
*NAME: Repetitive Lad
 POWERS: Answer questions on the net that have already been answered.
*NAME: Revamp Lass
 POWERS: Causes unpopular heroes to be 'restyled' for a wider audience.
         Possible arch-enemy of Lost Cause Boy.
*NAME: RobGoblin
 POWERS: Ability to make proportions of a heroes body completely  
         Has negative effects on their powers.
*NAME: Romantic-Innuendo
 POWERS: Chaos-lovin' villian who enjoys pairing up girls and guys.
         Powers usually temporary.
*NAME: Rumor Monger
 POWERS: Spreads latest rumors.
         Foe of OTL since "Cable-is-Nathan-Summers" rumor.
*NAME: X-Intruder
 POWERS: Frequently upsets R.A.C.M. readers by posting  
X-book-related material
               to that group.  Hounded for this, he turns to a life  
of crime.

NAME: CasCaders
CREATED BY: v129j6ed@ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu
POWERS:  Able to spout off one line rhymes for several hours.
ADD.NOTES:  Lead by mysterious leader.
            Borg-Like people from Alt.CasCade who invade other  
            Want to conform others into joining them.
STATUS:  Flamed in _Descent_

CREATED BY: uplink

NAME:(Group) The Cynical Six  TYPE: WC  CREATED BY:  
ADD.NOTES: RobGoblin left for the BrotherHood of Net.Villians.
STATUS:  Currently Active
ENEMIES: Any body who wishes to make descent books, art, etc.
*NAME: Blandman
 POWERS:  Editor-in-chief of a comic company who has power to stifle all
                 creative thought and reduce his victims to mundane
                 characters.  Against heroes he inhibits them from  
using their
                 powers creatively and reduces them to saying things like
                 "Hulk Smash".
*NAME: Cynico
 POWERS:  Ability to place doubt into a hero by commenting on his reasons
                  for doing something.
          Generates cynical bolts and can levitate on his cynical  
*NAME: Doctor Ludicrous(Leader)
 POWERS:  Tentacles of ludicrosity that make an opponents powers,
                    background, plot, etc. ludicrous
*NAME: Hysterio
 POWERS:  Make people take interest in (on a hysterical scale)  
comics that
               really suck or stupid crossovers that have been  
kicked to death.
*NAME: NetVulture
 POWERS:  Bored student who constantly read e-mail and was  
transformed into the
                NetVulture by a power surge.  Ability to damage  
people's egos,
                which is a vital part of a superhero's anatomy.

NAME: Deadly Faux of Easily-Discovered Man
CREATED BY: rogers@kenyon.edu
*NAME: Easily-Deciphered Man
*NAME: Easily-Dejected Man
*NAME: Easily-Directed Man
*NAME: Easily-Disgusted Man
*NAME: Easily-Distracted Man

NAME: The Dorfs
TYPE: NWC  (Public Domain)
POWERS:  Give callously cruel, and usually wrong answers to  
intelligent posts.
         Gives dehumanizing responses to posts by first timers who  
didn't know
               any better

NAME: The Dorfian Imperial Guard
CREATED BY: cxmp@musica.mcgill.ca
*NAMES: Anon, Beavis, Bigshot, Bore, Butthead, Carry-On, Dorfquake,
        Flamebolt, Flamestar, Flamer, Flamewar, Hopgoblin, Instigator,
        Marshall LaRocque, Naysayer and Nightsnide
STATUS: Supposedly died during a flame war on the moon (LNH #73)

NAME: The Dunce Circle
TYPE: NWC  (Public Domain)
POWERS:  Believe that their way is THE WAY and nobody else could be  

NAME: The Editors
TYPE: NWC  (Public Domain)
POWERS:  To allow storylines to continue on their course.
         To edit out a person from a story, and put in another.

NAME:(Group) E.R.N.I.E. - The Evil Regiment of Naughty Inane Editors
                    TYPE: NWC   (Public Domain)
*NAME: Peter-Out-Son
 POWERS:  Takes a storyline and warps it into a string of  
ridicuolous *EVENTS*
*NAME: Euryne
 POWERS:  Unleashes fan-boyish writers onto a once proud comic traditon,
              allowing a story to become merely a bunch of *EVENTS
*NAME: Harrass
 POWERS:  Evil being that chases good writers off good books to pander to
                 fan-boy artists.
*NAME: Defacto
 POWERS:  Pure Evil!  The leader of E.R.N.I.E.  Thinks he can write  
like the
           creators of the world, but can't.  Responsible for  
flooding the
           market with net.clones!

NAME:(Group) Elders
CREATED BY: ha09+@andrew.cmu.edu
ADD.NOTES: Want the Insanity Gems
*NAME: Basher
 POWERS: to bash
*NAME: Conventioneer (leader)
 POWERS: unknown
*NAME: Flamer
 POWERS: to flame
*NAME: MUSHmaster
 POWERS: to enable someone to run a character in a MUSH

NAME: Fundamentalist Circle
TYPE: NWC  (Public Domain)
POWERS:  Able to leak funds from the comic industry to buy  
Liefeld's books.

NAME: Gen 14
CREATED BY: phipps@chopin.physics.mcgill.ca
*NAME: Breakdown
 POWERS: Telepathy and psychic projection
*NAME: Dirt
 POWERS: Filthy
*NAME: Jailbait
 POWERS: Power over gravity
*NAME: Moonmaker (Warrier or the Mohawk Tribe)
 POWERS: Produces a psychic whip
*NAME: Morgan Le Fab (Leader)
 POWERS: Superstrength

NAME: Grim Reaper Corps
CREATED BY: barnejd@wkuvx1.wku.edu
ADD.NOTES: Bureaucracy responsible for keeping track of who's
  supposed to be dead

NAME:(Group) The Junior Brotherhood of Net.Villains
CREATED BY: mistlock@aol.com (Jennifer Whitson)
ADD.NOTES: The BoNV's trainee group. They're not very good at villany
           yet, but they're working on it.
*NAME: Mr.Fossavellus/the man in the black trenchcoat
 POWERS: None known. He is the team's leader/teacher
*NAME: Kid Camouflage
 POWERS: She has the ability to blend with her surroundings. Once a
         sidekick, she is now the team's field leader.
*NAME: Explosion Boy
 POWERS: He can cause an explosion when he touches something. But he
         can control his powers, so no Rogue-like angsting.
*NAME: Rebecca Drayer
 POWERS: She has minor sorcerous powers.
*NAME: Mr.Exposition
 POWERS: He handles the exposition, of course. He's pretty good at it.
*NAME: Dust
 POWERS: She controls dust-sized particles telikinetically.
*NAME: Hooded Ho-od Win Jr.
 POWERS: Yeah, I know, a third one. I couldn't resist. She has no idea
         how to use her powers.

NAME: Lumberjerks
CREATED BY: v129j6ed@ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu
ADD.NOTES:  Lead by Table
*NAME: Axing Rose
 POWERS:  Rock-Star wanna-be.
          Token Big Man.
          Uses a big axe, and sings very ver poorly while fighting.
*NAME: Login Lady
 POWERS:  Insane lady who talks to her log, who doesn't talk back.
          Pounds people in the head with the log.
*NAME: See-Saw
 POWERS:  Arms are living saws.  Needs a straw to eat.
STATUS:  Captured in _Acts of Violence_

NAME: Netter Liberation Front
CREATED BY: v129j6ed@ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu
*NAME: Girl Next Door(tm)
 POWERS:  Attracts men of all ages to look at her.
          Seems familiar, but you can't place the face.
*NAME: IceHot
 POWERS:  Either her fire is cold, or her ice is hot.
          Genetic defect from an experiment.
*NAME: Mistake
 POWERS:  Able to kinda look like somebody, but can't quite do it.
*NAME: Pylon
 POWERS:  Token big man.  All teams need one of these.
*NAME: Rush_Fan
 POWERS:  Able to take up lost of posting room with dribble about Rush.
          Would rather die than hear anything bad about them.
STATUS:  Captured in _Jungle Cheesecake_

NAME: Net.Villain Wannabes
CREATED BY: phipps@chopin.physics.mcgill.ca
ADD.NOTES:  Former members of the NRA who see BONV as a club they
               want to join.
            Created havoc to prove their worthiness as villains.
*NAME: Lord Vicious (Bob Smith)
 POWERS:  Mind control
*NAME: The Evil Enemy (Chris Harras) (leader)
 POWERS:  Energy projection
*NAME: The Fiend (Maxwell Harras)
 POWERS:  Growls a lot
*NAME: The Mean Master (Roger Johnston)
 POWERS:  Invulnerability
*NAME: The Wicked One (John Smart)
 POWERS:  Casts illusions
STATUS:  Captured in _Acts of Violence_

NAME: Pencil Rain
FIRST APPEARANCE: Particle Man #11
CREATED BY: ha09+@andrew.cmu.edu
*NAME: Hammer Down
 POWERS: Super-strength, wields a gigantic hammer with jets on the back
of the head to add to the power of his blows.  Forms body of Pencil Rain.
 ADD. NOTES: "Hammer down" and "Rabbit ears" are the only words he knows.
*NAME: Hypnotist
 POWERS: He's a hypnotist, hypnotist of ladies.  Forms left leg of  
Pencil Rain.
 ADD. NOTES: Non-combatant, lets his hypnotized slaves fight for him.
*NAME: Mammal (Pete)
 POWERS: Can become any mammal that has ever existed.  Root form is a
large, furry humanoid. Forms right leg of Pencil Rain.
 ADD. NOTES: speaks in hundreds of different voices at once, in perfect
synchronization (all capital letters).  Refers to himself in the third
person a lot.
*NAME: Rabid Child (Jim)
 POWERS: Razor-sharp fingernails, super-senses, healing factor (yeah, a
lot like Wolverine).  Forms right arm of Pencil Rain.
 ADD. NOTES: Leader of Pencil Rain.  A drop dead, Jim Lee-drawn gorgeous
blonde.  Used to be male.  Is not happy about being a woman.
*NAME: The Sun (Howie)
 POWERS: The Sun is a mass of incandescent gas.  Flight, plasma blasts.
Appears as a flaming humanoid, but can revert to normal.  Forms left arm
of Pencil Rain.
**NAME: Pencil Rain
  POWERS: Fusion of the five members of Pencil Rain.  Each limb uses the
power contained in it, though Hypnotist's power takes more thought than
Pencil Rain can usually muster.  20 feet tall and massively strong.  Can
cause sharp pencils to rain from the sky in immediate area.
  ADD. NOTES: Not too bright.  Good at destruction, but not much else.
Has been easily duped in the past.  Speaks with the voices of all of his
components (all capitals).
GROUP ORIGIN: The Pencil Rain were a gang that used to bully Person Man
in High School.  They were in the area when the frying pan struck
Particle Man, and they were each altered by it and granted
ADD. GROUP NOTES: Pencil Rain usually dress in work clothing (Hammer
Down), street clothes (Hypnotist, The Sun), combat fatigues (Rabid
Child), and nothing (Mammal).  None of them wears a costume.
ENEMIES: Particle Man

NAME: The Radicals
CREATED BY: barnejd@wkuvx1.wku.edu
*Left Hand
*Nature Boy
ENEMIES: Limbaugh Man, Lethal Lawyer

NAME: S.C.U.D.-Super Criminals of Usenet Directories
TYPE: NWC (except for Dog-Boy, who is a WC)
CREATED BY: Rene Villareal(cs40fa17@kron.cs.CSUFresno.EDU)
*NAME: Iraqi Alex(leader)
POWERS: To create machines capable of massive chaos.(only a 20%  
chance that
 it'll actually work)
ADD.NOTES: Has an incredibly phony Middle Eastern accent and wears  
the garb of
 "Lawrence of Arabia".
*NAME: Dog-Boy(literal sidekick)
POWERS: Can morph into any form of dog at will (i.e. rottweiler, wolf,
 chihuahua, etc.). Has heightened senses.
ADD.NOTES: A reluctant villian, his only wish is to leave S.C.U.D.  
and find
 total "Sanctuary". Hates cats and people who use the terms 'fix'  
and 'spade' in
 a taseless context. Wears a restictive collar built by Iraqi Alex  
that keeps
 him from escaping.
*NAME: Bubba Fett
POWERS: Cyborg with the ability to mentally constuct any weapon or  
device from
 his bionic arm.
ADD.NOTES: Has the intelligence of grapefriut. Because of this, he  
must seek
 constant guidence from Iraqi Alex when on important missions. Also has a
 horrible Scwarrzenegger(sp?) accent.
*NAME: Alison Chains
POWERS: Has the ability to persuade and control weak-minded males  
(about 85% of
 the male population).
ADD.NOTES: A former Rock-and-Roll groupie, Alison acts like the  
 blond bombshell bimbo(Kelly Bundy). In reality, Alison posesses  
*NAME: Barry, the Grinning Purple Nightmare
POWERS: Can melt the minds of his victims with an assault of compliments,
 sing-a-longs, and moral values. Can also withstand any fatal blow,  
known as the
 MARVEL EFFECT(TM), with some exceptions.
ADD.NOTES: A mindless muppetsaur that was spawned from the Dark  
Portal, as
 should be explained in the Net.ronomicon. Iraqi Alex liked his style of
 fighting so much, he was given his own daytime TV show/torture room.

NAME: Stereotype Squad
CREATED BY: phipps@chopin.physics.mcgill.ca
ADD.NOTES: Stereotypes are bad; these are some of the worst.
*NAME: Asian-Stereotype Man
 POWERS:  Has black belt in karate.
*NAME: Asian-Stereotype Woman
 POWERS:  Carries a sword.
*NAME: Black-Stereotype Man
 POWERS:  Superhuman Strength
*NAME: Black-Stereotype Woman
 POWERS:  Has bionic hand.
*NAME: Hispanic-Stereotype Man
 POWERS:  Is fast with a switchblade.
*NAME: Latin-Stereotype Woman
 POWERS:  Has Razor Sharp (tm) fingernails.
STATUS:  Captured in _The Good Guys (tm)_ LS

NAME: W.I.R.E.D. (We Intend Rule & Eternal Domination)
TYPE: NWC (Public Domain)
CREATED BY:  Mongoose, rwa@gandalf.baylor.edu
POWERS: No superhuman ones known. Has access to gobs of technology  
and money.
ADD.NOTES: W.I.R.E.D. is a vast Hydra-like orginization, whose goal is to
overthrow the U.S. government ("The evil, invasive Government!")  
and take over
the country. W.I.R.E.D. is led by five Agents, Mark, Shell, Mike,  
Lou, and Han.
STATUS: Alive.
ENEMIES: Ziff-Davis.

NAME: wReamicus Maximus and Acolytes of DFANDOM
CREATED BY: sl859@cc.usu.edu
POWERS:  Time travel and controversy causing abilities.
ADD.NOTES:  Live for postings of DVANDOM, force in Looniverse.
STATUS: wReamicus Maximus is currently in a coma with Brother Bud
        leading the Acolytes

NAME: X-Over Men
CREATED BY: dvandom@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu
POWERS:  Able to change form to confuse a already confused audience.
         Able to join any cross-over at any time (High potential of  
ADD.NOTES:  Servants of the Cross-Over Queen.

NAME: Youngstuds
CREATED BY: phipps@chopin.physics.mcgill.ca
ADD.NOTES:  Led by Table, they seek to kill mutants for sport.
*NAME: Ironcast
 POWERS:  Iron Man ripoff
*NAME: Rock
 POWERS:  Thing ripoff
*NAME: Arrow
 POWERS:  Hawkeye ripoff
*NAME: Priest
 POWERS:  Bishop ripoff
STATUS:  Captured in _Acts of Violence_

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