The Legion of Net.Heroes

What is the Legion of Net.Heroes? Well, I have a FAQ all about it. Think "comics parody".

What are all the stories that have gone before, and whioch order do they go in? Try looking at the Timeline for the answer.

How about a roster? Well, I have a roster of sorts, and it's the last kind of it's kind. A Roster of every LNH character.

Here is the more offical web version overseas. LNH WWW Roster.

I am the keeper of the Author's List.

I'm also the keeper of the How-To-Write guides for various LNH heroes.

The LNH writers are always out looking for a cross-over. Here's a major one that I was involved in. Flame Wars III.

There was a sequel to that which I wasn't involved in. Flame Wars IV.

A more detailed (and probably more up to date) offical web page for LNH is overseas. Legion of Net.Heroes Home Page

There is also a ftp site for all these stories. It's the The Eyrie.

There are also two newsgroups:

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