Flame Wars IV

This was a series in the LNH universe.

It was written by Jamie Rosen and Saxon Brenton.

Here are the Flame Wars IV issues in order of importance. (Or, at least, in order of timeline.)

Flame Wars IV #0
A prelude issue with various warnings about the impending arrival of the evil alien net.god OMAR (the One Man Abusive Reaction).
Flame Wars IV #1
OMAR ferments hatred. Various personal reactions from the likes of Cheesecake-Eater Lad and Anal-Retentive Archive Kid.
Flame Wars IV #2
OMAR attacks the Legion in their headquarters and is chased away, but his influence lingers on.
Flame Wars IV #3
OMAR entrenches himself at Fort Baxter. Several Legionnaires confront him, and are either killed or seriously maimed by the evil alien.
Flame Wars IV #4
The Legion makes preparations for a final assault to take out OMAR.
Flame Wars IV #5
The big attack on OMAR.

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