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So, you want to know about Herman's Head? Here's a FAQ.

And here's a Quotes list.

Here's the Episode Guide. Unfortunately, I know of no place that sells seasons of HH on DVD. That said, there is some good news. Brian Daniels has some episodes available on DVD-R (eps 1-3, 5-10, 12-14, 17-38, 42-43, 45-47, 49, 51-57, 59-61, 66, 67 and 72 on 12 discs). He ships international, and can supply discs with or without cover artwork. Contact him at warlockcoolectibles@hotmail.com for details.

After running three seasons, it was cancelled before the fourth, and doesn't ran enough episodes to run in a syndicated format (eg. like the Simpsons). One thing I do know the writers were thinking of for the Fourth Season was giving Herman a girlfriend, and seeing inside her head. Molly Hagan was going to be one of her voices, and there was only going to be just the three guys in Herman's head. I really wish the show continued...

Here's a site with info, including the opening theme song as a wav file...

I've even got some scripts:

Many thanks to Steve Hill (email: steve.d.hill@gmail.com) for the FAQ, Quotes file and transcripts. Feel free to contact him with any questions.
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