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~~~~~~  ~   ~   ~   ~   ~ ~~~~~ ~~~~  FEATURING: Abby and Kid Kirby
Barry Knewbee carried his daughter into her room, yawning himself as he 
prepared to put the baby to bed. He placed Abby in the crib, then pulled 
the blanket up over her body.
        Abby looked up at her father, and disturbed the blanket as she 
brought an arm out to wave at him.
        "Oh, you're not sleepy yet, huh?" Barry said, as he looked 
fondly down at Abby. "Well, how about I read you a story? Will you go to 
sleep then?"
        Abby gurgled at him, and Barry smiled as he went over to the 
bookshelf, and rifled through the books. "Aha," he said, selecting one 
and bringing it over. "How about this one?"
        Straightening up the blanket, Barry sat down by the crib and 
began to read to his daughter. "This story is called..."
                      "Abby and the KirbyTots."
One beautiful day, Abby's parents took her for a picnic beside a forest. 
They had a lovely time, and promised to go for a walk in the forest 
after lunch. But after lunch, the day was so warm that Abby's parents 
fell asleep. Abby wasn't tired at all, and she wanted to go for a walk 
in the forest.
        It was such a pretty forest, the trees stretching grandly up to 
the sky, and the sun glittering down through the leaves. There was a 
trail easily visible through the woods, so Abby decided to walk just a 
little way. She wouldn't get lost, she wouldn't go that far, and she 
would be back before her parents woke up.
        Walking into the forest, Abby breathed in the wonderful smells, 
and skipped happily along, her heart bursting with the joy of being in 
such a marvelous forest.
        Unfortunately Abby wasn't watching where she was going, and soon 
the trees were starting to surround her more and more. Abby stopped 
walking, and turned around. It was still a pleasant place, but she 
wanted to go now.
        However, when she turned around, she could no longer see the 
trail she had followed. Oh dear, she thought to herself, I'm lost!
        Knowing her parents would worry about her, Abby decided to try 
to find her own way back, and started walking in the direction she 
thought she had come from, but soon she was even more lost.
        Abby sat down, feeling tears well up. Although she was a big 
girl, she was lost, and wanted her mommy and daddy. Unable to stop 
herself she started to cry.
        Just then she felt something touch her leg, and she squeaked in 
        "What's wrong, little girl?" asked a small voice, and Abby 
looked down to see a small creature standing by her foot. It was a 
strange wee thing, looking all shiny and lumpy. In fact, it reminded 
Abby of a toy robot she had at home.
        "Who are you?" she asked, her curiosity overcoming her fear.
        "I'm Hefty Kirby," said the creature. "I'm one of the KirbyTots. 
Don't worry, little girl. I shall protect you!"
        Abby giggled. "But you're so much smaller than I am," she said. 
"I will have to be the one protecting you."
        "But I am Hefty Kirby," said Hefty. "I am the strongest of the 
KirbyTots." To prove himself, Hefty Kirby walked over to a large rock, 
and picked it up.
        "Oh, you are so very strong," said Abby, happy to please this 
little creature. "But I don't need protecting, for I am only lost and 
wish to find my way out of this forest."
        The creature looked sad, which was tricky considering it had no 
proper face, but some kind of armor. "I don't know the way out of the 
forest," said Hefty. "The only one who could help you is Papa Kirby, the 
wisest of the KirbyTots, but he is sick."
        "Oh, is there anything I can do to help?" Abby asked.
        "I do not think so," said Hefty. "I'm sorry I cannot help you, 
little girl, but I must go now."
        "Wait," cried Abby. "You can't leave me here, for I shall be all 
        "The other KirbyTots don't really like big people," said Hefty 
Kirby. "You might accidentally destroy something because you're so big."
        "Oh, but I wont. I promise I'll be careful. Just take me with 
        Hefty Kirby thought about it, but he couldn't leave Abby alone. 
"Follow me," he said.
        Hefty Kirby led Abby through the forest, but it was very hard 
going, for the KirbyTot could fit through many places that Abby couldn't 
go, and so they had to find other ways for Abby to follow. It was a very 
long time, but Abby and Hefty Kirby finally made it to the KirbyTot 
        "Stay here," said Hefty. "I'll go tell the others you're here. 
Do you have a name?"
        "Of course I do," said Abby. "My name is Abby."
        Hefty then bowed, and left. Abby watched him go, and then looked 
at the village. It was a very strange village, nothing like she had ever 
seen before, and not even because of it's size!
        Each house was built out of some kind of metal, only a single 
story high with a sloped roof rising to a point. Although that one story 
was in KirbyTot scale. Abby could see why that thought she might 
accidentally destroy one of their houses, they were so small.
        The strange thing was what each house was doing, which was 
changing itself, or so it seemed to her. Each house opened its own 
doors, created new windows, or changed it's peak so that it looked 
bigger than its neighbours. Despite all that, one house looked bigger 
than the others, and Abby wondered who lived there.
        "Abby," a voice called, and Abby looked down to see Hefty Kirby, 
with a lot of other KirbyTots surrounding him. Abby knelt down carefully 
so she could see them better.
        "I'm Brainy Kirby," said one. It had something like binoculars 
attached to its head.
        "I'm Jokey Kirby," said another, holding a small wrapped present.
        "I'm Clumsy Kirby," said a KirbyTot who was getting up after 
having tripped over.
        "And I'm Kirbyette," said a female KirbyTot.
        "Hello. I'm Abby. I'm very pleased to meet you. Could one of you 
help me get out of this forest?"
        The KirbyTots shook their heads sadly. "Only Papa Kirby knows 
the way out of here, and he's not very well," said Kirbyette.
        "My KirbyTots," said a voice behind them, and the KirbyTots 
turned around in surprise. "We must help this little girl." The new 
KirbyTot was in a small chair that seemed to move very slowly on it's 
own, and hovered above the ground.
        "But Papa Kirby," said Hefty Kirby. "You aren't well enough to 
        "Perhaps this child could help us so we can help her."
        "Oh, please," said Abby. "I'll do anything to get out of this 
        "Several KirbyTots have been kidnapped by an evil wizard called 
Gaga-mel," said Papa Kirby.
        "He took lots of our friends, including Doctor Kirby, who could 
make Papa Kirby better," said Kirbyette.
        "If you could help us, we could help you," said Papa Kirby.
        "What do you want me to do?" asked Abby.
        "Take my KirbyTots with you, and rescue the others."
        "But-" started Abby.
        "Oh, Gaga-mel wont be able to hurt you," assured Papa Kirby. 
"His magic only works on us KirbyTots. He would be powerless against you."
        "Okay," said Abby, a little uncertain. But there was no other 
way to get out of the forest.
        "Carry my KirbyTots in your pockets," said Papa Kirby. "You can 
move faster that way."
        Abby nodded, and put Hefty and Brainy in one pocket, and Clumsy, 
Jokey and Kirbyette in another.
        "Good luck," called Papa Kirby, and Abby set out for Gaga-mel's 
home, guided by Hefty Kirby.
Much later, Abby finally reached the home of Gaga-mel. It was a large 
house, and creaked and groaned as the old timbers shifted in the low 
wind. Abby shivered, but determinedly knocked on the front door.
        Abby heard footsteps, then the door was opened by an man in a 
long black robe. Abby looked up and saw a beaky nose pointed at her. She 
nearly laughed at the sight of it.
        "Hello? Yes, yes, yes, yes, what do you want child?" asked 
Gaga-mel, but Abby couldn't speak for fear of laughing at the man, and 
that wouldn't be polite.
        Irritated, Gaga-mel shut the door.
        Abby stood there for a moment, then sat down and got the 
KirbyTots out. "I'm sorry," she said. "But he was so funny looking. But 
he didn't act very nice." Abby pulled a face.
        Kirbyette patted her leg. "He's not a very nice man."
        "He wouldn't have given the others back even if you asked him," 
said Brainy Kirby knowingly.
        "We'll have to find some other way in," said Hefty.
        Abby and the KirbyTots walked around the house, and peered in 
through a window, Abby holding the others up so they could see. Inside 
was a large room, with long tables covered with many odd shaped bottles, 
glasses and bubbling liquids. In the center of the room was a big 
cauldron, over which Gaga-mel was cackling. Hanging from the roof in a 
cage which shimmered strangely were the missing KirbyTots.
        "Look, there they are," pointed Brainy, his glasses growing in 
length as he zoomed in on them. "They're all right!"
        "How ever shall we free them?" asked Abby.
        "If you could open the window," said Hefty Kirby. "We could 
climb inside and free them while Gaga-mel is busy."
        Suddenly a small figure leaped up at the window from inside, and 
yowled. Abby jumped back in surprise, and the KirbyTots ducked down, 
Clumsy falling off the window sill to the ground, although he wasn't 
hurt. The figure, a cat with metal skin, scratched at the inside of the 
window, but couldn't get out.
        "What is it, you dratted cat?" Abby heard Gaga-mel say. "Are 
there more KirbyTots outside? Go and find them, then." Gaga-mel grabbed 
the cat without looking outside and took him to the front door.
        "That's Bazrael," said Brainy Kirby. "Gaga-mel's cat." They 
heard the sound of the door opening, and closing, and knew that Bazrael 
was outside.
        "Whatever shall we do?" cried Kirbyette. "He is so vicious."
        Then Bazrael appeared around the corner, and looked right at 
Abby and the KirbyTots, and grinned. He trotted forward while the others 
stood still, too frightened to move. Bazrael prepared to pounce, but 
tripped over Clumsy Kirby, and fell over.
        "Oh, you poor kitty," said Abby, scooping up Bazrael before 
anyone could protest. She scratched him behind the ears. "Are you hurt?"
        The cat looked confused for a while, then began to purr 
        "You did it!" said Hefty Kirby. "You tamed Bazrael."
        "He's just a cat," said Abby. Bazrael reached out a paw towards 
Hefty Kirby to swat him, but Abby held him to herself.
        "Without Bazrael to bother us, we can get our friends!" said 
Jokey Kirby.
        "But how do we get inside?" asked Kirbyette.
        The KirbyTots jumped down to land beside Clumsy. "Let's give him 
a gift," said Jokey Kirby, suddenly producing a wrapped present, much 
larger than himself.
        They sneaked around to the front, and placed the gift on the 
front door step. Abby, still holding Bazrael, knocked on the door before 
ducking back around the corner.
        The door opened and Gaga-mel looked out. "Oh, for me? How kind." 
He picked the present up and pulled at the ribbon. It exploded in his 
face, stunning him with a large flash, and the KirbyTots ran inside 
while Gaga-mel wasn't looking.
        Abby ran to the window to watch as the KirbyTots entered the 
large room. The KirbyTots in the cage cheered when they saw them. 
Gaga-mel entered after them, shaking his fist in rage. "I'll get you, 
        Hefty Kirby, being able to lift almost any inanimate object, 
hefted a lab table, sending the contents to the ground while he placed 
it on its end so it reached the cage.
        "You'll need the key that Gaga-mel has!" Doctor Kirby called out.
        Gaga-mel cast a spell that erected a shield around him, 
protecting him from the KirbyTots. He lifted a key and waved it. "Ha ha! 
You'll never have this."
        "The force field only reaches so high," said Brainy Kirby. "If 
we can get above it, we can get the key!"
        "Right," said Hefty and Jokey, who promptly picked up Brainy 
Kirby and threw him and Gaga-mel.
        "Waaah," Brainy Kirby screamed as he flew through the air, his 
glasses distorting what he was seeing so he couldn't see anything. He 
crashed into Gaga-mel's hand, knocking the key out and down into 
Kirbyette's waiting hands.
        But Gaga-mel now had Brainy, who twisted, trying to free 
himself, but couldn't as he couldn't see anything. "And now, KirbyTots, 
you shall pay."
        "Leave him alone!" cried out Abby, appearing in the doorway. 
"They haven't hurt you."
        "Who?" said Gaga-mel, turning around to see who was there. 
Bazrael, excited by the presence of all the KirbyTots leapt from Abby's 
arms...and crashed straight into Gaga-mel, sending them both crashing to 
the floor.
        Hefty and Jokey helped Brainy get free of the dazed wizard and 
the cat while Kirbyette and Clumsy climbed quickly up the table to free 
the others.
        "You're a very bad man," scolded Abby, but then the KirbyTots 
were pulling at her feet.
        "Let's go," they cried.
        Abby scooped them up, and they quickly left back for the village.
Back in the village it was a tearful reunion as the KirbyTots mingled, 
all together again. Doctor Kirby spent an hour in Papa Kirby's house, 
without anyone else allowed to enter, but finally emerged, smiling. The 
other KirbyTots cheered.
        Papa Kirby came out, walking on his own. "Thank you, my 
KirbyTots. And thank you, Abby. Without your help, we would never be 
whole again."
        Abby opened her mouth to say something, but her voice was silent 
as she watched what happened next in amazement.
        The KirbyTots all ran up and jumped onto Papa Kirby, and they 
seemed to merge. A mass grew up as more KirbyTots jumped into it, a 
whole sea of KirbyTots forming a figure which grew before Abby's eyes.
        And then, in mere moments, was standing a single figure. He was 
much like the other KirbyTots, but human sized. He towered over Abby, 
posed dramatically.
        "I am Kid Kirby, and you have the thanks of a Kirbian, little 
Abby. Ask any boon of the one who wields the power Kirby, and it shall 
be yours," boomed Kid Kirby.
        Abby stared in shock. "What happened to the KirbyTots?" she asked.
        "They are a part of Kid Kirby, aspects of myself. I can separate 
myself to become them, and they can join to become me. Is there anything 
this cosmic being can do for you?"
        Suddenly Abby remembered her predicament. "I got lost in this 
forest, and wish to find my parents. They must be very worried about me."
        "Fear not, little Abby, for Kid Kirby is here." Gently Kid Kirby 
picked Abby up, and held her in his arms. Despite the feel of metal 
against her skin, Abby felt very safe.
        Then Kid Kirby lifted off, flying up into the sky. Abby looked 
down, not afraid, and saw the forest below them.
        "I have found your parents. They are looking for you. We shall 
go to them."
        And moments later, Abby was once again in her parents' arms.
        "Oh, thank you, Kid Kirby," said her father. "Thank you for 
finding our little girl."
        "It is I that thanks her. She helped me to gather myself and 
heal me. And now Kid Kirby must return to his duties. Farewell, little 
        Abby waved to Kid Kirby as the Kirbian flew away.
        Although they told her off for walking away on her own, Abby 
didn't mind, glad to be back with them again.
        They returned home, and lived happily ever after.
Barry closed the book, and looked down as his daughter, who was now fast 
asleep. Tucking her arm underneath the blanket, he bent down and kissed 
her forehead.
        "Good night, Abby," he whispered. "Sweet dreams."
Kid Kirby is the creation of Harith Jameel al Khafiz
The others were created by me.

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