World Tales

[WARNING/REMINDER: This is an ACRAPHOBE Imprint. It ain't warmfuzzies.]

Jamas Enright writes a rather more serious series than Fan.Boy, these adventures look at LNHers away from Net.ropolis and the trouble they get into.

This series was previously known as _Elsewheres_.

World Tales #1
Roger Rescue has a very important job to do. One which is not helped by a mysterious newcomer. Squeaky Clean and Captain Cleanup are away on holiday and are invited to a ball, a ball that the same newcomer shows up at.
World Tales #2
Captain Cleanup and Squeaky Clean get into very dangerous territory, as Captain Cleanup is sent to hospital after facing off against an invisible menace. Squeaky Clean can do little more than watch him die.
World Tales #3
Kid Kirby comes to the rescue! He helps Captain Cleanup and Squeaky Clean get back to the LNHQ, although he is somewhat puzzled by Captain Cleanup's return from death. And he is then called upon to help with an unpleasant task.
World Tales #4
A drug company gets busted, and the Ultimate Ninja is in for the kill, along with other LNHers and that same mysterious someone whose motives are never clear.
System Corruptors #22a
Read the Queen Bee's story, and find out what happened to her in her past as well as her present. Is she more than a lowly business world dictator?
World Tales #5
The SoftCentre Saga - Part 1. It begins. Marsha Burgenstock arrives in, and attracts the attention of Queen Enterprises. But she gets into trouble before they get anywhere near her.
World Tales #6
The SoftCentre Saga - Part 2. Marsha continues to live life in the city of scum. Even going down to the local shops is hard enough without someone after your blood. Queen Enterprises finally snatch their prize.
World Tales Annual #1
The SoftCentre Saga - Part 3. Queen Enterprises sends Marsha on a trip through her past in an effort to understand her and her powers. Find out just what makes Marsha Burgenstock who and what she is.
World Tales #7
The SoftCentre Saga - Part 4. Marsha has to escape, and does so using a hitherto unknown usage of her powers. However, she comes across someone else in the midst of her escape, someone who has been trapped by Queen Enterprises for a long time.
World Tales #8
The SoftCentre Saga - Part 5. Marsha has to get out of the city, but first she has to get out of the Queen Enterprises building. After she manages that, she is chased but help comes from a very unexpected corner.
World Tales #9
Amorphous Lad faces a threat from his past, as Thad Ritchards guides him through deadly attacks and exploding cars. Eventually, Amorphous Lad makes it through for the final confrontation.
World Tales #10
Rick Mansfield is on holiday at a hotel far away from everything. But time seems to be playing tricks on him, and when two agents turn up out of nowhere, things take a deadly turn.
World Tales #11
Rick tries to help out the two encumbered time agents, but comes across a new deadly gambit by the enemy. And while helping the time agents to solve their problems, Rick falls into a far dealier trap.
World Tales #12
The stunning conclusion to this story leaves Rick rather angry at the two time agents. But what has to be done, must be done, and nothing Rick can say can stop it.
System Corruptors #23
Ties up not only the last four issues, but also brings in the plot line from the four issues before that! All to just set up a few characters in the right place at the wrong time.
World Tales #13
The Queen Bee takes on Coppermane, but finds herself facing up to her own demons of the past.
World Tales #14
Barry reads his daughter a bed time story.
World Tales #15
Faq Boy and Perdition go camping, but it's not ghost tales around the campfire...
World Tales Annual #2
It's Dvandom Force! It's the Alt.Riders! It's the Misfits! And more as Faq Boy meets up with an old friend.
World Tales #16
A new face in Net.Ropolis!
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