Teens in Trenchcoats

Written by Ben Rawluk:

A brother and sister go to Net.ropolis, ready and willing to be demon hunters - but, they can't find anybody in the NTB. So they join the Legion of Net.Heroes, and start off on their merry way to fame and fortune and scorched trenchcoats. Then they meet this gothic girl who smiles with evil just oozing from her pores, called Ravencroft. Then they meet her brother...

Teens in Trenchcoats #1
Ah, the wacky demon-hunting hilarity as Emily and Luke join the LNH. Trenchcoats, of course, are a must. Plus, see the seeds of discord sewn with the resident meanspirited Ninja!
Teens in Trenchcoats #2
Ooh. Look it! Look it! Demons being smited. Just don't tell Emily. And Ravencroft shows up, along with that wacky ghost, DeadHeadMan. Lots of trenchcoats for flavour.
Teens in Trenchcoats #3
They absolutely refuse to call themselves the 'Teen Trenchcoaters,' and can someone please shut Luke up about it? An omen goes unnoticed, much to its chagrin because it has a contract, after all.
Teens in Trenchcoats #4
Fortunes told, miniskirts bought, Ravencroft has her day out on the town. Destroying lives and trading fashion tips, who does she end up face to face with? Her brother. A touch of sibling rivalry...
Teens in Trenchcoats #5
In the aftermath of his appearence in Misfits, Luke completely fails to make a new friend of a certain Net.Zealand native with subliminal powers. Emily, on the other hand, is making friends with the enemy.
Teens in Trenchcoats #6
In dream, Emily meets Winterthorne - nasty pale-faced brother of Ravencroft. Oh, that's a healthy family. Right. Ravencroft mopes for a while, then goes out for breakfast. Emily meets a familiar girl with wings, on her way out of this world...
Teens in Trenchcoats #7
The third member of the family shows up...
Teens in Trenchcoats #8
Freaky stuff happens.

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