Here are the roster listings for each of the characters in the BLiP stable:

   NAME: Amorphous Lad
   ALTER EGO: Rick Mansfield
   ALIASES: None
   CREATED BY: wReam
   PRIMARY WRITER: Jamas Enright
   POWERS: Can change his shape.
   PERSONALITY: Rather gullible, but once he has latched onto something,
   he will follow it to its very end. He has a strong loyalty to his
   HISTORY: He worked for a long time with the LNH, but had a habit of
   being taken over with mind control. While on assignment, he was taken
   over by the Master of the Net, who changed him into looking like
   Pliable Lad. He then took Pliable Lad's place, and acted very evilly.
   Was finally unmasked by the real Pliable Lad. After becoming very
   despondent with a lack of a proper writer, and little appearances, he
   finally left the LNH, but was quickly caught up in a feud with Frank
   Bennington, over a matter that had been caused by Rick's time under
   the Master of the Net's control.
   APPEARANCE: Average height with brown hair. Although currently wearing
   civvies, his LNH costume is a grey outfit.
   STATUS: Former member of the LNH (retired)
   NAME:  Bladed Lad
   TYPE:  WC
   CREATED BY:  Campbell March []
   Ability to turn his hands and/or feet into whirling blades.
   Some Martial-Arts experience.
   STATUS:  LNH member
   ADD.NOTES: Easygoing, friend of Guitar Man.   Tone deaf.
   Wears brown leather jacket, blue jeans, white t-shirt.   Has brown hair
   and green eyes.
   NAME: Fan.Boy
   ALTER EGO: Barry Knewbee
   ALIASES: None
   CREATED BY: Jamas Enright
   PRIMARY WRITER: Jamas Enright
   POWERS: Can stun people by pronouncing punctuation. Knows everything
   that has been *posted* on a newsgroup. Can survive death by coming
   back to life in the Peril Room.
   PERSONALITY: He never thought he would ever be a net.hero and his
   naive attitude reflects this. He is aware of the various threats of
   the net.villains, but is more likely to talk about them than challenge
   them. Whenever he mets another net.hero he is likely to praise them
   for whatever they've done, (this is really handy if authors want to
   remind their readers of what their characters actually have done) and,
   if applicable, ask for a demonstration of their powers (such as
   getting Cheesecake-Eater Lad to make him a cheesecake.)
   HISTORY: Fan.Boy was originally a university student by the name of
   Barry Knewbee, but was pulled across realities (due the Peril Room
   fracturing normal reality) and arrived on alt.comics.lnh. Actually,
   only a copy of his consciousness was pulled across. He was disoriented
   for a moment, but soon recovered. Arriving in the Peril Room, he
   showed a lot of knowledge of past events, and a fannish tendency
   towards those he met, and was named Fan.Boy due to this.
   APPEARANCE: He stands 5 ft 7, clad in a red spandex outfit, with a
   belt striped yellow on top and white below. On his chest is a large
   white spot in the middle, which has an "F.B" logo in yellow going
   diagonally from top left to bottom right. He also wears a blue cape.
   He has no mask, but does sport large thick-rimmed glasses and thick,
   short black hair.
   STATUS: Unofficial member of the LNH.
   NAME: Faq Boy
   ALTER EGO: Allen Knewbee
   ALIASES: None
   CREATED BY: Jamas Enright
   PRIMARY WRITER: Jamas Enright
   POWERS: Can answer Frequently Asked Questions. LNH custodian for the
   PERSONALITY: Charming scum.
   HISTORY: Grew up in an alternate dimension as a member of that
   dimension's LNH, under the leadership of the Roster King. Fan.Boy
   arrived (his alt.ernate self), and Faq Boy was able to escape with him
   back to Fan.Boy's LNH, where Faq Boy took up the job of LNH FAQ
   keeper. Is currently trying to get acquainted with Paytan.
   APPEARANCE: Faq Boy wears black spandex, with a white and green
   striped belt. He has the letters "F" and "B" on either side of a 'no
   questions" logo.
   STATUS: Unofficial member of the LNH, member of an alternate timeline
   NAME: Frank Bennington
   ALTER EGO: Unknown
   ALIASES: None
   CREATED BY: Jamas Enright
   PRIMARY WRITER: Jamas Enright
   POWERS: None
   PERSONALITY: Typical crime boss.
   HISTORY: A crime boss in His first operation was destroyed,
   and he swore vengeance on who destroyed it. Rick Mansfield can under
   his gun, and now there's a feud between them.
   APPEARANCE: White silk business suit.
   STATUS: In jail.
   NAME: Guitar Man (occasionally Guitar(less) Man)
   CREATED BY: Campbell "Sasquatch" March []
   Complete lack of singing ability.   Complete lack of guitar skills.
   Belief in his amazing singing and guitar skills.   Has the ability to
   drive people away with same.  Can fly, and his costume is armoured.   He
   absorbed Amazing Dodge Woman's dodge power when he saved her life.
   STATUS: LNH member.
   ADD.NOTES: Has low self-confidence, and a tendancy to hit people if they
   start making long, virtuous speechs.   Is fairly skilled in karate.
   APPEARANCE: Tallish, strong, short black hair, electric blue jumpsuit with
   a yellow musical note on the chest, and yellow boots and gloves.
   NAME: Inacoustic Kid
   ALTER EGO: Unknown
   ALIASES: None
   CREATED BY: Unknown
   PRIMARY WRITER: Jamas Enright
   POWERS: Can silence sound. Currently has a permanent "silencing field"
   extending 20 metres from his body.
   PERSONALITY: He is very easy-going, and quite amiable towards
   situations. He prefers peaceful resolutions, and looks hurt when
   violent action is taken, but will take action when he must.
   HISTORY: After working as a reservist in the LNH, he went missing,
   although no one noticed (understandable considering the size of the
   LNH roster). He had been kidnapped by Queen Enterprizes so they could
   examine how his powers worked. They managed to extend his silence to a
   field, but he doesn't have control over it. Marsha Burgenstock helped
   him to escape.
   APPEARANCE: Is currently in civvies, but his LNH costume consists of a
   white spandex outfit with a logo of a pair of earmuffs sounding a
   music not on his chest.
   STATUS: Member of the LNH (missing)
   NAME: Marshmallow Lass
   ALTER EGO: Marsha Burgenstock
   ALIASES: None
   CREATED BY: Campbell "Sasquatch" March
   PRIMARY WRITER: Jamas Enright
   POWERS: Has the body of marshmallow. Can increase density and decrease
   volume to resemble a marshmallow. Can wield a baseball bat.
   PERSONALITY: She has a kind heart and a deep sense of fairness, but
   also supports a hatred of blacks (due to her father). She is happy to
   fight against anyone she considers "bad", but never intends to kill.
   HISTORY: Marsha was born into the rich household of the Burgenstocks.
   She grew up under the charges of nannies, rarely saw her mother, and
   never saw her father. She was sent off to boarding school, and when
   she returned, she found out that her father was black, and her mother
   only married him for sex. She left home and ended up at some
   undisclosed building, where she agreed to be the subject of tests into
   creating super powers. It was there she gained her powers. Later
   still, she joined the LNH but was disheartened by failure to catch a
   villain and so left. In, she was captured by Queen
   Enterprizes, but managed to escape with Inacoustic Kid.
   APPEARANCE: Black skin, but wears jeans, shirt and a jacket.
   Attractive, but not highly distinguished. (She carries her LNH
   costume, a pink tutu, with her, but no longer wears it.)
   STATUS: Independent hero, former member of the LNH
   NAME: Phantom Walker
   ALTER EGO: Thad Ritchards
   ALIASES: None
   CREATED BY: Jamas Enright
   PRIMARY WRITER: Jamas Enright
   POWERS: Knows far too much. Can redirect physical attacks. Can travel
   through shadows.
   PERSONALITY: A manipulator, a sort of Vril Dox plus. He also harbors
   an incredible amount of hatred for his boss and even more love for
   Veronica Summers.
   HISTORY: Not incredibly clear, but seems to have originated in 1900.
   Possibly responsible for many major events in the Net.Earth's history.
   Is currently restricting himself to
   APPEARANCE: Non-descript man with dark hair.
   STATUS: Wild-card
   NAME: Queen Bee
   ALTER EGO: Veronica Summers
   ALIASES: None
   CREATED BY: Jamas Enright
   PRIMARY WRITER: Jamas Enright
   POWERS: None
   PERSONALITY: Very cool, always confident. Is never fazed by anything.
   Has the attitude that she knows better than you do.
   HISTORY: Appeared about a year after the Phantom Walker. Has since
   built up a powerful empire, running over several businesses (first
   Nirvana Corporation, then Majestrial Limited). She is now running
   Queen Enterprises.
   APPEARANCE: A very, very, very, very, very beautiful blonde woman.
   (Has the ability to disguise herself, and has done so on several
   STATUS: Wild-card

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