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An occasionally-Acrophobe LNH title

Issue #3
Fire And Ice
Part 6 of Leftovers

Written by and copyright 1997 Saxon Brenton

Cover shows a string of alt.ernate Looniearths being pushed together 
between a pair of hands. On the wrist of one of them is a watch with 
three hands.

         "Some say the world will end in fire.
         Some say in ice.
         From what I've tasted of desire
         I hold with those who favour fire."
              - Robert Frost

         "The Earth and Heaven shall become worn out as old clothes.
         Some day you shall fold them up and replace them in kind."
              - Hebrews 1:10-12

         "Certainly the rise in entropy means that some regions of the 
         universe are decaying, but this need not require that the total 
         disorder continually increases. If a mechanism could be found 
         to inject new information or order into the universe, then 
         although the total entropy will continue to rise, this could be 
         matched by the appearance of more and more new order.
              - Paul Davies, _The Runaway Universe_


  The scene opens with an interior shot of some sort of monitoring room. 
The place is partly in shadow, so that we cannot see the face of its 
sole inhabitant, who is seated before a bank of screens. We can, however, 
see that he's wearing jeans, sweatshirt and sneakers.
  "Hello everybody. Just a quick update on what's happening. The 
Looniverse has been sundered, and the Siblings - the two cosmic entities 
who embody the space/time continuums of the two largest pieces - have 
developed a mutual antipathy to each other, and have arranged for a 
contest of champions to determine which of them (and their respective 
universes) has to bite the bullet. At the moment, the publicly known 
score is: Looniearth-DC 2 compared to Looniearth-Marvel's 1.
  "Of course, destroying one universe or the other isn't going to solve 
their problems, and if anything it's only going to make things worse."
  Our unknown host cocks his head to one side, and although we cannot 
see his features properly enough to identify him, it's clear that he's 
  "Fortunately, I'm here to fix all that."

                        - o o O O O o o -

Macroman versus Makkaroni:
  I wonder how these two have gotten on? Maybe they've gotten out of that 
rut they were in last time we checked?
  "No. Tag, you're it."
  "No. Tag, you're it."
  "No. Tag, you're it."
  "No. Tag, you're it."
  Nope. Don't look like it.

                        - o o O O O o o -

  In another two splinter fragments of the Looniverse (Looniverses 
-Dakota and -Ultra) there were two cosmic entities embodying the entirety 
of their respective continuums. These two little bitty RoboMAC-like 
beings (one purple, the other yellow) were similarly waging cosmic war 
through net.ahuman proxies.
  But we really don't have time to go into that right now, okay?

                        - o o O O O o o -

Lobotomy versus Wolfenblitz:
  By now the street had been more or less wrecked, but the two brawlers 
were oblivious to this. They were also pretty much oblivious to the SWAT 
trucks that had encircled them and the twenty or so heavily armed men 
in riot control gear who were pointing semi-automatics at them. They 
only just barely bothered to pay attention when they started having 
orders barked at them through bullhorns.
  "Freeze! You two, down on the ground. Now!"
  Wolfenblitz snarled, "Piss off, ya flamin' wankers. Mind your own 
flamin' business."
  Shots were fired at the two of them, but being net.ahumans they waded 
through it all like it was just spring rain. Angered, Wolfenblitz hurled 
a hubcap that cleanly decapitated one of the men, then hit a SWAT truck's 
fuel tanks and ignited a fireball that toasted the remaining men on his 
side of the street.
  On his side of the avenue Lobotomy had taken similar steps to 
exterminate the rest of the interlopers. Then the two of them got back 
to the serious business of trying to kill each other.

                        - o o O O O o o -

Elastic Sock versus Mr. Thingy:
  Two malleable forms contorted around some form of technical lab, making 
it almost impossible to make sense of the scene. For this reason I have 
asked the artist to crop as many panels as needed to be close-ups, okay?
  "Surrender, Mr. Thingy. I have no desire to hurt you."
  "I appreciate that, but as long as there is hope I have no intention 
of giving in."
  Elastic Sock said nothing in reply, but instead kept grimly at his 
attempt to catch up with Mr. Thingy's head. He had already discarded 
as useless any attempt to confine any other body parts. The Woollen 
Wonder guessed, however, that if he could capture and bind and blind 
Mr. Thingy's head, then his opponent would have to brings his hands into 
play to remove Elastic Sock from that critical area of the body. One of 
the biggest problems for Elastic Sock so far in this confrontation is 
that Mr. Thingy had been clear-sighted enough to keep his head, arms, 
and legs widely separated, preventing Elastic Sock from getting an 
overall constraining grip on all of them.
  Nevertheless, he had noticed that Mr. Thingy had not attempted any 
similar strategy in return. Elastic Sock smiled grimly. Clearly his 
adversary was on the defensive. He was confident that soon he would 
have Mr. Thingy where he wanted him, and then he could claim this 
contest as his.
  The sock was completely unaware of the flaw in his logic.
  Mr. Thingy dodged around the lab again, keeping the bulk of his body 
mass just ahead of Elastic Sock. Meanwhile, his arms once again returned 
to a device that they had been constructing under a table, and made the 
final adjustments to it. It had taken a while to put it together, because 
of the need to keep his arms moving around the room like the rest of 
him, so as to keep Elastic Sock from becoming suspicious, but now at 
last he was ready.
  Mr. Thingy brought up the device, a small battery powered box, and 
touched it to the unsuspecting Elastic Sock's body. The effect was 
instantaneous. Elastic Sock's body became all tingly and numb, making 
his movements sluggish and heavy, and where he touched the ground he 
had difficulty getting his body away from the floor.
  Mr. Thingy took the opportunity to collect up the prone sock's limbs 
and bring them back to his torso, where he pined him. "I have captured 
you," he observed. "I suggest you surrender. I, also, have no desire to 
harm you."
  "I... have no choice. Very well then. But what did you do to me?"
  "Static cling," answered the other simply. "I created a device to 
produce massive amounts of static on you while we were manoeuvring."
  "Ah. Undone by such a simple thing," Elastic Sock noted with just a 
touch of regret. "Well, I can only hope that my fellows fare better than 
I have."
  For the first time Mr. Thingy's face showed something than clinical 
detachment - irritation, perhaps even anger. "I have no intention of 
letting either Looniverse perish because of some childish game. "Come 
along. There is work to be done. I can only hope to whatever powers may 
be watching over us that some others of the combatants have found a way 
to delay the Siblings' unholy judgement."

                        - o o O O O o o -

And above the sky a watchman watched:
  "Oh, they have Mr. Thingy, they have." The shadowed form of a young 
looking man sat at a console and checked various screens. "Good old 
net.heroes," he said to himself. "Utterly predictable, but utterly 
dependable for exactly the same reasons. You can always rely on them 
for having a darn good stab at saving the universe.
  "Lessee, there are quite a few who've decided to try and pull the wool 
over the Siblings' eyes. Good for you, guys. Now, I'd better reel them 
in and give them the laydown on what's going on."

                        - o o O O O o o -

Squidman versus Fearless Leader:
  A street. The sewer grill was pushed aside from beneath, and two 
net.heroes climbed out.
  "We'll be out of here in a second," said Squidman. "Are you all right?"
  His associate answered. "Swallowed some water and took a bump on the 
head. You're good with that... Squidrang, you called it? But I'm fine... 
except for coming up short. I lost, and maybe doomed an entire 
looniverse," he said, neatly summarising their contest - which was 
basically identical to the Batman/Captain America fight in _Marvel Vs. 
DC_ #3 and thus is something I'm not even going to bother showing.
  They looked around. "We're both still here, so this isn't over yet. 
What now?" Fearless Leader asked.
  "I'm not sure. I didn't expect... Wait. That glow. What...?
  With a -BLiP- the two of them suddenly appeared in a large room of 
some kind. Several other costumed individuals stood with them, looking 
equally perplexed. Squidman recognised Kid Not Appearing In Any Retcon 
Hour Story, Macroman, and Elastic Sock. "Where are we now?" he asked 
  "Hi there," said a young man in jeans and a T-shirt sitting in a chair. 
"Welcome to my home." He stood up, walked over, and shook hands.
  "Where are we?" repeated Squidman.
  "This is the Drizztsat. I'm the Drizzt. Pleased to meet you."
  "Indeed," said Kid Not Appearing In Any Retcon Hour Story. "I am 
afraid we do not have much time for pleasantries, Drizzt..."
  The Drizzt held up a finger. "Actually, you have even less time than 
you imagine. And that's THE Drizzt," he gently reproved. The net.heroes 
stared at him. "It's true. In many cultures the using of the wrong form 
of a name is a grave insult."
  "How much time do we have?" pressed Fearless Leader.
  "Something like three hours," the Drizzt replied. "That's how long 
it'll take before the Siblings discover your various deceptions," he 
said to Maui, Macroman and Makkaroni.
  "Explain yourself," Mr. Thingy said.
  "Maui here cast an illusion of himself and Kid continuing their fight 
in order to delay any rash actions by the Siblings. Macroman and 
Makkaroni did something similar."
  "We snuck away and grabbed a holographic projector," explained 
Macroman. "Then we taped a few minutes of ourselves chasing each other, 
and then put it on unlimited replay."
  Makkaroni grinned. "As far as the Siblings can tell, we're still 
where they left us, screaming 'Tag, you're it' at each other."
  "Why did you bring us here?" Elastic Sock asked the Drizzt.
  "I've got information that you'll need if you're going to save the 
  "How do you know all this?" asked Maui pointedly.
  "I'm a five dimensional entity," the Drizzt replied simply. "I co-exist 
in multiple universes, and remember all of them simultaneously. Even 
ones that have been... revised. Like these ones."
  "I suppose this happens a lot then?" Maui asked, intrigued. He liked 
knowing things, and new ways to be devious fascinated him.
  "More than you can possibly imagine. Remind me to tell you about the 
events of Retcon Midnight sometime, or the problems that DeFacto V gave 
Mecha Force," he replied off-handedly.
  [_Retcon Midnight_ and _Stranger Tales_ #7, respectively - Footnote Girl]
  "If there is not much time, then we should proceed," pressed KidNAIARHS.
  "Very true," agreed the cosmic entity. "So it's important that you know 
that you don't have to _just_ stop the Siblings from warring against each 
other. Terrible as that destruction of one of the universes would be, it 
pales beside what is actually at stake."
  "And that is?" Fearless Leader demanded.
  "The destruction of both, of course," the Drizzt said, as if it were 
obvious. "You have to understand, your universes aren't two separate 
things. They're parts of a greater whole. That's why the Siblings are 
siblings. They were born from a common parent. These two Looniverses 
were once part one. That single Looniverse was split into multiple bits, 
of which your two are merely the 'biggest'. As long as they remain 
separate they're haemorrhaging and bleeding into each other. Destroying 
one won't save the other. But neither will letting any exist separately. 
All the pieces have to be brought back together. The Siblings don't just 
have to be reconciled. They have to be amalgamated."
  The net.heroes stared at him. "What you're asking is almost 
unthinkable," said Fearless Leader.
  The Drizzt blinked at him. "Why? Because it upsets what you perceive 
as the status quo? And please, don't lets start with slogans like 'Live 
free or die'. This is not some localised, ideologically based conflict 
where people's opinions have to be galvanised over issues that are - at 
bottom - just politics. If these Looniverses aren't repaired then you 
will all die. That's a plain fact; no rhetoric involved."
  The net.heroes didn't look comfortable with that, but they seemed to 
have no other choice in the matter.
  "How do we go about putting things back together then?" Squidman asked.
  "I have preliminary plans to create towers that would act as 'tuning 
forks'," offered Mr. Thingy. "These would allow the Looniverses to merge 
together as their vibrational rates were integrated.
  KidNAIARHS looked at him. "You came up with the details of that in so 
short a time?"
  Mr. Thingy coughed. "Well, no. I've had plans for them for a related 
purpose, to repel a hypothetical invasion by Alt.nihilus from the 
Net.ative Zone, for some time. I got the idea from a comic book," he 
said, holding up a copy of _Crisis On Infinite Earths_ #2 that by amazing 
coincidence he just happened to have on him. "It's just a matter of 
calculating the harmonics to merge rather than separate worlds."
  "Actually, that won't be necessary," said the Drizzt. "With the 
Bifurcation, there came one who acts as a link between the splintered 
Looniverses, and with the power to reform them." A monitor activated, 
and the Drizzt pointed. On screen was a young woman dressed in green 
and orange. "She's called... Net.Access."
  "She's under attack," Makkaroni noted.
  "Those are Ny!Lon!'s sockdroids," Elastic Sock hissed.
  The Drizzt nodded. "Yes, I'm afraid Ny!Lon! became fixated with 
conquering these two Looniverses..."
  "Typical," Elastic Sock said.
  Again the Drizzt nodded. "Anyway, he unearthed the relationship between 
the two worlds, and Net.Access' part in all this. You'll have to go and 
protect her as well as explain to her what she has to do to get the 
Looniverse back in one piece."
  Maui raised an eyebrow. "You are not coming?"
  The Drizzt shook his head. "My five dimensional nature makes it 
impossible for me to leave the shielding of this satellite without 
wreaking havoc on the space-time continuum. The worlds are already in 
bad enough shape without me making it worse." A few more hurried 
instructions later and then he sent them on their way with another -BLiP-.

                        - o o O O O o o -

  Alice Ashdown ran from the weird humanoid things that were chasing 
her. They looked vaguely like men in bodysuits with long stockings over 
their heads dangling down like Earthworm Jim. But they seemed to have 
no rigidity to their limbs, making them run with a disturbingly inhuman, 
loose jointed gait. They were nightmarish, like the world they inhabited.
  One moment Alice had been on campus at Dave Thomas Deluxe University, 
and then the world had changed. Admittedly, Dave Thomas was hardly a 
place of refuge from weirdness, and there had been a fight scene going 
on nearby, but unless serious hallucinogens or powers of illusion were 
being thrown about, then nothing that she could think of could have 
produced this. The world seemed to have split in two, and the net.heroes 
from the two halves had been set against each other to determine which 
of the pieces would be the sole survivor of a slugfest. She remembered 
experiencing the broadcast from the Siblings along with everyone else 
which explained the purpose and origin and rules of the contest of 
champions. But while everyone else had reacted by dividing on partial 
lines and begun barracking fro the net.heroes they knew best, she had 
paused in stupefied amazement and thought to herself .oO(But that's not 
the way the world is!)
  And now she was running for her life. Every so often one of the 
bogeyman-like creatures would close in on her and she would teleport 
away. She'd discovered that talent the first time they'd almost caught 
her. They'd always find her again though, and she was beginning to tire.
  Two of them were upon her now. She began to summon up some last dreg 
of strength and try to get away. Then they were gone, dragged away and 
torn apart by high speed, barely-seen somethings. A voice called, "Don't 
you two have better manners than to be grabby?"
  Another voice said, "Here miss, allow me to help you up."
  "Thanks... Kid Not Appearing In Any Retcon Hour Story." She glanced 
about, and saw the rest of the net.heroes. "Oh wow."
  While she was boggling, Fearless Leader asked, "You are Net.Access, 
am I correct?"
  She gave him a perplexed look. He sighed. "Perhaps explanations are 
in order." And then he frowned and raised his BigGun to blow away one 
of the sockdroids that had appeared en masse on the scene. "Mr. Thingy, 
if you would handle the explanations, I believe the rest of us have a 
fight scene to attend to."
  Mr. Thingy did so, while in the background can be seem the horde of 
sockdroids being righteously trounced by the forces of Good. He outlined 
the situation, and the rather special role that the Drizzt had identified 
for Net.Access in putting things aright. In turn, he was intrigued by 
her description of the original, unsundered, Looniverse. Apparently the 
inhabitants of the original had been displaced into the splinters, which 
was good news for attempting to reintegrate the pieces. It implied that 
the inhabitants would simply be sorted back into the tapestry of the 
whole. He, and probably the others, had been concerned about the possible 
loss of individual identity if the people from the separate parts were 
merged with others in the recreation of the whole.
  Net.Access was staring thoughtfully at her hands, which were beginning 
to sparkle as she tried to plumb the depths of the abilities within her. 
"I'm still not quite sure how to go about this," she said.
  Mr. Thingy nodded. "I think now would be the best time to get some 
advice from individuals with experience in energy manipulation and 
matters cosmic. Maui? Kid Not Appearing In Any Retcon Hour Story?..."

                        - o o O O O o o -

  Net.Access was nervous. Okay, so she'd had it explained to her how 
to use the remnant link to bring the splintered universes back together. 
In principle it was simple. It seemed that their current fractured state 
was only meta-stable, and if given a 'push' in the right point they'd 
fall back into place as one Looniverse. This, apparently, was why the 
Drizzt hadn't simply scooped her up to his satellite as he had with the 
net.heroes; the shielding on the Drizztsat would have made it impossible 
to even reach that 'right spot.
  Yeah, well, meta-stable or not, giving a push to two anythings the 
size of universes was a daunting task. She concentrated, feeling about 
for just the right 'place'. As she did so she lit up like a small sun, 
and the sockdroids in battle around her suddenly went into a frenzy as 
they tried to get through the ranks of net.heroes.
  Overhead, the forms of the two Siblings faded into view in the sky 
above the city. They were glaring at each other in a standoff, as if 
trying to stare each other down. But even as they became apparent to 
the mortal worlds, they began to move together and overlap, as if they 
were double images that could be made into one by refocusing one's eyes. 
And then it was over.
  The two cosmic siblings were combined! And with their reunification, 
the other splinter Looniverses were drawn in their wake into the 
recreated original as well! Green and yellow and purple and pink and 
infra-red and chequered and tartan and paisley coloured Siblings (among 
many others) were all mooshed together! Once more, the universe was 
whole! Where once there had been the sundered pieces, now once again 
there was the unity. The recombined entity that embodied the Looniverse 
in its totality ascended majestically into the heaven, watched by the 
awestruck heroes. No longer was he divided against himself. Once more 
he was...
  ...Size Of The Entire Universe Man!

                        - o o O O O o o -

  The Looniverse was repairing itself. Her job done, Net.Access hastily 
began opening a portal to what should be the real world - the undivided 
Looniverse that she had originally been dragged from. This would be 
cutting it fine, but she hoped that - by absurd comic book logic if 
nothing else - there would be a brief period of overlap when the two 
versions of the Looniverse(s) would co-exist and she would be able to 
jump from one to the other. It was a plan that was not necessarily 
plausible, but there was a precedent for it in the way she had been 
brought from the original into its splinters without undergoing the 
Bifurcation herself.
  A glowing gateway opened. Yes! It was working. She recognised the area 
near Dave Thomas Deluxe University that she had been in before all this 
weirdness started. She stepped through..
  ...and got clobbered from behind.
  "Hold the door, miss," said Ny!Lon! He hastened through the portal as 
well, followed by the Atomic Shagpile who had just knocked Net.Access 
out. They stepped over her prone form as the portal shrank and collapsed 
in on itself.
  The World's Wickedest Sock looked around. "So, this is the original 
Looniverse, is it? The Land of Opportunity." He turned his masked face 
to the Shagpile and said, "Come along my servant. We have a world to 
explore. I want a proper reconnaissance of this place before I get down 
to the serious business of crushing it beneath my heal."

                        - o o O O O o o -

Lobotomy versus Wolfenblitz:
  Reality began to fade out as Size Of The Entire Universe Man began 
reorganising his world back into the semblance of order. And as it did 
so, Lobotomy had just enough time to poke his tongue out and complain, 
"Aw common, I didn't even get to gut the little bandersnatch!"


  =(And so it ended,)= said Humanity. =(Another cosmos shattering crisis 
resolved in favour of the status quo. Moreover, since the events of the 
Bifurcation didn't fit properly into the reconstituted continuity, they 
were deleted and the memory of them was forgotten by all but a handful 
of the most comically aware entities. This, however, should not come 
as a surprise.)=
  "No, I suppose not," observed Kid Not Appearing In Any Retcon Hour 
Story, remembering how the events of the Crisis On Infinite Earths, Zero 
Hour, Worlds Collide, and Infinity Gauntlet had all be made to Unhappen 
as well. "What, however, is the point of this reminiscence?"
  =(The point is that all these crises have a direct impact on the fate 
of the Looniverse. The Looniverse _was_ a 'closed' universe, with a 
sufficient matter/energy quotient to cause it collapse back on itself 
under its own gravitational weight in a Big Crunch, then be reborn 
anew as the cycle continued. That is no longer the case.
  =(Each time that the universe is divided or reunited or rewritten, 
the total energy of the universe available for work is reduced. It takes 
a lot of power to rearrange a universe, even once. And these Events 
happened almost all the time during your epoch; hardly one of your 
years goes by without at least one of them taking place, although the 
number of that are remembered is but a fraction of the total that occur. 
They are, perhaps, the ultimate entropic waste. And because of them, 
the Looniverse you see about you,)= Humanity gestured, =(is about to 
fail at the last.)=
  KidNAIARHS felt chilled. Perhaps irrationally, he glanced about, 
half expecting the last lights of distant galaxies to be suddenly 
extinguished. Yes, he was vaguely aware of the theory, and how it 
applied to the Looniverse.
  Fritz Leiber had once wrote a novel, _The Big Time_, which had included 
The Law Of Conservation Of Reality. This Law (not to be confused with 
Terry Pratchett's use of a law of the same name in _Colour Of Magic_) 
dictated that whenever history was altered the universe would grudgingly 
give only as much energy to affect the change as was absolutely 
necessary. In practice this meant that 'temporal reluctance' tried to 
conserve energy by making history very hard to change and allowing only 
minimal variations when it did.
  The point was that in the Looniverse, in the unlikely event the Law 
Of Conservation Of Reality applied at all, it did so in a weak second 
place to the Law Of Drama. Awesome stories and spectacular special 
effects where the Looniverse's modus operandi and raison detre. If a 
story demanded it, the universe would happily waste any amount of energy 
to follow it through. Combine that with the principles of wReamEntropy, 
and you had a recipe for thermodynamic disaster.
  And now look where these extravagant policies had brought it to.
  Humanity gazed out across space. =(At this point in time we are more 
than mere trillions of years into your future. The galaxies you see 
about you no longer exist; their stars are dead, and all that remains 
is the light emitted long ago. Matter itself decayed at around 10^31 
years, since even protons are unstable over such lengths of time. Denied 
the use of the chemical elements so common in your time, the sapients 
had to resort to constructing bodies of energy and exotic particles. And 
once the stars had given out, the remaining civilisations of my 
constituent species were forced to huddle around black holes, warming 
themselves by the warmth that leaked first because of Hawking radiation 
and later from thermal equilibrium. This latter state of affairs can 
probably be dragged out until around 10^100 years, but by then even the 
largest of the black holes will have evaporated, leaving this continuum 
cold and empty and dead.)=
  Defiance stirred in Kid's heart. "I cannot believe that there is no 
hope, even in such a situation," he exclaimed angrily.
  Humanity looked at him as one would a child. =(I never said there was 
no hope. Indeed, for time out of mind I have been formulating a plan 
to revive this continuum. That is the task that I will soon be carrying 
  Feeling more than a bit foolish at his outburst, but pleased at the 
affirmation of hope, Kid asked, "What is it?"
  =(I shall reach forth into de Sitter space and pull in sufficient mass 
to replace the diffuse and inert substance within the Looniverse. This 
will, of course, have to be carefully distributed, but once done it will 
rejuvenate the Looniverse sufficiently to make both life tolerable, and 
ultimately bring it back to being a closed continuum. Stellar and 
planetary formation will commence again, and with it the development 
of new life. And then, in time, the Looniverse will collapse back in 
on itself, to form the seed of future universes.)=
  KidNAIARHS was amazed by the audacity of the scheme. The notion of 
steady state creation had not occurred to him, though perhaps it should 
have. After all, Constellation had drawn in the matter that became 
TheyMightBeVillains Mountain from the Astral Realm. [_Constellation_ #12 
- Footnote Girl]  And while de Sitter Space and the Astral Realm may or 
may not be the same thing, they certainly had similar functions and 
properties. Both were extra-universal areas within which universes were 
formed, and which contained an unlimited amount of mass which could be 
used to create more. Or supplement existing continuums.
  KidNAIARHS brought himself back to the here and now. "Very well," he 
said. "I will leave you to work this. I wish you well with your project."
  =(Thank you. Do you require assistance in returning to your own time?)=
  He shook his head. "No. Your aid in stopping me was invaluable. But 
returning is simply a matter of detouring by the Rock of Net.ernity. 
Farewell, Starmaker." And with that, Kid flew off in a random direction, 
disappearing after a second as he leapt out of real space towards the 
  Humanity watched him go. Then, it turned its attention back to sight 
of the dim red galactic clusters. It stretched out its arm, and slowly 
opened its hand.
  Within was a slowly rotating whirlpool of what looked like stars and 
gas. Long-time comic readers will recognise it - it bore a disturbing 
resemblance to the sight unearthed by Krona and which for so long was 
alleged to have precipitated the entire DC multiverse and the Crisis On 
Infinite Earths.
  Humanity held up its hand, as if to show its sparkling treasure to 
the lingering afterimages of the decrepit galaxies. Then it said,
  =(Let there be... more light.)=

Next Issue:
  Leftovers continues in Part 6 back in _Limp-Asparagus Lad_ #21.
  The next issue of _Kid Not Appearing In Any Retcon Hour Story_ will 
be part of Leftovers as well. Dunno what will happen in it though.

Character Credits:
  Kid Not Appearing In Any Retcon Hour Story created by Badger (Matt 
Rossi). Reserved by Saxon Brenton.
  The Drizzt created by Drizzt (Jeff Barnes).
  The Atomic Shagpile, Elastic Sock, Humanity, Net.Access, Ny!Lon!, 
and the Siblings created by Saxon Brenton.
  Fearless Leader and Maui are Public Domain.
  Lobotomy (Lobo) created by Scav (Todd Kogutt).
  Macroman and Mr. Thingy created by Dvandom (Dave Van Domelen).
  Makkaroni created by Kyle Lucke.
  Size Of The Entire Universe Man created by Jameel al Khafiz.
  Squidman created by David Goldfarb. Reserved by Dvandom.
  Wolfenblitz created by Abhay Khosla.

All characters copyright 1997 their owners or creators.

Add Notes Not Appearing In Any Retcon Hour Story: 
  Before people start correcting me, yes, I remember that Mr. Thingy said 
in _Dvandom Force_ #47 that he has no powers of his own. But this is an 
Elsewhirl-type story and so I took liberties to bring him in line with 
his counterpart at Marvel.
  By now many of you may be wondering what, exactly, the three issues 
of this sub-arc have to do with the rest of Leftovers. Well, believe it 
or not, apart from the thematic links there are story links that tie this 
into everything else. It's just that they are subtle and won't become 
apparent until later. But they're there. Really! Would I lie to you?

  Inspiration for Humanity came from Olaf Stapledon's _Starmaker_ and 
Isaac Asimov's 'The Last Question". Both are recommended reading.

  Here is the promised breakdown of the characters, mainly for the more 
obscure ones:
  Lobotomy originally turned up in _501 Blues: Long Road To Nowhere_ 
as a member of L.E.G.I.O.N. (Literary Excess Growing Idiotically On However, Scav's original treatment of him called him Lobo, 
the same as the original, so I modified the name for copyright 
  Mr. Thingy appeared in _Dvandom Force_ #s 43, 47 and 48.
  The Somnambulist required Decibel Dude and Vigilante Guy's help back 
in _DD&VG_ #21 and 22.
  Size Of The Entire Universe Man is the origin of the TheyMightBePowers, 
and was seen working behind the scenes in _Particle Man_ #2, with further 
discussion of him in _Particle Man_ #15.
  The Stupid Thing was created by Comics Snob Boy II to menace the LNH 
back in _Tales of the LNH_ #292-3.
  The Net.Thing is an NTB character created by Glenn Carnagey for _Wrath 
of the Administrator_.
  Wolfenblitz has been appearing occasionally in _Refugees of 
Net.ropolis_  since #2.

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