Blue Light Productions presents

                      Bot Boy: The Mini-Series
              "Do Robots Dream About Electronic Sheep?"
                           By Ben Rawluk


Cover: Bot Boy standing, his back to the reader, facing LNHHQ, with 
"All-New" embrossed across the cover.

CONTINUITY NOTE: This story takes place AFTER Limp-Asparagus Lad #17.

Metallic feet clanked against the cement parking lot in front of LNHHQ. 
Bot Boy stood in front of the towering structure, a glint of interest 
forming within his visual scanners. "As they say, here goes nothing." Bot 
Boy mumbled, to no on in particular, and pushed open the front doors, 
stepping through.

The Lobby of LNHHQ was anything but busy at this hour of the night, with 
only the receptionist, Todd McSomething, to be seen. Todd sat at the 
desk, and was flipping through a well handled copy of Incredibly 
Over-Muscled Force #2. 

"Excuse me? How can I join the LNH?" Bot Boy finally asked. Todd didn't 
bother looking up, and handed the LNH-Hopeful a stack of papers. 

"Fill these out," Todd noted, and then pointed in the direction of one 
corridor,"Then go down there to Dr.Stomper's lab." Bot Boy shrugged, 
and, taking a pen, walked off to a nearby Conviently Placed 
CoffeeTable(tm), and began to fill out forms.

A few minutes later, after about 20 or so papers, Bot Boy looked up, his 
robotic face almost contorting into a look of amazement. "Question #245: 
Have You, At anytime, caused the destruction of an alternate Looniverse?" 
He mumbled, and looked back down.

An undetermined amount of time later, Bot Boy walked into Dr.Stomper's 
Lab. The aforementioned owner of the lab was deep into some tests or 
other, and Limp-Asparagus Lad was up and about, and had logged on to an 
Internet server via a system terminal, apparently suffering from 
insomnia. Well, that and he had seemingly been drawn immense, huger than 
normal, with unimaginable amounts of muscle. "Ahem?" Bot Boy spoke up.

"Yes?" Dr.Stomper said. " probably want to join the LNH. I'll be 
up and about in a minute, to interview you." He continued with his 

"Would you mind if Limp-Asparagus Lad interviewed me?" Bot Boy asked, and 
both LNHers looked up. "MY reasons are my own, but I would prefer if he 
interviewed me."

"You mind?" Doc asked.

"Why not?" Limpy shrugged, and walked over to Bot Boy. "Follow me." 

A few minutes later, the two had arrived at the Interview Area. "Ok, 
what's your name?"

"Bot Boy."


"Robotic body, elongating arms," Bot Boy began, and paused only to pick 
up something across the room with an elongated arm, "Computer mind, and 

"Ok." LALad noted. "I guess you can join. You applications are ok." Limpy 
handed Bot Boy an LNH belt, and a Flight-Ring.Thingee.

Bot Boy nodded. "Thank you." He stood up, screamed something, and 
suddenly *PLINK*, he was gone.

"Uh Oh." LALad mumbled.


Bot Boy completed getting up, finding himself in an alien terrain. He 
clipped the LNH belt on, and placed the Flight-Ring.Thingee on his 
finger. "Uh oh." Bot Boy mumbled. "Not here."

"Yes, _here_!" A large Robot, which looked a lot like Bot Boy stated.


Next Issue: Bot Boy vs...The Might of Bad Bot!



Bot Boy, & Bad Bot owned by me.

Dr.Stomper is Public Domain

Limp-Asparagus Lad owned by Saxon Brenton.

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