Blue Light Productions presents


                     Kid Mysticism & The Net.Titans
                  "A Mildly Net.Titanish Yuletide Thingy"
                             "Jinge Spells"
                             By: Ben Rawluk


Cover: Kid Mysticism being menaced by several large elves, while Lurker 
Lad is hanging in a Christmas light from the logo


Kid Mysticism strode confidently down the streets of Net.Ropolis, his 
arms piled high with various assorted gifts. For a guy in spandex AND 
wearing an LNH ultility-belt.thingee around his waist, hardly anyone of 
any importance seemed to notice him, as he quickly approached LNHQ. 

*So Boss...what'd ya buy?* The familiar telepathic 'voice' of Spellfire 
was projected through KM's mind, and the young hero paused in his 
approach of the HQ in question.

"Um...Latin book for Linguist Lass...charm bracelet for Research Lass...a 
copy of the Fan.Boy Annual for Browsing Boy...a few other things..."

*Cool* Spellfire responded, when suddenly a rather sizable bouncy-ball 
clobbered Kid Mysticism right in the forehead. The net.hero quickly 
turned to face his attacker; nine of Santa's elves, with leather jackets, 
guns, swords, and other weapons at the ready, were before him, murder in 
their eyes.

"Uh-Oh..." Kid Mysticism mumbled, and began to conjure a mystic blast...

_Browsing Boy's Quarters_

"Ack...I should have wrapped these days ago!" Browsing Boy arghed, as he 
desperately tried to finish up hiding gifts within boxes and wrapping 
paper. He was not succeeding. Wrapping gifts was never his strong suit, 
and he always seemed to be all thumbs when it came to do the chore. It 
took him a half-an-hour alone to wrap the stack of comics he had bought 
for Plot-Device King.

"Need some help, Mon amour?" The sweet voice of Linguist Lass, accented 
at the end by a french accent, asked, as the female LNHer stepped in to 
BB's field of view. Startled, the Boy of Browsing accidently dropped a 
small, greyish box.

"" BB asked startled, and then realized he had 
dropped the box, he scrambled down to get it, only to find Linguist Lass 
had somehow managed to grab the box before him.

"Easy, my love." LL held up a small key. "Here you go..." she handed BB 
the box. "I wanted to come tell you; My brother's here." Linguist Lass 
paused, eyeing the gifts.

"YOUR BROTHER?! I didn't know you had a brother..." 

"Welp, I do."


Dashing through the snow, in a one-mantra open spellmatrix, Kid Mysticism 
flashed towards the psychoelves, who carefully sidestepped, sending the 
hero crashing into the wall. "STAND still!" He yelled, raising his hand. 
Conjured up projectiles of mystical force lashed out, blasting into the 
diminutive destructive dynamos of doom.

_The LNHQ Monitor Room_

Research Lass carefully placed the reciever back on the phone, and got up 
from her seat, carefully grabbing her coffee. "Ma and Pa are fine..." she 
muttered to Plot-Device King, who merely smiled.

"That's cool. Now it's my turn to phone the relatives." 

"Good Luck..." RL mumbled, stepping out of sight.

_The LNH Lobby_

Jerome stood in the middle of the lobby, dressed in a blue sweat shirt 
and black jeans. His short blonde hair was cut and combed, and he glanced 
down at his watch. "Can I help you?" Davis Alan, the current receptionist 
asked, as he glanced up from his mounds of paperwork, which never seemed 
to decrease.

"Um...No, merci. I'm just waiting pour ma soeur....or rather, my 
sister..." Jerome answered, a thick french accent inherent in his every 
word. He was glad that he would be able to see is sister again...with him 
living in France, and her here, they usually didn't connect.

"Jerome...hi!" Linguist Lass smiled, as she stepped out of the opposite 
hallway, followed by Browsing Boy, who seemed rather confused, and 
required LL's holding his hand, to guide him.

"Hi..." Jerome answered. "Um..shouldn't you be doing something? There's 
some net.hero outside...fighting a bunch of midgets, outside."

"Oh...nothing to worry about...this is Browsing Boy by the way...BB...
meet Jerome.."


Kid Mysticism had finally managed to trap the villainous varlets in a 
skein of rope, and guided them to the nearest Police-Holding Area. As he 
quickly returned to LNHQ, he stopped to grab his presents. This might 
just be an ok Christmas after all.



Next Issue: Fun! Net.Titans! Net.Olympians! Be here for Kid Mysticism & 
The Net.Titans #33, "Crisis Times B", part one of the Earth-B caper!



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