Blue Light Productions presents

An LNH Title

Kid Mysticism & The Net.Titans

By Ben Rawluk

"Devil in Blue Spandex"
Game, Set, And Match Finale...

Cover: The cover displays the usual "Kid Mysticism & The Net.Titans" 
Logo, in red outlined with blue, and the Imprint and issue number at the 
corner. Under the logo is the image of Research Lass, back to the 
audience, flying above Net.Ropolis. Hiding behind the logo, a 
demonic-type is snickering evilly. Down at the bottom, in yellow, the 
blurb "Hot Town!" is printed.


Research Lass shifted on her feet, as she scrolled down the contents of 
her email box, at her computer terminal. "One message..." She mumbled, in 
a low tone, and clicked on the icon. An instant later, the message appeared:

To: rlass@lnh.sys.netropolis.weirdness 
Subject: Manipulations....
Frome: kmysticism@lnh.sys.netropolis.weirdness
Cc: Net.Titans Mailing List

People, things don't look good...I sense some unknown manipulating us. Be 
on the lookout. Dr.Stomper says that he is going to try and killfile the 
lurking energy from Lurker Lad.

I'll keep you all posted...

Kid Mysticism
Kid Mysticism, kmysticism@lnh.sys.netropolis.weirdness

Research Lass looked up from the screen. She certainly knew what Kid 
Mysticism was feeling...for the past few days, a knawing sense had clung 
to her like yesterday's cheesecake to the wall after a food fight. "I 
better go out...on patrol..." She slowly rose, pausing only to log off 
the LNH Comp System. She grabbed a jacket, and went out the door.

On the way, RL headed down to the Medlab to see Lurker Lad.


The Medlab was filled to the brim with all kinds of really confusing 
technology. RL stopped for a second, as she entred, for an instant 
believing she had teleported to an alternate reality where Kid Kirby was 
the Medical Doctor of the Team, but then snapped out of it. Carefully, 
she navigated through the equipment to Lurker Lad's bed. "How are you?" 
She asked, seeing that LL was quite awake, though still only half-solid.

"*UGH!*...I....I'm ok..." LL managed a bare smile. "Doc is gonna try 
purging the energy from me system..." 

"Yes, I am. Stand back, Research Lass." Doc Stomper appeared, hold a data 
pad and some weird device. A RL stepped back, Doc placed the device on 
Lurker Lad's chest, and consulted that pad. He wrote on the pad with a 
lightpen, and activated the device. Lurker Lad screamed, as energies 
began to pour from him, collected into the machine. RL waved, and left 
the two to work ahead. She had a patrol to do.


RL flashed across the beautifully drawn skyline of Net.Ropolis, her eyes 
carefully looking for trouble. She truly doubted she'd find anything to 
do with the manipulations, but the feeling was growing stronger. And then 
she saw it.

A column of pure, silver flame was churning out of an alley on the 
ground. the flame continued on for several MILES. RL nodded to herself. 
This was it, and she dove down towards it. 

As RL slowly touched the ground, she carefully glanced about the 
location. It was an alley, a DARK alley. *Funny....It's only 2:00 
pm...bright afternoon everywhere else.* RL thought to herself. The dark 
thing is just for atmosphere, anyway. *Oh..Ok...can we get on with the 
story?* Sure, why not? Anyway, RL carefully investigated the flames. It 
was like a grand bonfire, clinging to the heavens. RL stopped for a 
moment, to fan herself. *Gods that's hot..I'm already perspiring..* RL 
thought. "The things I do for Net.Ropolis..." Research Lass stepped back, 
hoping for even a shard of cool air. No such luck.

"Hot, are we?" The voice had come from behind her. It was harsh, dark, 
and as singing and hot as the silver bonfire. Research Lass turned to 
face the owner of the voice. It was a man, tall and slim, dressed in a 
simple red business suit. His eyes were hidden by expensive looking 
shades, his stance tall and diginfied. "Oh dear, DO forgive I 
am, manipulating your pathetic lives for some fun, and I have the NERVE 
to not introduce myself properly. My name is Entropy, my dear. Amos 
Entropy." Entropy smiled, but not in the usual, dumb smile. It was a 
smile that showed PURE EVIL. Research Lass shivered.

"Why...why did you manipulate us...and what is with the bonfire...gods 
It's worse than the heat of the Sahara..." RL grumbled, drawn into one of 
those cheesecake (Sorry C-E Lad) positions that are so popular. Must be 
some guest penciler. 

"I manipulated you all for pleasure...I do SO love seeing spandex idiots 
run through hoops. The bonfire...well, something to get your attention, 
and yet menacing enough to be plausible...would it have worked if it was 
a giant clown doll?" 

RL actually stopped to consider this. "No...I suppose it wouldn't..." 
But she, feeling a bit impulsive (And compelled by the Author to engage 
in violence) set off a bunch of really cool martial arts moves she had 
researched earlier that morning, shoving Entropy into the bonfire. 
Entropy merely glared, annoyedly.

"Shouldn't have done that, you &^%$! You just got on my bad side..No more'm gonna do something FAR worse...Be seeing ya..." 
And with that he, and the bonfire began to vanish. As the net.villain 
type disappeared, he could be heard to mutter, "Bloody ^%% heroes always 
defeating us bloody pointless...she'll pay..."

As soon as the last ember of flame vanished, Research Lass began to fly 
away. "Geez...all that manipulation, and the endfight lasts 5
anti-climatic." She stopped for a minute. "And the reasons for his 
manipulation were pretty cliched..." She flew off, headed for LNHQ....


Next Issue of KM & TNT: Well, everyone has conventions...even 
net.villains! Part of the EvilCon Cross-over with Jamas Enright!



Doctor Stomper is Public Domain

Research Lass is owned by me. Lurker Lad is reserved by me, but not owned.

Mr.Entropy is owned by me.

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