Blue Light Productions presents

                 Kid Mysticism & The Net.Titans
                    "Reviewed In the Stars"    
                         By Ben Rawluk

Plot-Device King shifted on his feet as he stepped into the Lobby of 
LNHHQ from outside. His eyes glowered slightly, as they did occasionally. 
He wasn't sure why they did, though Dr.Stomper mentioned once it might be 
linked to his plot-device powers. Carefully, he walked down to the main 
Med Lab.
Once inside, PDK discovered Dr.Stomper working furiously to purging the 
Lurking Energies from Lurker Lad's bruised body as Research Lass looked 
on. "Plot-Device King?" Dr.Stomper asked as he finished some data 
"Just checkin' in. How's Lurker Lad doin'?" 
"Not good enough. I've managed to killfile only a fraction of the lurking 
energy from him." Dr.Stomper grumbled. "I'm gonna try a Chronal 
Displacement Field. It should shift his quantum signature out of sync 
with the energies." 
"Uh...right." PDK scratched his head. "Tell me how it goes...I wanna get 
some exersize in the Peril Room. Clear my head." PDK waved and headed out.
PDK slowly headed down the hall, his head filled with a dull ache. 
Suddenly, a beam of pure energy collided with him. He was thrown against 
a wall. He managed, barely, to get up. Before PDK was a tall, 
overly-muscular man, with a long cloak and shouldplates the size of 
Net.Jersey. "DIE!" The Man screamed, and energy bolts lanced out. "Feel 
the wraith of....KHULE!!"

_Kid Mysticism's Private Quarters, LNHHQ_
Kid Mysticism glanced at the clock, as he placed the golden chain and 
spear into the cauldron, the weapons having until recently belonged to a 
net.villain known as Captain Injustice. "I hope this presents something." 
KM mumbled, and he held out his fist. He began to mutter a few words of 
magic, and Arcane Heat burst forth. Minutes later, the cauldron was 
filled with liquid gold. 
_Main Corridor, LNHHQ_
"Gnhhh!" Plot-Device King with all his powers at Khule, his attacker. 
Plotdevicion particles leapt forth, hitting a lighting fixture. Sparks 
blasted forth, confusing the attacker. 
"What?!" Khule yelped, and fell to the ground. He screamed, and his form 
shifted, pounds of chrome slowly forming around him, along with MEGA-BIG 
Plot-Device King leapt forward, though confused by the chrome, his powers 
reaching inside of Khule. The two flew up, crashing through the ceiling. 
As they fought, in midair, gleaming energies began to pour out of Khule 
into PDK. The two screamed in unison. Suddenly, raging energies surged 
forth, and suddenly a explosion occured. So intense, so immense, that 
LNHHQ was destroyed. Khule teleported away. Plot-Device King began to 
rise up into space, plot-devicions raging out of control.
Mere moments later, Retconic Ripples surged, and suddenly, LNHHQ and all 
that had been obliterated, returned to existence, as if nothing had 
happened. And PDK was gone, as was Khule.
Plot-Device King was amazed, as he floated, unharmed, in space. His eyes 
had witnessed LNHHQ's rebirth. "How...?" He floated still, glowing. He 
looked down at himself, surprised to see himself slowly becoming 
overmuscled. His costume shifted, becoming like armour.
"Well, now isn't this a 'how-do-ya-do'??" PDK turned, to see a handsome man 
in an impressive business suit with "RACC" emblazened across it.
"The Reviewer?!" PDK yelped. " were trapped in Forgotten 
Character Limbo!!?"
"For a while. I merely found to the interpertation of my defeat to be 
badly written, so I retconned it." The Reviewer smiled, slightly, 
brushing some badly written netfic which had stuck to his shoulder, into 
oblivion. "I, however, find it pointless to bother with you anymore. Now, 
if you'll excuse me, I have to go irritate that Bot Boy character; Now 
HE'S a badly written character." The Reviewer smiled, and vanished, 
leaving a very weirded out Plot-Device King to muse on the appearence.
Next Issue: Part 5(of 6) of GAME SET AND MATCH. Kid Mysticism learns 
something about the composition of Captain Injustice's weapons, something 
that will have a profound effect on the Net.Titans. Also, Linguist Lass 
tracks down the Doom-Lurker!
Plot-Device King, Kid Mysticism, Research Lass, & The Reviewer owned by me.
Lurker Lad is Public Domain, but is reserved for use by me as a Net.Titan.
Khule is owned by Bookwyrm.
Dr.Stomper is Public Domain.
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