Blue Light Productions presents

                     Kid Mysticism & The Net.Titans
                         GAME, SET, AND MATCH
                          "Blind Injustice"


Cover: A side shot of Kid Mysticism being shoved against a wall be a 
large golden spear.

Keyhole City. A middle class, medium sized city south of Net.Ropolis. 
Simple economy, and only a few skyscrapers. One of those few skyscrapers 
is the current location of Kid Mysticism.

*Draw in all the ley lines yet?* came the familiar mind-voice of 
Spellfire, as he floated harmlessly a meter above the ground. His astral 
eyes turned to look at his boss, Kid Mysticism, who was bent over, 
scratching symbol's into the rooftop. 

"Just a second...ok...done!" Kid Mysticism slowly got to his feet. 
"There. Once I tap into these ley lines, I should be able to form a spell 
to find this 'Doom-Lurker' chap." Kid Mysticism mused. He slowly raised 
his hands, and glistening beams of pure sapphire energy leapt out, 
burning into the ley lines. Kid Mysticism began to smile. " 

Rather suddenly, indeed, a HUGE golden spear barrelled right into his 
back, piercing the flesh. "Ugh!" KM screamed, as he fell forward. 
Spellfire leapt forward.

*BOSS!!!* Spellfire projected, quickly descending into Kid Mysticism's 
mind. As he vanished from sight, a lone figure arrived. He carried a long 
golden chain, and wore a costume of terrible taste. 

"Gee...that was easy. I would have thought an LNHer would be more...difficult." 
The assassin said, in disbelief. "This one presented no problem." He 
fingered some of the chain links carefully, and the spear leapt into his 

"Attacker..." A voice began, slowly, and almost sarcastically. The 
villain slowly looked down. Kid Mysticism was up and about, though his 
costume had changed. KM smiled, and punched the villain out. "Idiot." Kid 
Mysticism glanced at himself. "Nice threads..." The new costume was dark 
green, with "KM" in red on the chest. He now had a hooded cloak, with the 
hood up. Kid Mysticism slowly picked up the villain's spear. 

On the sharp end was carved:


and below that:

(C)1995, Net.Villains Union, All rights reserved. Use of this weapon by 
any non-villain is punishable by the Loonited States Villainous Equipment 

Kid Mysticism smiled, as he read the indicia. "I've never been one to 
follow a villain's law." He slowly placed the spear, and then the chain, 
in a cleverly place pouch in the cloak(tm). He brushed some dust off, 
before flying off.

_Ten Minutes Later, Keyhole City_

Captain Injustice slowly regained a degree of consciousness, swearing 
under his breath. Then, he realized that his weapons were gone, and he 
began to swear so that it was audible, but since this is a Code-Approved 
book, the Author just doesn't want to put it in.

Needless to say, the villain was not happy. This was only added to when a 
weirdo in armour (The armour making it quite clear that he was 
colorblind) materialized. "Who the *CENSORED* are you??!" Injustice yelled.

The weirdo slowly passed The Not-So-Good Captain a business card.

                            Odd Khan
          Supervillain at large, Collector of rare items.

"'Odd Khan'?? Weird name." 

Odd Khan didn't bother responding. He just giggled "Yes! A mint condition 
net.villain AND a populated city from The Mainstream Net.Earth!" He 
slowly touched a few buttons on his gauntlet. Seconds later, he, Captain 
Injustice, and the whole of Keyhole City, vanished.


Next Issue: Plot-Device King vs. Khule?!! 



Kid Mysticism, Spellfire, Captain Injustice, and Odd Khan owned by Moi.

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