Blue Light Productions presents

		  Kid Mysticism & The Net.Titans
                      GAME, SET AND MATCH
                       "A Lurker's Tale"
                         By Ben Rawluk


Cover: The cover on this issue has a frightening tone to it. Below the 
Logo and the Number Box, the image of Lurker Lad, half dematerialized, 
being beaten by an Obscenely Overmuscled Villain-Type can be seen.

The LNH Infirmary was More or less uncrowded. The Room's center was where 
a simple hospital bed sat, with Lurker Lad lying across it, next to some 
complex Medical Equipment. "Stand back, people." Dr.Stomper announced, as 
he places some electrodes on Lurker Lad's only partially solid form. He 
carefully directed Research Lass and Browsing Boy over to the side of the 
room. "Here goes nothing."

The Electrodes surged, and the machines began to beep as data was 
collected. "Anything?" Research Lass asked, telltale worry lines on her 

"Nothing yet....WAIT!...Ok...I've found something." Dr.Stomper announced, 
after a moment of reading the results on the Machine's screens. "There is 
a blip of energy in each of his wounds. It isn't particularly strong, and 
seems to be shifting in and out of sight. Without any real evidence 
either way, I'd have to say it's Lurking Energy." 

"Lurking Energy?" Browsing Boy responded, a look for curiousity slowly 
arcing on his face. He stood beside Research Lass, and was leaning 
against a wall. 

"Yes, I believe I did a paper on it once. I theorized that if one was to 
be able to shift an energy field into dematerialization, and control the 
shift, it could be used to harm a Lurker, regardless of the Lurker's 
phase." Dr.Stomper stated. He glanced up, at the rather blank looks on 
his fellow LNHers's faces, and finally continued. "An energy which can 
hurt a lurker." Finally, recognition of the statement became apparent. 
Dr.Stomper smiled to himself, and then continued on with the examination. 
"If we don't eliminate the energy, Lurker Lad will die.

"*huk*...*cofff*..." Lurker Lad sputtered, slowly returning to the level 
of consciousness one generally associates with awakness. " head..." 
The three other LNHers turned to face their partially intangible comrade. 

"Lurker Lad! You're awake!" Research Lass exclaimed.

"Oh Writer...I hope way I'm alive...I hurt too much..." Lurker 
Lad mumbled, and tried to sit up. "You guys will never believe what 

"Uh oh....Brace yourselves....I feel a Flashback coming on..." Dr.Stomper 
instructed, and grasped the console. Research Lass and Browsing Boy did 

*********************Flashback a la Lurker Lad*******************************

The Net.Ropolis Warehouse District loomed all around Lurker Lad. He had 
been assigned by the computer to check out reports of trouble done here. 
"Oh %$#*.." he muttered, realizing he forgot to logon to the LNH system 
so he could be found. The Sky above was a dark crimson color, not because 
it was Sunset, but more for the effect. "Humph..." Lurker Lad gasped, 
realizing the District DID seem to be in a state of perpetual Dusk...

He quickened his steps down the dark and deserted alley, carefully 
shifting into his Dematerialized state for protection. "This district 
wasn't so dark the last time I was here..." he mumbled, when suddenly, a 
fist crashed into his spine. "What the...?!!" Lurker Lad yelped, as he 
fell into contact with the hard cement of the ground. He shifted back to 
normal, and looked about. "How..." Then HE appeared.

The Behemoth phased back into sight before him, laughing maniacally. 
Lurker Lad gasped. A poor little puppy dog was stuck in his grasp. 

"Unhand that puppy!" Lurker Lad yelled, and lunged at the villain. The 
villain only laughed, and suddenly Lurker Lad fell right through him. "A 

"Not just ANY Lurker fool....I am..." The villain paused for appropriate 
dramatic effect, "...The DOOM-LURKER!!" he looked down on Lurker Lad. 
"Now then, give up, or the puppy meets his maker!" Doom-Lurker grinned. 
Lurker Lad again lunged, and fell through his opponent. Doom-Lurker 
laughed, and stuffed the puppy into that Yellowish Narration Box at the 
top of the panel. 

Doom-Lurker punched Lurker Lad again, who was in mid-dematerialization, 
his hand charging the air with Lurking Energy. Lurker Lad screamed, and 
flew off, shifting from solid to phased.


"whoa...." Browsing Boy mumbled. "Why did he do it?" 

"No...rhyme or reason I could see..." Lurker Lad finished, and lay back 
on the bed. 

"Hmm....I suggest we look into this..." Research Lass chimed in. 
Dr.Stomper was busying himself with equipment, so he refrained from 
saying anything.


"Well done, Doom-Lurker..." An Evil type said, as Doom Lurker appeared.
"The endgame has begun...alert my next pawn."

"Yes Master..."


Next Issue: Kid Mysticism vs the Awe-Inspiring might of...Captain 
Injustice! Who will win?!


Credit where Credits are due.

Browsing Boy, and Lurker Lad Public domain, but reserved as a Net.Titans. 

Dr.stomper is Public Domain.

Research Lass, & Doom-Lurker are owned by me.

Flashbacks provided by Recap Boy's Cosmic Off-Panel Back Histories, Inc.

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