Blue Light Productions presents

Kid Mysticism & The Net.Titans #24
"Newsgrouping" By Ben Rawluk
An LNH Title 


Cover: A picture of Linguist Lass and Browsing Boy walking along a 
street, casually reading some comics. In the Background, Plot-Device King 
is blasting Lord Newsgroup, who is spamming PDK to death. 

_Brenton Avenue_

"Are you sure this new Comic Shop is any good?" Browsing Boy muttered, as 
he wandered up the street slightly behind Linguist Lass.

"I am sure." Linguist Lass answered, and they stepped into the shop.

"Welcome to Domlem's Comics..." A synthesized Computer voice chimed, as 
the two LNHers closed the door behind them. 

Linguist Lass wandered over to the Manga section. "I promised Research 
Lass I'd pick her up some manga and anime for her research project." LL 
noted. She glanced up at Browsing Boy, who was examining a poster pinned 
to the Store's wall. It read:

           It's 10:30pm. Do you know where your Net.Heroes are?

Then below that, it had an outline of some net.hero or other, with 
"Limp-Asparagus Lad #17" below the figure. 

"Weird." Browsing Boy muttered, and turned to face the shelf. He promptly 
began browsing through Sandman, Justice League, and Bizarre Heroes.

_Ce.Net.Ral Park_

"I hope this clears my head." Plot-Device King muttered. It seemed 
reasonable. A brisk jog through the park. He jogged along, occasionally 
glancing at his watch. "I have to get back soon...and see if LNH_Bldr has 
finished that area I wanted him to build." He muttered, when suddenly a 
stream of pure, Wrong Newsgroup-Spawned Spam hit him, throwing his off 
balance. "What the....?!" He yelled out, trying to get his bearings 
through the spam. 

"Beware, LNHer. You are about to meet your end." A voice screamed, and 
began posting an endless stream of X-Men Posts onto Alt.comics.LNH, 
sending PDK backwards. PDK looked up. "I am Lord Newsgroup!" 

"Oh, really." PDK muttered, and turned on his power. Suddenly, the air 
was filled with plotdevicion particles, slowly affecting coincidence and 
moving the plot along. The Particles shifted and bonded with the air 
molecules, and suddenly, The LNHer was wearing Complex, Manga style 
Battle Armour. "Say goodbye, Newsie!" He raised a gauntleted arm, and 
blasts of energy lanced out, and exploded through Lord Newsgroup's chest. 
The villain looked down, and saw a large gaping hole in his chest, and 

He posted a few Legion of Superheroes Posts to RACX, and the resulting 
spam (and flames) morphed and filled in the hole. "Uh oh..." PDK mumbled, 
and tried to get the armour to fly away with him inside. 

"Uh oh...indeed." Lord Newsgroup smiled evilly. "Now then. Shall we bash 
eachother's head's in?"


"You don't mind, do you?" Kid Mysticism asked, as LNH_Bldr @opened an 
exit leading to a room he had just built KM. "I just want a room to use 
for Mystical Mediation(tm). Doing it in my quarters tends to produce 
vortexes and portals."

"No, no, of course not. I'll just attach it to the LNH Garden area 
Plot-Device King had me build." LNH_Bldr answered, and finished the room. 
"There you go." 

"Thanks, LB." 

"Yer excuse me, I have to go get some more building money." 

"Yes, of course. Bye." 

_Ce.Net.Ral Park_

Plot-Device King HAD managed to get something of an advantage. His power 
had fixed it so that Lord Newsgroup was banned from most newsgroups, and 
had blasted him with the Mega Big Physically Impossible Gun(tm) his power 
changed the armour into. 

"I'll*coff*...for this..." Lord Newsgroup screamed as he 
faded out of existence.


Next Issue: Spotlight on Lurker Lad! Be here for "The LNHer Who Wasn't 



Limp-Asparagus Lad is owned by Saxon Brenton.
Linguist Lass is owned by Martin Phipps, but is reserved as a Net.Titan.
Browsing Boy is Public Domain, but reserved as a Net.Titan.
Kid Mysticism, Plot-Device King, LNH_Bldr, Lord Newsgroup are owned by me.
Brenton Avenue & Domlem Comics are Public Domain Places, use them if you 
want, likewise with the LNH Garden Area.
Kid Mysticism's Mystic Retreat is owned by me.

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