Blue Light Productions presents

                 Kid Mysticism & The Net.Titans
                         By Ben Rawluk


Cover: Kid Mysticism, with his back to the Readers, standing in a awe of 
an infinite number of white paths floating in the void of Unreality. Off 
to the side is a cloaked being holding a long golden staff. In the 
Opposite Corner is, in bubble letters, "Caught in the NEXUS?!". 

Kid Mysticism floated in an endless, black void. Kind of like the Artist 
spilled all the ink on the page. All the infinite eyes where blinking 
constantly, and a collective voice rang out with sobs of pain. KM was by 
now kind of annoyed, and getting a headache. "Spellfire?!" Kid Mysticism 
screamed, expecting a reply from his astral guide.

Nothing. The eyes continued to blink, the voice continued to scream. KM 
looked annoyed, and closed his eyes. He was going out on a limb here, 
but...*Spellfire! Are. You. There?!* Kid Mysticism projected. He didn't 
usually project directly through their weird link. 

*BOSS?! Your ok?!* Came an answering projection. 

*Spellfire! Where are you?*

*LNHHQ. Some sorcerer materialised, grabbed you, and teleported away.*

After a few minutes of Recap, Kid Mysticism finally projected, *How do I 
get out of here?*

*Cast the Compass Spell. Simple, easy, and quick*

*All...All right.* Kid Mysticism projected, and focussed. Searing waves 
of Azure light lanced out of his hands, and he brought them togther. The 
waves shifted and morphed into a sapphire compass rose. The Northern most 
point blipped with azure light. The light beamed out, and suddenly a Huge 
Teleportation Gateway materialised. "Nice touch..." Kid Mysticism 
whispered. He flew through it. 

_Not quite here, not quite There_

Kid Mysticism stepped onto the white surface. He looked down, to see he 
was standing about a white platform, with long pathways branching out all 
around it. "Where...where am I?" KM muttered, not expecting a reply.

"You are in shall I put this so your feeble mind would 
comprehend? Ah! You are in the Looniversal Nexus." A cloaked figure said, 
as he stepped into view from behind KM. "I am the Agent of the Author 
assigned to Guard the Nexus." 

"Ye Writers!" Kid Mysticism exclaimed. "How do I get back to Net.Earth?" 

"I suppose I could tell you, but then, we Agents of the Author must be as 
ambiguous as possible to provide the character time enough to 
soul-search." The Agent muttered, and scanned the Never-Ending Horizon.

"I think I wouldn't mind in this case." KM answered.

"Sorry. Author said I couldn't." Agent mumbled.

"Did he now." KM mumbled. He blasted the Agent with a blast of azure 
energy. "No I didn't!!" KM yelled.

[Yes you did. Now let the story continue.] "I guess..."

Anyway, Kid Mysticism got kind of annoyed, and began to conjure the 
compass spell. The light lanced out in the direction of the right path, 
and KM began to walk down it.


"Ok, Lurker Lad. You lost the Flight.Thingee, you get to help me build a 
new one." Dr.Stomper announced, as he handed Lurker Lad a toolbelt. 

"Do I have to?!" LL mumbled.



"NO Buts. Get working." Dr.Stomper replied.


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Credits: Kid Mysticism, Spellfire, & The Agent are owned by me.

Lurker Lad is reserved as a Net.Titan, though he is public domain.

Dr.Stomper is Public Domain.

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