Blue Light Productions presents

                  Kid Mysticism & The Net.Titans
                       "Alliance in Shadows"
                          By Ben Rawluk


The Cover: The Picture is of Kid Mysticism standing defiently facing Four 
Sorcerous Looking Fellows and a Conjuring Woman. The Background is 
completely black, and the 5 characters facing KM are faded near their 
feet into the blackness. One of the men is holding a Crystal in his right 
hand. Near the bottom of the page is a simple phrase. The phrase is, 
"Allies of Shadows!". The "& The Net.Titans" in the Logo is covered over 
loosely by a piece of paper drawn on.

The Scene was a dark and forboding one. Kid Mysticism is in the center 
of a Great, Shadowy Blackness. All around him are white eyes, looking 
upon him with great hunger. A deep, throaty Collective laugh rings out 
across the infinity, and Kid Mysticism clamps his hands over his ears, 
his face contorted in pain. "YeArggghhhhhh!!!!!" He screamed, with pain 
ringing inherent in ever infinitesemal note in his scream.

"STAND READY, O ACCUSED ONE." The collective voice said, it's mindless 
laughter ceasing. Kid Mysticism was startled by the sudden appearence of 
a huge platform. He was standing in within a metallic stand, almost like 
a witness box. Suddenly, the shadows shifted, and 5 beings stood before 
him. Behind them was the Gatherer, the being who had brought KM here. 

" going on?" Kid Mysticism asked, a certain meekness 
creeping into his voice. 

The woman stepped forward. "We are the Sorcererous Beings of the 
Looniverse. You are to be punished for existing to long in a Looniverse 
not your own." The woman grinned arrogantly, and held up her hand. There 
was a shimmering, and a small Image of Earth-B materialized, floating 
just above her palm. "We will test you, and you will have to prove that 
you are worthy and not an anomaly in the Looniverse." The woman 
continued. "I am Steakga." She dissipated the image of the Earth, and 
raised her hands. Bats and lizards suddenly shimmered into existence, and 
began to crawl all over Kid Mysticism.

"No!" KM screamed, and struck out with his hands. Waves of Sapphire Magic 
arose from his fingertips, and the vermin shattered, as if made from 

" is not possible!?" Steakga yelled. She glanced at her fellow 
mystics, and stepped back.

"Ju..just a second..." Kid Mysticism stuttered. "If you are the Sorcerers 
of the Looniverse, shouldn't there be more of you?" 

"We are only the Sorcerers chosen to comprise the Eldritch Alliance for 
this Trial." One of the mystics answered, as he stepped forward. "I am 
Gutwind." He fired beams of mystic fire from his eyes, which slammed into 
Kid Mysticism.

"Oof!" KM gasped as he fell back from the blast. Instinctively, he 
hurtled a Mystically formed Sapphire dagger towards Gutwind. 

"Argh!" Gutwind screamed, as the blade screeched into his shoulder. He 
stepped back, and another sorcerer stepped forward. 

"I am Feelinks Flawed. State your case and then we will do battle." 

"Um...if I am an anomaly in the Looniverse, shouldn't that mean I have a 
counterpart there? I already tried to search for one..." KM started.

"Pehaps...Perhaps not." FF noted, and cast a great and wonderous spell. 
The spell curved around Kid Mysticism.

"This has gone on long enough....!" Kid Mysticism muttered, and raised 
his hands. Sapphire Magic surged from his hands, and shattered the 
platform. The Collective voice screamed in PURE, unadulterated pain. The 
eyes all around him vanished. 

"No!" Gutwind screamed, as he and the others faded away, shifted into 

"That was easy." Kid Mysticism muttered. "Now what?" 


Next Issue: Kid Mysticism meets the Looniversal Nexus...!


Credits: Kid Mysticism, Gutwind, Steakga, Gatherer, Feelinks Flawed, and 
Earth-B are owned by me.

The Shadow Realms and Eldritch Alliance are to be Considered Public 
Domain, just email me so I can fit it into Continuity.

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