Blue Light Productions presents


                  Kid Mysticism & The Net.Titans
                    "All Things Odd and Merry"
                          By Ben Rawluk
              Featuring Linguist Lass and Lurker Lad


_Kid Mysticism's Private Quarters_

The room was filled with an ethereal, sapphire light. Kid Mysticism was 
in the center of the mystic energy, guiding it with his hands, and 
chanting in a low voice. Outside, People walked by were startled by the 
blue light as it passed through the window pane. Spellfire was not 
around. Probably, he was off in some nook or cranny deep in the folds of 
Kid Mysticism's mind. "O yo hy Ruh mu ghi..." Kid Mysticism chanted, and 
he began to float. Slowly, finally, he stepped back onto the floor, and 
the energy vanished back into the ether.

*Had enough, Boss?* Spellfire projected at his human host, emerging from 
KM's head as a tiny flame being.

"For tonight. Scanning the Fabric of Time/Space is tiring." KM answered, 
and sat on his bed. His brow was knit with weakness and sleepiness, as it 
crept into his soul like a phantom returning to it's grave. 

Suddenly, Kid Mysticism was blinded by a huge Inferno which burst from 
the ground. "What the?!" KM yelled.

"YOUR PRESENCE IS REQUIRED." A single form, cloaked in shadow so deep you 
could fall into it, said, as he/she/it stood at the centre of the Blaze.

"Who...who are you?!" KM stuttered, as he shielded his eyes.

"Introductions will take to long. However, know that I am called THE 
GATHERER." The Gatherer answered, and grabbed Kid Mysticism. The flames 
slowly overtook Kid Mysticism and the two suddenly vanished. 

*??* Spellfire projected, floating in the now empty room.

_Net.Ropolis Park_

"You sure this is wear we parked the Flight.Thingee?" Linguist Lass 
mumbled, as she and Lurker Lad trudged through the playground area.

"Quite sure. I left the Holo-Cloak.Thingee running. Once we are near it, 
the Flight.Thingee will sense the presence of our Flight Ring.Thingees 
and decloak."

"Our....? But I left mine back at LNHHQ, since we WERE gonna be 
patrolling in the Flight.Thingee." Linguist Lass responded.

"Yeah well, _I_ remembered mine." Lurker Lad noted, and began shuffling 
through his LNH Utility-Belt.Thingee's pouches. "Humph." he mumbled.


"I...I think I lost mine..." 

"Oh great! Now Ultimate Ninja's gonna kick our butts for losing a 
Flight.Thingee!" Linguist Lass huffed. After a few moments of silence and 
blinking at each other, they began calling out, "Here, Flight.Thingee!"

After several minutes of this, they stopped. Or rather they were hit by 
an immense blast of PURE cos.mic energy. "What the?!" Lurker Lad yelled, 

"Feel the Fantastic Fury of....ODD KHAN!" The deep, cosmic sounding voice 
yelled from above. They looked up, to see a supervillain with bad taste 
in costume floating above them, carrying the Flight.Thingee within an 
immense energy field.

"Odd Khan? Who's that?" Linguist Lass mumbled, not knowing the name.

yelled. "Anyway, fools, I have an actual LNH Flight.Thingee!  Prime 
Memorabilia! Everyone is the MultiLooniverse is looking for one these! 
They're mega-rare!"

"Oh Author...a _fan boy_..." Lurker Lad muttered. 

"SHUT. UP." Odd Khan muttered, and blasted Lurker Lad for good measure.

Linguist Lass threw a small rock at the villain. "Collect this!" Odd Khan 
dissolved the rock, but lost concentration on the Flight.Thingee...

"No! Linguist Lass! Don't...the Flight...." Lurker Lad called out, as the 
Flight.Thingee came crashing down on them. Linguist Lass managed to get 
out of the way of the brunt of the hit. ".....Thingee.." Lurker Lad 
finished, as he finally delurked back into sight after the machine in 
question had hit the ground. He looked up. Odd Khan was gone.


Next Issue: Kid Mysticism meets the Eldritch Alliance...


Kid Mysticism, Spellfire, The Gatherer, are mine.

Lurker Lad is Public Domain, but reserved as a Net.Titan.

Odd Khan is hereby will to Public Domain.

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