Blue Light Productions presents


                   Kid Mysticism & The Net.Titans
                     "Flights! Manga! Action!" 
                           By Ben Rawluk


What has come before: Kid Mysticism had been hurtled into a dimensional 
void, and Browsing Boy and Plot-Device King went looking for him. 
Suddenly, all three were sent to Alt.Comics.Kewl.Manga.Manga.Anime, where 
they now face....MANGA MAN!

_The Story NOW_

"Who IS Manga Man?!" Plot-Device King demanded of Browsing Boy, as they 
dodged the special effects and Anime-Energies of Manga Man. Nearby, 
totally engrossed in the incredibly detailed backgrounds, and the 
simplistic cartoony characters, not even worried about the battle at 
hand, was Kid Mysticism.

"An old LNH villain. He's powered by manga and anime...the more there is, 
the more powerful he is!" Browsing Boy answered, avoiding a Manga-esque 

"Great...and we're in a newsgroup practically built around manga and 
anime.." PDK mumbled. "Where the heck is Kid Mysticism?!" 

BB pointed at Kid Mysticism. "What the heck is he doing!?" BB mumbled, as 
an Anime-Blast shattered the Earth beneath him. 

Kid Mysticism finally looked up. He turned, and conjured a mystic blast, 
hurtling it at Manga Man. "I'm sorry, teammates...I was examining some 
aspects of Anime."

" do we get outta here?" PDK asked. 

"Perhaps your plot-device power will pull us out of here?" Kid Mysticism 

"I doubt it....the Writer hasn't defined it enough. I don't know if it is 
conscious or reflex controlled this's in flux." 

"Just try and activate it..." Browsing Boy suggested. "Uh oh..."

"What is it?" Kid Mysticism asked, and then looked where BB was pointing. 
Manga Man had ceased his Anime-Blast. Instead, he had activated an army 
of Manga Robots. Giant ones.

Plot-Device King muttered something, and focussed. Miniscule plotdevicion 
particles suddenly shot out of his body, unseen by all. The particles 
slammed invisibly into one of the robots. A plot-device began. The 
robot's hyperdrive shattered, and tons of energy poured out. The three 
net.heroes, and Manga Man were pulled into the vortex.


Research Lass wandered down the main corridor. She needed a break. After 
that Lean-Apples Lad business [Last Issue- Ed], all she wanted to do was 
go for a quick Peril Room session. She wondered when Lurker Lad and 
Linguist Lass would get back from patrol. She shrugged, and walked to the 
Peril Room. Accidently, she wandered into Entropy Kid. "Oh gee! Sorry 
EK.." She mumbled.

Entropy Kid shrugged, and tried to say something important, with sign 
language, to no avail.

"Oh've talked to someone? Sorry." RL noted, and then pointed 
at the Peril Room, walking through it's door. 

Entropy Kid walked off, a VERY sullen look on his face.

_Half and Hour Later_

RL wandered out of the Peril Room, tired after her workout. "Gonna go to 
the Library." She whistled. "Want to research manga comics." she mumbled, 
and went to the Library. 

She wandered in to the LNH Library, and sat down with several issues of 
Manga Reprint Monthly, and began researching. "Humph...cross-reference in 
_Wizard_ Magazine...big tears....weird hair..."

_Kid Mysticism's Quarters_

A large extradimensional portal screamed into existence, depositing 4 
bodies onto the hard wood floor. The portal burped, pleasantly excused 
itself, and spun out of existence. Manga Man suddenly got up, and began 
to run out, in a geeky fashion. "Uh oh..." Browsing Boy mumbled, and 
tried to get up and follow him. 

Manga Man ran through LNH Headquarters, and suddenly stopped by the 
Library Area. Browsing Boy, thinking that MM's powers were depleted by 
the only small amounts of manga in Alt.Comics.LNH, suddenly slammed into 
him. "Fool." MM pointed at the door to the Library. "Someone's reading 
manga in there..." Energy flowed into Manga Man. "Your dead."

Suddenly, the doorway slammed open, as research went to get some stuff 
from her room. The doorway conviently slammed into Manga Man, who fell 
over, unconscious. RL barely noticed, used to this sort of thing, and 
wandered off. 

Next Issue: Linguist Lass and Lurker Lad vs. Odd Khan!


Kid Mysticism, Plot-Device King, and Research Lass owned by Moi...

Linguist Lass is used with permission from creator, Martin Phipps.

Browsing Boy, Lurker Lad are Public Domain, reserved as Net.Titans

Entropy Kid and Manga Man are Public Domain.

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