Blue Light Productions presents

                         An LNH Title
                Kid Mysticism and the Net.Titans
                     "Manga! Manga! Manga!               
                         By Ben Rawluk
                Guest-Starring Limp-Asparagus Lad


[Cover: A picture of Kid Mysticism, Browsing Boy, and Plot-Device King 
facing off against Manga Man and an unknown, menacing Anime Character. 
The corner has a small picture with Limp-Asparagus Lad in it. In the main 
picture, the background looks like one of the Manga Backgrounds.]


"What are we going to do?!" Kid Mysticism shouted out into the void, as 
he and Spellfire drifted through the thick black nothingness. He glanced 
down at the flaming Astral form of Spellfire, as it sat on his shoulder. 
"You've got it easy, you know. You can just hide away in the back of my 

*Ah...Boss...Don't worry. We're Net.Heroes. We'll get out. It's a cliche 
already!* Spellfire projected, and he floated by his host body. 

"I don't..." Kid Mysticism began. Suddenly, a huge energy warping portal 
formed; it began to churn and warp. The two were suddenly pulled in. "Oh 
Author!" KM screamed. The portal burped after they were through. Being a 
polite hole in space, in resoundly said "Excuse me..."


Plot-Device King and Browsing Boy were standing outside of Kid 
Mysticism's quarters, in one of the more quiet and morbid Living Areas of 
LNHQ. The hall, as usual was so quiet you could hear the proverbial pin 
drop. "KM?" Browsing Boy called out, as he knocked on the door. Nothing. 
"KM?" BB asked. Nothing. "Something's wrong..." BB said, and he and PDK 
stepped through the door. They couldn't say anything. For they were 
pulled through a portal too fast. The portal burped. This one wasn't 
polite. It just dissolved.

_Barney's Dinosaur Bar and Grill_

Research Lass was bored. She had been sitting her with Linguist Lass and 
Lurker Lad for quite some time; they had not yet finished their meals. RL 
HATED patrol. So, she just suffered in silence. 

Luckily (Or maybe not), the silence was broken when Lurker Lad looked up. 
"Hey...aren't you that Limp-Asparagus Lad guy...?" LL yelled out. A 
net.hero across the room nodded, and wandered over to them, carrying a 
piece of pizza. "Haven't seen you `round LNHQ lately.." 

"Oh yeah. I've been around." Limpy muttered. RL noted to herself that his 
voice was like, death. It was a monotone that could put a hyperactive 
dragon who was suped up on caffeine to sleep. RL glanced around the 

The room was filled with light, suddenly. Limpy turned quickly. "Oh 
Author.." he muttered, as a familiar figure materialized. "Lean-Apples Lad."


BB and PDK slowly, groggily, got up. Their eyes grew wide at the sights 
before them: A world of Backgrounds SO detailed, so perfect, that is was 
just impossible. Browsing Boy yelped as he saw someone walk by. They were 
cartoony. "Oh Author. Anime." BB muttered.

"What?!" PDK yelped. He glanced nearby, and saw Kid Mysticism, getting 
his bearings. "KM???!" 

"Yes?" KM asked. "Oh..what a rush...where are we, Spellfire?"

*According to Mystic probes, the newsgroup Alt.Comics.Kewl.Manga.Manga.Anime*

"Oy!" KM mumbled.

"PREPARE TO DIE!!!" someone screamed. The voice was conviently 
accompanied by a suitable explosion in the usual Manga style. 

"Manga Man..." Browsing Boy muttered. "Authors preserve us."


"WHO?" Linguist Lass yelled at Limpy, while Limpy was in the middle of 
trying to question Lean-Apples Lad.

"Lean-Apples Lad. My counterpart from Earth-Irritation....I met him 
during the unposted _Limp-Asparagus Lad of Two Worlds Special_. Don't 
ask. What are you doing here?!" Limpy muttered.

"Earth-Irritation...just exploded...destroyed in the final battle between 
the Relaxation Corps and the Legion of Annoying Net.Heroes..." Leany 
mumbled in response. "I barely teleported away using Ultimate Cringe-a's 
Cowardly Transmat..." 

Research Lass muttered something. "I don't have time for this..." She 
rummaged through her utility belt, through the reams of paper and 
research materials, and pulled out her Flight-Ring.Thingee. "I'm outta 
here..." she grumbled, and flew back to LNHQ.

Lurker Lad, Limpy, and Linguist Lass had remained, discussing Leany.

"Oh..Limpy...Limp-Asparagus Lad-B may be dead....but you haven't 
met...his daughter..." Leany muttered. "I..have..." Leany grasped a small 
device from his utility belt. The Cowardly-Transmat. "I'm not gonna 
bother you any more. I'm heading for another Earth..." Leany touched a 
button, and vanished..

"Limpy-B's....daughter?!!" Limpy mumbled. "I really need to sort this 
out. Bye." The Net.hero with no personality left.

"Weirdness." Lurker Lad muttered.

Too be continued....


Next Issue: Kid Mysticism, Plot-Device King, and Browsing Boy vs. Manga Man!



Our Heroes: Kid Mysticism, Research Lass, Spellfire and Plot-Device King 
are owned by Me.

Lean-Apples Lad is owned by Me (Though created in conjunction with Saxon 
Brenton), as are Limpy-B, Legion of Annoying Net.Heroes, Earth-Irritation, 
Relaxation Corps and Earth-B.

Browsing Boy, Linguist Lass, and Lurker Lad are Public Domain but 
reserved as Net.Titans..

Manga Man is a Public Domain. 

Limp-Asparagus Lad is owned by Saxon Brenton.

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