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                    Kid Mysticism & The Net.Titans
                       "A matter to be reviewed"
                            "RACC REVIEWS"
                             By Ben Rawluk


"So your going to review us into Oblivion?" Browsing Boy asked, as he and 
Plot-Device King stood in the mission Monitor Room, facing the evil 
Reviewer. Awaiting an answer, BB glance behind them, and wished 
Dr.Stomper would come back in. 

"That's the sum of it." The Reviewer answered, his blue suit slowly 
shifting as styles in the world changed. The only thing, Plot-Device King 
noted, that remained constant was the RACC logo on the front. "You're not all that well written. So, be good little Badly-Written 
Net.heroes, and don't fight. It would only postpone the inevitable." The 
Reviewer commented, and slowly raised his hand, which glowed brightly 
with Critism Power. 

"uh oh..." PDK muttered, and closed his eyes. For some reason neither 
net.hero could move enough to fight back. The energies surged forth, 
blinding Browsing Boy, who had kept his eyes open. The energies passed 
like a wavecrest over them. The room was filled with infinite energies. 
Suddenly the two heroes were gone. Standing before the Reviewer were two 
new heroes, waiting to be inserted into continuity: Blinky the Boring 
Boy, and the Limp-Asparagus Lad of Earth-B. 

_Forgotten Character Limbo_

"Ow! What did he do to us?!" PDK yelled, as the two reviewed heroes came 
into being in Limbo.

"Don't know...where are we..?" BB answered, and tried to get his barrings 
in the void. He looked up, to see a rather unusual young man in a 
trenchcoat standing before them. "Who are YOU?"

"I am....oh....what is in a may call me an Agent of the 
Author. Yes, that is a name that will work as well as any other. Where 
you are, that is here, a name for it is...Forgotten Character Limbo." The 
man stated, and motioned with his hand to follow. He started off, 
followed by the two. 

"Forgotten Character Limbo? But why?" PDK asked, his face covered by a 
worried look. 

"Simply put, you were reviewed by the Reviewer," the man began. At the 
mention of the Reviewer, there was dramatic music,"and as such, the 
Author was forced by him to remove you to here, while to other characters 
are inserted into the Looniverse. I would imagine the Reviewer is going 
over the preliminaries with them, before retconning them completely into 
your places in history." the Agent stated, as he led the heroes into a 
rather large Citadel.


"Now then, before I retcon you and all memories of Plot-Device King and 
Browsing Boy, are there any questions?" The Reviewer asked the two newbies.

"UM yes. Just a thought. In retconning me, doesn't that somehow undermine 
the laws of reality? I mean, not only am I from another Earth, and have 
died...but there is already A Limp-Asparagus Lad IN of 
whom I met while I was alive. He is also my counterpart. If you retcon 
me, there will be an alteration in reality, and the meeting story, along 
with the stories of Earth-B are no longer reality, and in a sense, it 
also makes YOU look like a bad author." Limp-Asparagus Lad-B pointed out, 
in a monotone voice.

"Well, I suppose.."

"And your compounding the problem with me. Not only was I NOT in FC 
Limbo...I had escaped, whereas Limpy had been moved there when League of 
Heroes was cancelled, I am also from Pre-Reboot Earth-B, and also I have 
been promised by the Author to potentially be used by another Author, 
so if I'm retconned, the other Author's original intended use of me would 
be retconned...." Blinky noted.

"I..I guess your right...." The Reviewer muttered.

"In which case, your descision to use us is a case of bad writing, so you 
yourself should be the one retconned." Limpy-B argued.

_FC Limbo_

"Curious, you two haven't been retconned. In fact, your started gaining 
reality steadily two minutes ago, while your replacements...and the 
Reviewer," the man paused, waiting for the appropriate dramatic music, 
which strangely never came,"himeself seem to be losing substance 
according to these scans. "It looks like...another review?!" 

Suddenly, the Citadel monitor room was filled with light. Suddenly, 
Plot-Device King and Browsing Boy had been removed from Limbo. Blinky and 
Limpy-B were standing in their place, with a small, sickly man with no 
body mass wearing a racc logo, behind them.

"Curious..." The Agent noted.


"How did we pull that off?" PDK mumbled. He ached. His back was sore from 
constant spatial shifting. He quickly sat at the monitor chair, and yawned.

"Don't know..." Browsing Boy noted, as he too sat. "But I'm glad we did."

"Speaking of which...where's Kid Mysticism?!"

Next Issue:

The Search for Kid Mysticism! Lurker Lad, Linguist Lass, and Research 
Lass in the Peril Room!


Browsing Boy is public domain, but reserved for use.
Plot-Device King, Blinky, Limp-Asparagus Lad-B, The Reviewer, and Kid 
Mysticism owned by the Author.

The Net.Titans owned by the Author.

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