Blue Light Productions presents



                   Kid Mysticism & The Net.Titans
                         "Reviewed Oblivion"
                            By Ben Rawluk


Browsing Boy strode down the main corridor of LNHHQ, with Plot-Device 
King following close by, with a worried look on his face, towards the LNH 
Comm Room. They stepped in, to find Dr.Stomper busily running around the 
room, obviously in the throes of invention. 

"We...we're gonna use the Computer for a while." PDK muttered to 
Dr.Stomper, as the two Net.Titans walked over to the Central Computer. 
PDk looked up, curiously, wondering if Dr.Stomper had heard him.

"yeah...yeah...sure...lessee....angle is 56 degrees...lateral 
point....plot-devicium count...." Dr.Stomper muttered to himself.

"Good." Browsing Boy commented, and the two quickly began to search the 
computer files for the identity of the "Reviewer". "We could use that 
power of speed things up." Browsing Boy noted to PDK.

"Oh...ok...I guess." PDK answered, and concentrated. There was a glimmer 
of visible mental energy, and PDK's body began to naturally produce the 
invisible particles related to plot-devices: plotdevicions.

Suddenly, the computer beeped that it had found something. "It worked!" 
BB laughed, and the two looked down on the screen. Their mouths gaped 
WIDE open.


"So what do we do now?" Kid Mysticism muttered. Spellfire floated inches 
away from him, in the black void.

*look for clues, boss?* Spellfire answered. 

Suddenly, a rather resounding battle cry rang out, and the two looked up 
quickly. Floating before them were three villains. "Well boys....sound 
off!" The first one, Dyslexia called out. "I am Dyslexia!" 

"Which explains the mis-reading of last issue as being alternative *[See 
#15-ED]" Kid Mysticism interrupted.

"Dr.Boring is my name. You know...that brings up an interesting 
thought..." Dr.Boring began, in his monotone voice, known for putting 
hyperactive dogs who eat a lot of sugar, to sleep.

"And the Injoker!" The third and final villain screamed. "You 
defeated our comrade-in-arms, Dude with a Hat, last issue. For that, you 
must die!" 

*Oh boy. Hey boss...all this yutzes are public domain!* Spellfire commented.

"I noticed. Why are we all here, Dyslexia!?" KM yelled, as he prepared to 
conjure up a weapon.

"Why? Simple, fool. TO gain power...from the our leader!" Dyslexia yelled.

"Who is...?"

"Why...The REVIEWER." 


"Oh...god." BB commented as he searched through the screens contents. 
Lists. Lists upon lists of characters that had been critiqued by the 
"Reviewer", and had vanished. He saw reviews to. Even reviews of early 
issues of KM & TNT...

"It's impossible. That many characters...retconed....disappeared..." PDK 

"Very good. Gentlemen." The two whirled around to see it was a larged man 
in a blue suit with RACC on it who had spoken. "I am...The REVIEWER" he 
continued, and then paused for a dramatic effect. "I rid those characters 
of their badly-written lives. "And now I shall do the same to you."


Next Issue: Browsing Boy and Plot-DEvice King...alone with Critism? Will 
they survive?


Credits: Kid Mysticism, Spellfire, Plot-Device King, and the Reviewer 
owned by me.
The villains are public domain.
Browsing Boy is Public domain, but reserved as a Net.Titan.

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