Blue Light Productions presents



                        Kid Mysticism &
                        The Net.Titans
              (Emotional Depths, Part the Second)
                        By Ben Rawluk


Recap: Last Issue, Kid Mysticism desperately tried to remove the Crimson 
trenchcoat. He was victorious, and amazingly returned to his original 
costume. Only the trenchcoat suddenly Let out a burst of Crimson Energy 
on par with a Nuke. Meanwhile, Plot-Device King was on his way to tell 
something to Browsing Boy. Captain MUSH can't be found, and Lingusit 
Lass, Research lass and Lurker Lad were on patrol, looking for something 
to do...

Kid Mysticism opened his mouth to let out a scream, something to alert 
someone. Too his surpise, No sound came out. He tried to open his eyes, 
too see how the rift of Crimson Energy had been doing, to see only 
darkness. He tried desperately to say something, and again, no sound came 
out. <I was sure I had air in my lungs a second ago> he thought. Then he 
realized he was floating in an airless void. And he had been sealed in 
his flight.thingee ring's molecule thick protective air suit. <How annoying>

_LNHHQ Cafeteria_

Browsing Boy and Plot-Device King had come in and sat down, too talk. 
"What's on your mind, PDK?" BB calmly asked, as he munched on the 
cheesecake a la Anchovies in front of him. Across from him, PDK finally 
looked up.

"I got an email this morning." Plot-Device King answered, after a 
moment's pause.

"Oh? What was it about?" Browsing Boy asked, slowly waiting for PDK's 

"It was a section from the LNH FAQ." Plot-Device King finally replied. 
"The section on Not allowing Omnipotent and Un-defined characters." 
Plot-Device King muttered under his breath. "A small note was attached: 
Leave the Legion. Your power is stupid and undefined." 

"Oh....God..." Browsing Boy commented, a blank look on his face. 
"Who..who is it from?" Browsing Boy questioned.

"A man known only as `The Reviewer'." PDK said. "He's power is 
undefined. The writer can use it to easily eliminate any problem." PDK 
looked down.

"Well....are you gonna leave the LNH?" Browsing Boy asked.

"I...I don't know..." Plot-Device King answered.  

_Lower Net.Ropolis_

"I thought we had to stay on Patrol?" Research Lass asked, as she, Lurker 
Lad, and Linguist Lass ditched the Flight.Thingee and headed to a Tavern 
for something to drink and eat. "Can't we just have something on the 

"Nah...We have nothing to do..." Lurker Lad answered. He and Research 
Lass sat down, while Linguist Lass made a pit stop at the Ladies' Room 
and also ordered the food.

"Oh....I assumed we were required...." 

"Nope. They don't care if we take breaks now and then." Lurker Lad answered.

"ok. Two Cheesecake Burgers and a caesar salad." Linguist Lass called, as 
she dropped the three plates on the table. She sat down quickly, and 
smiled at here compatriots. "Looks good."

"Yup. Thanks, LL." Lurker Lad smiled, and bit into his burger. 


Kid Mysticism floated there for 15 minutes, bored to death of the 
blackness. "Well, this is pointless." He commented off hand. 

*Of course there's no point* an astral squeek beeped.


*Hiya Boss. Yup, I'm back, since you ditched the red togs* Spellfire 
projected, as his tiny little astral body became apparent.

" we?" 

*Who knows....*

Suddenly, a bang rang out, and the two looked in it's direction. It 
was....the evil...the decietful...the annoying....Dude with a Hat! 
"Foolish Heroes! Prepare to feel the cosmic bite of my hat!" 

DWAH attacked, when suddenly, he was sent backwards by a blast of 
retcotheric energy. "I always hated hats..." KM muttered, and turned his 
attention back to Spellfire. "Now, how did we....and he...get 
here...why...and how do we get home....?" 

*Don't look at me, Boss*

"And why was he so easy to defeat, anyway? As gratuitous fight scenes go, 
that was pretty tame."

*maybe the writer doesn't want to go with what's popular?*

"Don't say that, Spelly. You make us sound like Alternative Genre, or 
something. And I HATE black and white." KM mumbled. "Now, where is a 
dimensional-rift-back-to-Earth when you need one?"

Next Issue: How are Kid Mysticism and Spellfire gonna get free? What was 
it with the Boring, Fast Fight scene anyway? What are LL, Lurker Lad, and 
Research Lass gonna do? Is Plot-Device King gonna leave the LNH? WHO is 
the Reviewer? and WHERE is Captain MUSH, anyway?

Credit where Credit is due:

Kid Mysticism, Plot-Device King, Research Lass, Captain MUSH/LNH_Bldr, 
Spellfire, and Reviewer are owned by me
Browsing Boy, and Lurker Lad are the Public Domain Net.Titans
Linguist Lass is Martin's creation, used with permission as a Net.Titan
Dude with a Hat is a Villaious Public Domain Crook.

Comments, Suggestions, reviews, Requests, etc are welcome, and encouraged. 

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