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               Kid Mysticism and the Net.Titans 
              (Emotional Depths, part the First)
                      Trenchcoat Blues
                       By Ben Rawluk


LNHHQ was a quiet place, amazingly enough, for once. Kid Mysticism was 
thankful for that. What he was going to do was NOT something he wanted to 
do with a lot of people around. He quietly retired to his quarters after 
a quiet dinner of cheesecake and spam at the Cafeteria. 

"I have to get it off." He whispered to himself as he closed the door 
behind him. He winced when there was no reply from Spellfire, whom had 
been manifesting less and less since KM had first assumed the power of 
his crimson trenchcoat. Km suspected that was just one thing that had 
occured because of the trenchcoat. 

Kid Mysticism calmly sat on the bed and mumbled a mystic command. On cue, 
retcotheric energy burst from his hands. He looks down at the energy. 
Another occurence from the trenchcoat. It had somehow made all his magick 
become crimson. Even his costume had become all red.

And then there was his personality. He grimaced as he thought about it. 
The trenchcoat had somehow..warped his mind. He felt more enraged, his 
mind more "evil". He had to get it off...

KM steeled himself, and ripped off the trenchcoat. "Argh!" He screamed, 
as the coat fell to the floor. There was a strange churning in his 
stomach, and he collapsed...his costume shimmered, and was the familiar 
blue and green...but his head was burning. He looked over at the 
trenchcoat. It was burning with crimson power.

_The Peril Room_

"Thanks for coming down for this training session, Browsing Boy." 
Plot-Device King said, as he and Browsing Boy flew around the Peril Room, 
punching out the Peril Room Net.Villain dopplegangers.

"Hey, the Net.Titans need to be more of an organized we 
have to learn to work togther." Browsing Boy answered, as he punched out 
Little Known Villain(tm) #179654. "And it gives me a chance to use my 
flight.thingee ring..."

"Say, where is Lurker Lad, KM, Linguist Lass and Research Lass? And 
Captain MUSH?" PDK called out.

"Um...lessee...Lurker Lad, Linguist Lass and Research Lass took out a 
Flight.thingee to go on patrol...I don't know where KM is, nor The good 
capatin..." Browsing Boy answered, as he slowly floated back to the 

"I need to talk to you about something...important. Um..can we go to the 
cafeteria?" PDK asked.

"Umm....I guess. What is it?" BB answered as the two walked out.

_The Skies above Net.Ropolis_

The Flight.thingee slowly floating above the Cityscape, ready for action. 
On board, the three LNHers sat around, bored as heck. "Now what do we 
do?" Research Lass asked, as she ran through a comic-collection, 
researching appearences of Cheesecake-Eater Lad. 

"Who knows." Lurker Lad muttered and took a quick glance at the monitor 

Linguist Lass looked up from the FAQ she was reading. "Maybe we should 
check in at HQ?" 

"Nah" Lurker Lad muttered.

_Kid Mysticism's Quarters_

KM screamed, and desperately posted on the LNH newsgroup for help, as he 
tried to get away from the trenchcoat. His body was burning with pain, 
and the trenchcoat was flaring. He looked back, and tried to yell, "Oh my 
goo....*" before the energy was released...

______    _________   __________  _____   _____
|     \  |         |  |        |  |    \ /    |
|  O   | |         |  |        |  |    | |    | 
|      | |    O    |  |    0   |  |   _\_/_   |
|  0   | |         |  |        |  |  |     |  |   
|_____/  |_________|  |________|  |__|     |__|


Next Issue: Will Kid Mysticism survive?! What is Plot-Device King worried 
about? What will Lurker Lad, Linguist Lass, and Research Lass gonna do? 



Kid Mysticism, Spellfire, Research Lass, and Plot-Device King owned by Me.
Browsing Boy is a Public Domain Net.Titan, as is Lurker Lad
Linguist Lass is a Net.Titan used with martin's permission.
Cheesecake-Eater Lad is Public Domain.
Little Known Villain(tm) #17954 is owned by me.

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