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                  Kid Mysticism & the Net.Titans
                       "Fallen Trenchcoat"
                          By Ben Rawluk


_The Tower beyond Net.Ropolis_

Occultism Kid muttered something incomprehesible as Spellfire investigated 
the mysterious crimson trenchcoat that had mysteriously(tm) fallen 
through a Warp Effect(tm) only moments ago. Kid Mysticism was standing 
nearby, awaiting Spellfire's findings. "Well??" KM mumbled, and the tiny 
astral form looked up.

*seems ok, boss. A too Surreal for my taste, but it's retcotheric energy 
seems pure* Spellfire answered, and floated back into his private corner 
of KM's mind.

"Good. No threat." OK muttered.

"Wonderful. I'd been thinking of adding a trenchcoat to my costume!" KM 
exclaimed, and quickly grabbed the trenchcoat and put it on. There was a 
burst of crimson Retcotheric energy, and KM's whole look had changed. 
Before, he had worn a light blue spandex bodysuit. Now, he wore The 
crimson trenchcoat, a red spandex costume underneath, red shades of his 
eyes, and scarlet boots and gloves. A black KM was emblazoned on the 
front of the spandex. 

"A new look..." OK mumbled in muted surprise. KM mentally will a spell of 
teleportation up, and suddenly, bothe LNHers Arcane vanished. But NOT to 


The two net.heroes materialized on a terrain which could only be desribed 
as a bad surreal painting. "Where are we?" OK asked, and used a quick 
spell to form some type of coherent gravity.

"The source of the trenchcoat's power. My magic and it's have mingled and 
merged." Kid Mysticism replied, and floated there. He raised his hand, 
and it blazed with ancient, crimson retcotheric energy. "I think we 
should be able to deal with the problem of getting home...." 

*Boss!?* Spellfire muttered, from the back of KM's head. He had sensed a 
difference in his host. He emerged, and was startled to see the fire of 
his astral form had significantly become red. *Uh oh...* He mumbled. 

"What is it Spellfire?" KM asked.

*Something is wrong....* Spellfire began, when suddenly, a large armoured 
being materialized. 

"Ye Authors...A trapped RACelestial!" OK muttered, and they prepared to 
do battle with one of the most powerful beings....ZARK! Kid Mysticism 
lowered his hand, and the fried RACelestial floated off, into oblivion. 

"We have been here...long enough!" KM announced, and again the LNHers 
were spirited off back to Earth.


Plot-Device King rounded the corner, headed for his quarters, when he saw 
an unfamiliar form nearby, doing something. "Who are you?" He asked, as 
he approached the being. 

"Me, I'm LNH_Bldr...The Net.Titans's newest member!" The being announced, 
and finished @digging his quarters with his Room-Building MUSH powers.

"Uh oh." PDK said. "Another member."

"You can imagine my amazement." yet another character appeared, as 
LNH_bldr @teleported into his quarters to @desc and @link them. "Being 
Captain MUSH and all, and a new member of the Net.Titans."

PDK eeped.


NEXT ISSUE: Two MUSH heroes in the Net.Titans? Only one around at a 
time?! Is it possible that the two are one and the same (I wouldn't do a 
thing like that...would I?)? Kid Mysticism has a new look?! 



Kid Mysticism, Plot-Device King, LNH_Bldr and(?) Captain MUSH are owned 
by me.

Occultism Kid is owned by

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