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                  Kid Mysticism & The Net.Titans
                "Consumed by the Spawn of Net.Evil"
                      Netherspawn Conclusion
                          By Ben Rawluk

**********************Kid Mysticism****************************************

Kid Mysticism was pretty much floating around his quarters at LNHHQ, 
asleep. Suddenly, there came a knock at the door. *knock, knock*  Kid 
Mysticism violently awoke, and his sleep trance broken, suddenly 
plummeted to the ground. "Uh...WHo is is?!" KM screeched as he stood up, 
and a quick spell shifted him into his spandex uniform. He mused for an 
instant who silly he looked in spandex, and thought about wearing a 
trenchcoat. He quickly opened the door, and standing there 
was....Occultism Kid, the LNH's ORIGINAL Master of the Arcane. "What 
brings you here?"

"Heckfire." OK mumbled, and motioned KM out of the room. Spellfire's 
astral form quickly followed, trying to make contact and ride along, in 
his private corner of Kid Mysticism's mind.

_The Cafeteria_

Moments before, Linguist Lass had walked into the cafeteria, trying to 
find Browsing Boy. Browsing Boy had been taken over by the mysterious 
Inferno, and had been at the Cafeteria....

Now. Linguist Lass screamed, as the awesome Heckfire inferno slowly 
overtook her. "ARGGH!" She yelled, at tried to to grasp a chair. The 
Heckfire pulled her in. 

"Linguist Lass! It's SO nice of you to join us!" Browsing Boy exclaimed, 
his body radiating the foul flames. {Yes. Indeed.} The Dark aspect that 
had assumed dominance of BB slowly spat. It filled Linguist Lass with 
its malice. Heckfire surrounded her, and she laughed darkly. 

"No!" Occultism Kid screamed, as he, Ultimate Ninja, and Kid Mysticism 
appeared. {None may stop the Netherspawn.} The Aspect cooed. 

*I'll try!* Spellfire yelled, and his small astral body emerged from KM's 
mind. "What the?!" Occultism Kid began.

"It's Spellfire..." KM said, amazed. Spellfire dive bombed the two 
possesed Net.Titans, only to be swatted away by the Aspect. *Ghh* 
Spellfire landed in KM's mind again. 

*Sorry, boss.* 

"S'okay, Spelly..." KM started, and assaulted the two beings with his 
magical powers. OK followed suit. Ultimate Ninja slowly tried to kick the 
aspect. {MMMmmm...A nice little man. Mysterious....} The aspect smiled, 
and slowly moved toward the ninja...

Suddenly, The aspect was hit by a strong beam of arcane force by KM and 
OK. The aspect screamed, and slowly began to melt away. "How 
anti-climatic." OK muttered, and BB and LL walked out, stripped of 

"Should we not make sure they're ok?" UN asked. 

"Nope. They have things to sort out." KM noted. Spellfire materialized, 
and floated before his "boss". "Next time, DON'T go charging in." KM 
commanded. *sure boss.*

"What is that thing?" Ultimate Ninja asked.

"He's a kind of astral guide being." KM noted, and Spellfire zipped into 
his mind. "I believe, Occultism Kid, we have things to discuss..." 

_Moments Later_

The two LNHers Arcane floated inside the huge tower outside of 
Net.Ropolis. "I found this place a while ago. It's a mystical anomaly of 
sorts." OK noted. "How powerful are you?" he asked. 

"Me? I'm ok. I can conjure pretty powerful spells." KM answered, and was 
anbout to continue, when Occultism Kid looked up. 

"I sense..." He began, and suddenly, a space warp opened up. A single 
crimson trenchcoat materialized. 

"Cool. I was thinking of wearing a trenchcoat..." KM noted.


Next: The trenchcoat from....The Escher-Zone!


Kid Mysticism(& Spellfire), and Netherspawn owned by me.

Linguist Lass created by Martin Phipps

Ultimate Ninja is owned by wReam.

Browsing Boy is Public Domain.

Occultism Kid is owned by

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