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                   Kid Mysticism & the Net.Titans
                          Netherspawn P.2

********************LINGUIST LASS********************************************

Linguist Lass calmly glided down the long halls of Legion of Net.Heroes 
HQ. She thought, secretly, that the halls really weren't this long, but 
it was merely the spatial anomaly of LNHHQ itself. It would have to be, 
she thought, the same unknown force which continually reshaped the lawn 
when it is torn apart by a villain, or what caused the speedy repair of 
walls after they had been exploded, or ripped down, or somesuch.

She broke herself out of her reverie, and walked up to the doorway to 
Browsing Boy's quarters. They had made a date. She would pick him up when 
she was ready, and they'd head out to the movies. *knock, knock* she 
knocked on the old door. Nothing. No sound whatsoever. *knock, knock* she 
knocked again, still with no reply. "The little...he stood me up!" 
Linguist Lass proclaimed. He should have said something if he couldn't 
make it. Something must have happened. Calmly, she collected herself, and 
wandered off towards The Monitor Room, to ask if Dr.Stomper had seen him. 
As she walked off, The fingers of Browsing Boy creaked open the door, and 
BB crept around it.

His eyes burned with primordeal heckfire.

"Have you seen Browsing Boy?" Linguist Lass asked, as she wandered into 
the monitor room. Dr.Stomper looked up from his notes.

"Nope. Sorry. Last I saw, he was coming in from a mission, wandered off, 
out of sight." Dr.Stomper replied, a worried look crossing his face. 
"Something wrong?" 

"No, no. Just looking for him, that's all." Linguist Lass replied, and 
quickly walked out of the room. Lately, she could barely be in the same 
room with the Doc. Her mind would readily go back to the feelings she had 
after recovering from Romantic Innuendo's manipulating her to fall in 
love with him. She felt sick to her stomach when she was around him. "The 
Peril Room." She cooed, and headed for the Excersize/combat training 
facility of the LNH.

_The Peril Room_

Linguist Lass quickly entered the huge room, expecting to find her beau. 
She did not. She, however, did find the Ultimate Ninja. 

UN was in the middle of his "Kill the Whole LNH" combat simulation, and 
at the moment had been removing the bodyparts of the Perilroom version of 
Entropy Kid. "Ninjas SUCK!!!!" Entropy Kid yelled, as one opinion for the 
thread. More of a flame, really, but it was all the same to the 
mysterious warrior. 

"Ahh...20 seconds flat. I'll want to shave that time a bit." Ultimate 
Ninja muttered to himself, as the Peril Room computer cleared the 
battlefield. "LINGUIST LASS! What are you here for? Late night combat 
sim?" UN mumbled, as he walked over to his fellow LNHer. 

"No...UN...Just looking for Browsing Boy." LL replied, as she surveyed 
the slowly resetting Peril Room.

"Haven't seen him. Tried paging him on the Commpanel?" UN suggested, as 
he called up the Twisted Ultimate Ninja program.

"Not yet. I should. Thanks for the help." Linguist Lass noted, and walked 
out of Peril Room. UN sighed in relief, and began to fight his Peril Room 

"Die!" UN yelled, as he lunged with his Ninja ginsu knife.

_The Cafeteria_

With no sign of BB, Linguist Lass wandered into the be 
overcome by Heckfire...


Next Issue: The Conclusion of Netherspawn...


Linguist Lass, Browsing Boy, and Dr.Stomper are Public domain.

Ultimate Ninja is used with permission by wReam.

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